Tuesday, July 31, 2012

making of LoV berserker!

finally have about half an hour or so to blog about LoV. gonna be picture spamming time, beware!
even my pictures on photobucket is messed up, this is gonna be tough...

ok so i chose berserker from LoV for my cos this time. decided i should dominate some other colors so here's green leafy berserker. even though she's a human warrior class-type, due to our story, she has become the sister of the fairy instead. since the series is not very well-known, we sorta drew the whole story and made something entirely new out of the base characters. heh.

there's a few versions of her from the game so i kinda merged all. haha.

sosometime ago, i posted a rather destroyed-looking skirt that i cut out on my facebook here:
well i wanted a sort of rugged and war-torn look for berserker so i went for the anyhow-snip-and-layered style. so this skirt, after pasting it on another green base and overlaying it with shiny netted material became this:
oh ya i thought it was pretty cool to line my skirt with leaves but i didn't do it. too tangly and difficult to move in. kinda reminds you of tango doesn't it.

so same thing for the top. i did the base...

added on the gold zigzag patterns... and a closer look at the black lace peaking out

then the gold plates, the side plates and the leafy layers

felt that it was too plain so i added on the sequins and some mini decors as well. this is the completed top with the side decors and diamantes.

so the top with the skirt kinda looks like this

so moving on, the elephant/skull belted thing that she had. i did this twice because the first time it ended pretty horrendous.
er well it wasn't looking exactly good. and the colors were probably too bright... so i changed the outer layer to a bronze-like shade.
ah yeah those you see are the aluminium wraps... it's not obvious from far...!!!

 i added a tattered mane to it and changed the side whiskers so it would 'blend' well with the rest of my costume. also put some crystals to bling it up. looks like a ka-chua now =_=

then i made some belts decorated with pearls, using pvc

so this is the completed look with all the shingles and belt-a-jangles. nohoh.

now's the 2 skulls on her shoulders. here's the base.

after wrapping them...
adding on the teeth and eyes... and some sequin strings... argh i just can't seem to make evil eyes!

screw it. oh even though i can't find pictures of her legs anywhere, i made her a pair of boots as well. haha. well i was told to be creative and imaginative. it almost seems too elf-like though =_=
here's her handguard. not interesting, just various pieces joined together with a cloth backing.

and her gloves, the finger guards made out of pvc, technique stolen from rina's saber armour. heh.
omo! i don't know why i don't have individual pictures of my feathered shoulder cape! but it's essentially feathers pasted together on pvc, the layered with the green cloths. here's one.
now's my double swords. pretty easy swords. i used the car sticker i got from korea to cut the shape, stuck a pole inside and gave it some decors.
there were 2 swords there in case you didn't notice (you did notice right? right?)
and then power it with LED.... light saber!! phwibishshshhh
i know i have a picture of my white one somewhere... can't find it now. urgh.
i left the hair thing to the last. i really don't like the 2 rings she has on top. =_= i didn't wear it for my performance, too obstructive. feels like i'll just trip it over some stage props.

had to string these screws through wires so they can remain in a certain shape. but gosh, they are heavy! screws are heavy!! made 6 of these, 3 for each side.

then i cut some silver hair out of my chui wig and bunned it. twined the wires around. they have to be crossed over so that the weight of the screws put them in place. still, it didn't stop it from slipping in front on day 2. bleahs.

ooh and i tried to wear it. such an artistically shadowed photo of me. i didn't shop it! not bad for my zipai skills.
ok, that's all for my costume. in the next post, will show more on our gigantous monster making.
ah i took almost an hour for this post. bleahs. it's the stupid blog formatting, have to insert links using the icon so that it's resized properly. (&$)#(*!#

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cosfest XI: ACM

ok, acm is finally over. i can't remember when this long drawn battle started, but i can finally have a 'normal' life again. chionging for half a year is definitely straining mentally and physically. the amount of poisonous gas i have absorbed is making me dumb, and my injuries are gonna take a hell of a time to heal.

even though many things didn't work, we missed some beats, i think i'm still quite proud of our final work. imagine having only 2 person work out this entire monster!! that's already quite an accomplishment. we have so much props we almost had to call a lorry to carry everything over but i'm glad my er zi came to the rescue with his gigantic van *_*

you should have seen how the 4 of us heaved the monster downstairs and squashed it in the elevator. it was such morbid work. and we shifted everything at like 530am in the morning and reached DTE 7plus to repair the whole chunk. our LEDs were all broken so we had to call for emergency help. khai's parents were really supportive and helped us fixed so many things!! acks.

Here's the final video taken by khai of our performance:

for day 2, participated in the final cure walk with the acm representatives. i'm at 4.55mins!

i'll post more on the works behind later~~