Thursday, December 31, 2015

151231 Go to DMZ!

i had been trying to make 00 go on a trip because everytime we're stuck around his house, we do nothing but sleep for a long time and hang out at the office. even though it's relaxing and all, everyday was spent in the same way. since he looked like he ran out of ideas on where to go, i said if he could go to DMZ, then we won't need to go on a trip.

so he signed up for the half-day tour after some persuasion (he felt that it was full of mines there and there's nothing to see).

...and we woke up at 6am to get off. he's the anxious one cos he paid 120k won for each person and we can't possibly miss the bus and waste the money. wheeheeheee. how to make one ganjeong!

we went to near central to catch our bus (at 9am) and ended up with some time for breakfast at dunkin. dunkin had these new waffle burgers that i really wanted to try. but THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT in the morning. suckers. we still ate there anyway. then grabbed starbucks! and then we only set off around 10am or so.

we passed by this place with a highway bridge that's apparently the shooting scene for avengers. it was blocked off for a week due to the shooting previously.

and then we are hereeeeeeeeeeeee

 short trip around the museum first to learn about the history

and then we're off to the tunnel...!!

unfortunately you can't really take any pictures of the tunnel but this is an illustration of the tunnel we went to...

it was just about 1.6-1.65m in height so i had to bend some of the time. you walk about 300-500m down a really long slope then another 500m bending all the way to the end, which has a small little window.

and then you walk back.

like right up that 300-500m you went down from.

well, it sounds like a short distance but the slope is a killer. mr kong almost died when he went up. there were people who actually got claustrophobic or fainted inside cos it was so hot and small, and we PERSPIRED in the middle of winter. and looked for ice cream to eat once we came out. hahahahha.

well anyway moving on to some pictures of the surrounding! hahahha i like this pic!

and off we went to this place where you can see almost the whole of n.korea from. had to go up this little hill, which is prohibited when the weather is misty or rainy.

well... i don't know but it doesn't look like a place i wanna live in.

the last stop is the train station. apparently you can get here from the seoul station, and the train runs twice a day. too bad if you miss it...

this piano has strings made of barbed wire to signify the division between the 2 korea.

and outside, there's a huge panel of names for those who contributed to the construction of the station.

and that was the end of our trip.

we went to itaewon to have a quick lunch that was included in the package - bibimbap.
in order to catch the joseon magician show, we took a cab over to yongsan, but the seats were all taken except for the first row =_=

no way am i going to watch from there. so in the end we shopped a little at yongsan and went over to myeongdong to get all my cosmetics, then joined up with lumen & aryeong for dinner.

pion and skasha came along to chill at osulloc cafe, and we all took off for yongin around 9pm, before the countdown crowd comes in.

we stopped at a supermarket to get some snacks and stuff so that we can end our year with this...

goodbye 2015 and hellllllo 2016!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

151230 Tonkatsu KINGGGGG

nope, i forgot the name of this place but for lunch we had the biggest tonkatsu ever. it should be deemed, king.

it's like 6x a normal phone.

there's normal tonkatsu of course, that skasha had.

and i had udon.

around 5pm, i took a bus out to meet angeline, lucy and mong. we were supposed to go jamsil but halfway through my bus seemed to keep getting stuck on the way and i thought i wasn't ever going to make it. so i changed the meeting place to gangnam instead.

turned out i arrived pretty much on time... around 7. haha.

we had jajangmyeon for dinner since angeline hasn't tried it, then we went to nua at ann's cafe.

i ordered matcha but the color was an odd green (kinda like apple green). it doesn't show in the pictures but it was really weird. i guess for themed cafes, it's really best to go for safe options, like chocolate. can't imagine anything to go wrong for chocolate......

trying to catch the bus a little before 11... i took 5001-1 which doesn't stop at yongin terminal but myeongji-dae. but it's ok, i got a little lost, walked around and asked some passerbys, and in the end it turns out yong-in terminal was just 4 stops away. pretty near, so no worries at all! hahhahaha.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

151229 Lotte World 2

we got up so late (3+pm) and i managed to do some work before getting out. took a bus to lotte world since the tower was already supposed to be completed. but the place still looks quite the same. we ate some funny waffles made out of ddok and i got cheated by this drink called red velvet. it was just a mixture of fruits that resulted in a reddish blend. =_=

had the very nice hoddog there as well.

we saw this occulus-imitation demonstration by hyundai and couldn't resist trying out. it was paragliding after all!!

after a little more walking around, we decided there was nothing much left to do so we left for home. i think we spent only around 3hrs or so there (6-9pm).

and at home, my little whale mist parcel was waiting!

you can get this at 6k if you buy a set meal from lotteria. but no one wants to eat lotteria here so we just bought it online for 7-8k.

watched martian at night. better than expected!

Monday, December 28, 2015

151228 Dokboggi Buffet

we had dokboggi buffet for lunch, but actually we didn't have that much dokboggi. they have oden, rice, noodles and a lot of other things and it only costs around 7.5k per person. (that's a little less than $10). you can mix your own sauce and cook the things however you like.

we added one round of cheese for additional 2-3k won. whee~

and of cos there's always the fried rice at the end. every korean seems to know how to do that without help..

Went back to work the rest of the day and watched little prince at night.
after that mr kong had to do some work so i ended up doing some zalora shopping... year-end sale.. couldn't resist!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

151227 Comic World

and it's comic world again! this time we're just going over to support skasha, who will be performing the musical prince of tennis with other selected members (not from csl). didn't have anything to eat for the whole morning, so we had to make do with the street food at the event.

a word of advice... never try to come empty stomache. the food is almost 3-5times more expensive than those you get outside the event... the sandwich we had cost twice as much =_= oh gawd. but no choice, still had to eat it to calm my poor stomach.

we walked around the event fair before going over to the queue for the performance. yes, there was a freaking queue. i think we waited more than half an hour to go in cos there was just too many people. it was crazy. there was over 10 performances and 70% of them were love live. you can't imagine the number of fans who were shouting and singing along with the song when the performance came on. but for us, we just cheered for skasha and went off once the prince of tennis performance was over. 

it was pretty good! too bad the fans didn't have the hots for PoT now if not i think they should have gotten some prizes. first prize went to onepiece or something i think, but we didn't stay to see the performance. there's some blogs on the teams that went there that you can check out here.

and we caught skasha just after his performance end. prince!

anyway we took a train to meet a buyer along the way to collect some photography equipment, then we had samgaetang for dinner around gwanghwamun. wanted to shop at my favourite place in jongno but i forgot the station name and we ended up going to myeongdong instead for some shopping before we headed home.

at night we watched the little prince. namchin fell asleep as usual. i think the soundtrack is pretty lovely.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

151226 Hongdae Chocolate

we drove pion back to her house to retrieve new clothes, and then went over to hongdae to have lunch/dinner. i think it was already past 4pm when we were there. wasn't very hungry, but kinda wanted to eat that very spicy ramen we had when we were here once, called teum-se-ramen.

this shop has the spiciest ramen, but to save our poor lips we only chose the moderate spicy level. hehe. love having cheese and egg in my ramen.

after that we went to this really awesome chocolate cafe recommended by pion. at first i was kinda doubtful because chocolate is filling and you can get quick sick of it easily. however, each of us ordered a very chocolatey drink and we shared orange choco cake + lava cake. and after eating all of those, it wasn't filling and i didn't get sick of any of them!! in fact i wanted to eat more. i think i will so come back here another day... the drink i had has baileys inside and it was so yummy. the thick chocolatey drink that pion and namchin had with a little scoop of ice-cream was heavenly... best chocolate cafe i've ever had, and that lava cake!!!!!!!! *_* i'm in love.

we walked the streets a little and met up with lumen, who recommended another ramen shop (japanese-style), so we ordered 2 bowls to share amongst the 5 of us (me, namchin, lumen, pion and ark). so fullllllllllllllllllll.

and since we had a photo, what's better than to make use of him for couple pictures. hahah!

Friday, December 25, 2015

151225 Christmas!

we got up past 10 to have the cheap korean style buffet that opened up at the bottom of eunhwasam, which costs only 5000won!! (that's like $8??) it's crazy but the food is pretty decent at that price. free flow!! you can cook as many eggs as you want too.

after that, we walked back to the office and rested a little, before going out to pick lunavero. there was gonna be a partaaaay tonight with all the team members. wheee~ we had a quick dinner at chicago pizza and pion went over to paris baguette to get a christmas cake.

cheese cheese cheeeeeese

we did some quick shopping for snacks and drinks for tonight as well.

at night myboo came over and bought baskin robbins ice cream cake!!! so we dug ourselves in both cakes. and the food. whoaaaaa.

we played the dalmuti card game which was pretty fun hahahaha and finally we decided to go catch a movie in namchin's movie room. it was already past 12am, so christmas was over. but we saw that it snowed heavily outside!! korea didn't disappoint! it was a white christmas after all, albeit late.

we took our muscato and wine upstairs and pion had the brilliant idea to use all the snow as ice for our wine. wahhahaha. we watched crimson peak together and though the plot was somewhat twisted and weird, the girls enjoyed loki's butt.