Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MY PROF SUCKS!!!!!! i bet he doesn't even know what he's teaching that's why he cannot answer my questions. and he's just plain lazy so he can't be bothered to type out the solution via email. SUCKER!!! all his slides and notes are really not from the textbook's given cd rom and website's downloaded slides la!! so lazy, no need to do anything still can't be bothered to help his student. please go back to china where you come from!!!
what am i doing... mid term is only tomorrow but i'm still whiling my time away... haiz... this is pathetic. pathetic for someone who has struggled a long way to end up in the final leap, only to trip over by blind foresight and end up injured. pain. just move on.

Friday, February 10, 2006

i know it's stupid, but i can't help it.
i know it's true and i won't deny it.
it just sucks.

Monday, February 06, 2006

supposed to be doing my stats homework... but haven't been updating myself for quite long so here goes:


our sensei thinks we should write something to record our memories for the youth tournament. first time we fought.
well i was up against opponents of the 3rd and 8th kyu, but it wasn't as horrible as i thought. i think my worst mistake was when i tried to do a taekwondo kick - well i guess out of self-defense one can do anything right...
the 3rd kyu, from nyp, (ting ting or serena i think) was the first person who ever taught me how to keigo. hence i had expected our fight to be quick and clean, 2 whacks on the men and i'm off. the next fight with chery, my senior, was a draw because i managed to hold off her attacks and she didn't quite abused her men attacks which i thought i'd be doomed to fall prey do cos of our height difference. since my foundation wasn't very solid, i didn't really expect myself to score any points, so i was pretty happy with drawing. ;p
i think i did rather well in the team event too. because i did see myself scoring half-points (1 flag up and the rest waved), just that probably my strokes weren't thorough enough. and i abused my men attacks this time cos my opponent (also called ting ting, but surname huang) was a tad shorter than me. i was also glad philip sensei bothered to tell me to cut through with my attacks just before i start. well, i guess any pointers given by any sensei are worth a cheer because this probably proves that i can actually do it but i just needed extra push. so i am gonna work harder for my next few kendo practice and sharpen my moves...

new year

one week of break but i've done next to nothing but while away my time. first 2 days spent in malaysia was spent sitting around smelling cigarette smoke and listening intently to sounds people make when they are gambling (shuffling of mahjong tiles, flipping of cards, gasps of 'wah lau' etc), in between eating a lot of funny new year goodies and zhu chao at my san gu's eldest son's ship. oh and there waa a lot of housefly swatting and aimless walking around too. i guess this is all just part of bonding.
then there's the day when i just puked from 3am till noon i think. what a memorable day. i didn't really know what was happening to me so i was pretty frightened, i guess that was why i was crying like mad. but i think i got something really fantastic out of this ordeal. i realise i have the most wonderful, caring and meticulous darling in this world who doesn't mind sacrificing an entire day to stay by my side and watch me sleep the whole day, clean up my puke and carry a lump like me around. i was quite sad that i couldn't go eat the drunken prawns at his house though. i'm also glad i couldn't eat for the whole day, nor for the day after that, and can only eat a bit more after that - cos that means i can thin down wahahhahaha

i hate school. i hate midterms. and they are just coming so soon. bluarghz. i'm bored. bye.