Wednesday, June 29, 2011

oh yeah, cosfest was a huge media attraction this year - look at the zao an nin hao program in the morning...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everything has finally come to a premature end!

There are many people that I would like to thank in no particular order except the last one is the most important xD:

Nik, for driving our things to and fro, during unearthly hours, and for helping to pack and carry our things to and fro. and for cheering me up with all your lame stories and funny sound effects, and for helping my mom eat up all the food 8D

Shek, for helping with the circuit at such a last minute notice and for providing a place with all my junk, and all the trips you had to make driving the stuff to and from multiple places... Now that I'm mentioning it I feel so bad I think you deserve a big treat *_*

Kazu, for providing us a place to stay when we knocked on your doors at 6am!! (yes why are you guys still awake I wonder)

Miho, for helping us get the LEDs and getting lost when you couldn't find me - and all the PVC folding woes!

Night, for tolerating rina's nonsense and helping us with the n-th failed attempt at making that horrendous jar x.x

Kula and the other big guy at the event (I didn't even get your name!) for helping out at the semi finals, taping us here and there, stapling, gluing, sticking pins everywhere etc - we would have been super 手忙脚乱 without you!
Sara and yui, for being our wonderful helpers at the PK round. You appeared so miraculously when we needed you!!! What would we have done with lugging all the props ourselves I wonder...!! And I'm so proud of you guys!! You are Singapore's representatives!! You made it!!!

Yokey, for coming over with Nik at like 3am to lug all those stuff to the chalet - sorry we made your place so super squeeze with all those stuff and we even accidentally took back your wig lol hope you didn't have to restyle it much again!

Vio laokong for helping me lug those stuff in the rain and for arranging our background in the early hours during the day of the competition T-T

Judas for lending us the chalet to put our stuff even though i was so mean to you x.x oh no I think I haven't repaid you - have you gotten enough fill of the bakwa though?!

Tkh and steph, Jason, for organizing all of these and putting in the surprise pk round - it was the most strenuous time of my life but I do think it was a great experience anyway!! Cosfest 万歳! Even though I was disallowed to do some stuff it eventually became ok heh

Master Bao! I know we have failed you terribly, but thank you for helping us with all the action scenes and prop tips! To think I kena scolded more by you because I keep forgetting my actions -.- I fail blah 都已经说了教我们会是个坚苦的一条路...! But I'm still very glad we have you *_*

denzyl, for the night i needed you and for listening to all my woes... T_T

My family for tolerating all the mess that we created, the late night vacuuming, the noise, the dust... Etc. Sorry dad you had to sit in the kitchen and can't watch your shows because of us :( but I think you were the most tolerant of everyone, with the least complaints, and you even suggested ideas and brought home random materials for us TT I love you. And mom, always cooking lots of food for my friends and having a super hard clean up time because I wasn't as thorough - I did try though!

rina hamster! you really drove me crazy with all the rolling around, i swear you are the reincarnation of my previous nightmare. you pulled me into all this and doubled the monster in me. i may have dissedand chided and threatened to murder you off a gazillion times but you will still partner me all the same?!?!?!?! i don't know where else i can find such a tolerant partner ever again T_T and you were such a cute entertainment too >< *throws the kurobara corpse* i'm still quite sad i didn't get to see your individual though :( but i will still whack you next time hurhur

dearest team mate yvonne - you had absolutely no experience in on stage acting and fighting and making such glittery armour and stuff but you did a fantastic job!!!! all the late nights was worth it! even though we didn't win, i think you really deserve a resounding applause for the wonderful, wonderful costumes that you remade 3 times :D my bishie tin man <3i'm glad i have such a mature and understanding partner, and one who definitely shares the same sentiments as me and thinks the same way! i'm so glad i know you!!!!!!!

Yong jin, for the popeye that was not supposed to be paid by you... Lol sorry I had to take the fish burger from ya x.x and Noooooo you didn't eat the bakwa?! And please come back to cosplay more, you're really not that old!

고기, I hope I didn't destroy your hair... Sorry I didn't get to send you off... Really didn't know it was a different flight... TT and i regret I didn't get to take a picture of my masterpiece! TT you're really still a little boy even though you should already be 형.

바보, 너 프리쿠라의사진을 귀엽다! And I really don't know what I should do with the 2 boxes of souvenir, how can you dump them on me >8( but 관찮아! 나는 더 좋아서 기쁩니다. 나는 스털크가 아닌데 생각했어서 고마워요

00, for just being there! And... 그 선물을 줐어서 아주 기쁩니다!!! It was a really big power up for me!! And the best 선물 I've received T____________T but i'm so sad i can't bring you around for the extra 3 days you are here - I'm sure you'll be fine with your 부인 right!!! At least I got a farewell hug *_* heeheehee xxh, please make sure you notice I wasn't the one to initiate eh 8D

Nahahahah and 비밀ピックニック in the 아주 춥다 방 - yay!!! At least it felt like the wcs night, just that 용진 replaced 준구 ._. but still~~~ ♥

I'm glad I've achieved multiple objectives this time too (",)
너 정말 버렸어요!! 这次再也不会回去了。さようなら〜
너친구 失敗하는데 좋다! 不用称霸了!
나 혼자 도 잘해요~ 靠自己最好,别人靠你更好
ㅇ 봤서 같이 먹었어서 선물을 받았어서 이야기했어서 난 아주 행복해...! ♪♥

It has been a wonderful cosfest o(^▽^)o

Monday, June 27, 2011

oh my!!! i have kept this blog stale for 2 months!!! and i see a lot of spam on my tagboard =.=|||

so i'm just done with ACM and i'm getting my normal life back bit by bit, and formulating all kinds of grand plan for next year. This competition might have just drained half my life, but it was still pretty worth it since i did hit several objectives xD for those whom i've talked to, they will know...

i'm now free of the name!

actually i'm quite lazy to type what's been happening, but here's a clip of what we did for ACM semi finals

as you can see, many things failed and there were 3 groups who tied... so into the final PK round we enter! improved on the skit and made several changes, can you see the difference??? hahahah

and because i'm biased i shall only advertise the korea team here. first up is the guest performance by seungyong and myeongseon.

lots of mistakes, but still, spectacular mistakes hahahahah!

this is the winning malaysia team, wcs reps of this year - sky and yuan cross.

and the malaysia team with the awesome robot! it looks really neat up close. very awesome for someone doing mecha for the first time.

this is the winning team for wcs singapore this year, sara and yui - so proud of them!!! team SOS!!! hahahaha YAYYYYYYY. their skit was engaging, pretty and entertaining, really very nice!!!

and the winners of ACM 2011 $10,000 goes to.... KOREA!!!

and taeyeon's individual was just splendid! too bad they didn't get the individual. thailand did - their karas is really nice!
can't find it now, will update more laters~~

here's thailand's individual~ they won the best individual overall.

and kyungmin's one piece individual. very creative and cute skit, with a dramatic end

i quite like zoey's individual too - lots of fans! although it was a bit long for some parts.

and taeyeon's individual is pretty awesome too!!! she transformed from her lavish gown to an awesome robot!! and i love the transition. if only she'd cut down the repetitive sword slashing in front and change faster, would be perfect