Saturday, November 29, 2014

141129 Lovelive Fairy Tales

group shoot for love live... onz~! it was actually one of the easiest costume to change into and move around in, except for the veil which kept disturbing the arrangement of my fringe. sorry i look terrible as umi i won't do her again!!! bleahs.

anyways, spams of selfie with all our members~~~ starting with our group leader who made everything possible - vic~~

got to know some new pretty people too

dandan came down to snap some pics and help out too

group selfie!

with all our saikangs too

we even got to eat some leftover food from an event in exchange for taking our pics. heh.

and a group polaroid from blur.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Umi Sonoda - Fairy Tale

wahhh i haven't posted WIP in like the longest time.
so here's one on umi sonoda from love live! it's a fairly simple outfit but i had some fun doing it. finished in 2 days.

started with the top.

then the collar.

skirt is pleated.

also made all the flower accessories along the skirt, top and the scarf.

and the head scarf.

last was the socks. didn't paint the words cos i couldn't make out what the words are writing.

and the completed outfit~

not to forget final wig styling and cutting!

look forward to the photoshoot of our team soon~~

Saturday, November 22, 2014

141122 USS w Koh Family

went to USS with compliments from vivian, with the koh family~!

greeted by minions at the entrance.

little JE was being strolled around like a boss the whole day.

took so many pictures. it was actually mainly a photo trip, really, with baby koh.

madagascar land first~ merry go round ride with little jia en

it was sunny.

i really like this photo i took!

it threatened to rain so we were using an umbrella. there was some penguin show going and we went to take a look. but JE was scared of them!! there was the leftmost penguin who kept trying to play with JE though. so cute.

we were rejected from taking photos cos photo time was over, but this penguin was nice enough to take with us. thanks so much!!!!

trying to selfie with the monkey... but little JE is sleepy.....

took ferris wheel together! wheehee. and little JE wouldn't keep still so it was kinda hard to ask a stranger to help us with group pic.

had a short lunch at the local restaurant eating chickens~

then headed to dinosaur land!

my favourite photo of the day goes to little JE, reborn!

went to watch a short cat dance.

we took perhaps less than 5 rides, and had to wait almost 2 hours for transformers.

while waiting in the queues... selfie w mommy

while baby koh slept outside and the family took a funny photo.

lol. after dinner at lamian restaurant, we headed home~