Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cosfest XI: ACM

ok, acm is finally over. i can't remember when this long drawn battle started, but i can finally have a 'normal' life again. chionging for half a year is definitely straining mentally and physically. the amount of poisonous gas i have absorbed is making me dumb, and my injuries are gonna take a hell of a time to heal.

even though many things didn't work, we missed some beats, i think i'm still quite proud of our final work. imagine having only 2 person work out this entire monster!! that's already quite an accomplishment. we have so much props we almost had to call a lorry to carry everything over but i'm glad my er zi came to the rescue with his gigantic van *_*

you should have seen how the 4 of us heaved the monster downstairs and squashed it in the elevator. it was such morbid work. and we shifted everything at like 530am in the morning and reached DTE 7plus to repair the whole chunk. our LEDs were all broken so we had to call for emergency help. khai's parents were really supportive and helped us fixed so many things!! acks.

Here's the final video taken by khai of our performance:

for day 2, participated in the final cure walk with the acm representatives. i'm at 4.55mins!

i'll post more on the works behind later~~

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