Saturday, February 27, 2010

bwhahaha i guess it was worth it in the end! i'm so happy i actually came back straight and had the urge to blog about this. guess calafare's job is pretty interesting after all!! *_* the only actor i ever admired (shaun/shawn tan/chen whatever, chen hong yu) in singapore due to his yi xin ren show - i still remembered i actually bothered to be home on time to catch every single episode when it was showing that time - was there *_*!!! although there's no actual scenes between us, it was still good to see him in action.

then there's mr pierre png who is really very good looking in real life, and his role is this CEO trying to dissolve an argument with a just-fired uncle employee. the uncle is damn cute too by the way, he is so gao xiao (he made a joke out of 'da pian zi', which is big liar, as 'da bian zi', which is toilet paper. lols). i can't remember his name though... oh well.

was intimidating at first but i managed to see quite a lot of actors/actresses when i was around the make-up room. not bad for a first-time experience! happy happy! (",) not about to promote the show and make you guys watch it here though... *cringes at my acting* bwahhaha.

Friday, February 26, 2010

went to buy the royal blue ribbons at chinatown on sat after a birthday lunch for mao2, and immediately worked on them when i got home. using val's special uhu glue method, it seriously saved me a lot a lot of time! had to sew it in half first before putting them on since it was still too thick.


looks pretty nice on pictures. finally done with her sari... zzz... what a pain...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

finally hyped myself to do some stuff over the new year holidays. gahh. aside from chionging the bloody embroideries, managed to piece together a bag from a reference picture here...



oh wait and then i realised that it really shouldn't be a bag at all! holy crap! what is this website selling?! they made part of the embroidery into pants?! GOSH.

it's a good thing i had my laptop with me. the pouch really isn't a pouch, it's for holding her spear!!


so i had to undo and redo it... this is so much easier to do than trying to sew that stupid zip and the circular top. put on the buckles to adjust tightness too. ughh. now the only problem is whether it can withstand holding the spear... -.-


made the armband using 4 'strands' of the leather i had. quite easy, just needs a bit of weaving basic.


then i found an old polo tee my sister didn't want and cut it. didn't really need to seam it since tshirt quality usually don't unthread that much, and if you try to seam, it just goes out of shape like what i have.


and the back


still looks out of shape but at least when it's worn it looks alright xo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anime: Skip Beat
Sung by: Miyano Mamoru
Title: Prisoner

奪われたのは この瞳だけじゃない
危険な純粋さ ボクでさえ持て余していた
時間と狂気(こころ)だけになって いつしか迷い込むMAZE
キミを呼ぶ声は 愛しさあふれるほど

I'm prisoner in paradise
I'm prisoner in paradise
永遠に 抜けない光棘(とげ)
残酷なほど美しい愛に 閉じ込められてしまったよ

抱きしめるたび 無傷ではいられない
その指先はまるで 氷のようにah冷たくて
頬を伝う温かい雫 ボクから自由を奪う
天国や地獄 今さら居場所なんか

I'm prisoner in paradise
I'm prisoner in paradise
永遠に 醒めない呪縛(ゆめ)
無意味な鎖 禁じられた欲望(ふかみ)に

I'm prisoner in paradise
I'm prisoner in paradise
永遠に 抜けない光棘(とげ)
残酷なほど美しい愛に ボクの命を捧げるよ

[romanji lyrics]

ubawareta no wa kono hitomi dake janai
kiken na junsui sa BOKU de sae moteamashite ita
jikan to kokoro dake ni natte itsushika mayoikomu MAZE
KIMI wo yobu koe wa itoshisa afureru hodo
kanashiku hibiku yo

I’m prisoner in paradise
BOKU no yami ni tsukisasatta KIMI wa
I’m prisoner in paradise
eien ni nukenai toge
zankoku na hodo utsukushii ai ni tojikomerarete shimatta yo

dakishimeru tabi mukizu de wa irarenai
sono yubisaki wa marude koori no you ni ah tsumetakute
hoo wo tsutau atatakai shizuku BOKU kara jiyuu wo ubau
tengoku ya jigoku imasara ibasho nanka
motometenai yo na

I’m prisoner in paradise
BOKU no uso wo makoto ni suru KIMI wa
I’m prisoner in paradise
eien ni samenai yume
muimi na kusari kinjirareta fukami ni
dokomade ochite yukeba ii

I’m prisoner in paradise
BOKU no yami ni tsukisasatta KIMI wa
I’m prisoner in paradise
eien ni nukenai toge
zankoku na hodo utsukushii ai ni BOKU no inochi wo sasageru yo

[english translation]

it's not just my eyes that you stole
i was overwhelmed by this unadulterated danger
it's become nothing but time and my heart
you penetrate the darkness that surrounds me it is perplexed unnoticed and the voice which calls MAZE you who are packed is dear

i'm a prisoner in paradise
a thorn that cannot be removed.I'm prisoner in paradise the light which it does not come out eternally 棘 (accomplishing) were shut in cruel extent beautiful love

i'm wounded each time we embrace
your fingers, they're as cold ...ah... as ice
the warm teardrops on my cheeks...
they steal from me.

As for you who make I'm prisoner in paradise my lie true (truth) I'm prisoner in paradise the spell (dream) meaningless chain which does not awaken eternally in the desire

i'm a prisoner in paradise
a thorn that cannot be removed. I'm prisoner in paradise the light which it does not come out eternally 棘 (accomplishing) lift up my life to cruel extent beautiful love

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

last updated, 28th jan. have not written for a long time, so while i'm pondering over the essay to uniqlo, thought i might key a very long entry for the first time.

or maybe not.


i have so many things to complain about.

1) my job. as if writing a report isn't something i hate, it seems that i have more of it coming after i complained about it to my boss!!! he doesn't seem to understand. i am freaking UNABLE to look for a coder, a facebook person, write an action plan, do a proposal, plan the overall outline, do a sitemap of the modifications to be made, do up a freaking outline AND get the whole damn thing carried out in a single night. he thinks it's simple just because i don't move my butt from my seat the entire day, but he doesn't get how much work you need to put in to get these seemingly insignificant chores stuff. and did i mention i was trying, in the midst of his incredible task list to me, to write a 20page report for this project which requires you to just host an 80mb file?

2) being singaporean. gosh you have to go back to the embassy and the ica building for 300 times before they approve the application and give you your documents. and pay a massive sum. then they put your ugliest photo as your ic and passport photo. and you have to stick with it for 5 years. what's wrong with scanning the better looking photo! (ok i'm so frivolous but WTH) i have to live with the ic for the rest of my freaking life and go across borders for 5 years with that hideous picture! i was so NOT feeling fantastic that i converted. not to mention the first letter the government gave me was 'CONGRATS, YOU HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED AS AN INCOME TAX PLAYER'. you'd think there's an orientation welcome package, but all the bloody rich government wants is your money when you become part of them.

3) cosplay. all i can say, i'm starting to socialise and know more people, but maybe i shouldn't have. small talking even 10 people at once is a feat. and this world is full of crappy people who seems to want to rise to stardom in a blink, and is friendly to you just because you might be their stepping stone. it's hideous. but i know it's real. sometimes you don't even know if a person is sincere anymore, you can't stop thinking whether this person wants something else when he starts to talk to you, you don't even know what he'll say behind your back, or how he'll twist your words. i might not experience all these, but it's sickening enough to know someone is doing such things. i don't care what it takes, i'll finish whatever characters i have and get out by the end of the year. perhaps it's better to not know anything at all.