Tuesday, June 30, 2015

150629-30 Yongin

woke up to a home-cooked breakfast~ prepared by dear namchin

well he whipped up the eggs and the sausage - the rest was either heated up/microwaved or pre-prepared. hahahah. still, i had an awesome meal.

not much went on today, most of the time was spent in the office. went down to the traders emart for dinner, and shopped around. there was a lot of test-eating which kyungmin referred to as 'matsuri' because you get to eat so many kinds of food for free. hurhur. so we went around to eat all of them. the place was built like a warehouse and the concept is similar to ikea. at the end of your shopping you can eat at their cafe, which sells delicious pasta/pizza at incredibly cheap prices (a whole pizza that's like b3 size in length for 14,800 won and baked pasta for 5000+ won.

after the dinner fest, we went back and worked a little. managed to finish the bag on the thigh of arisha's.

round 10pm, we watched mad max at namchin's theatre room. crazy show. slept right after... needed to wake early the next day!

30 Jul

and so we had to set off early cos namchin had all these 2nd hand deals for his virtual gear oculus and the photo printer. so we went to digital media city, then another place (can't remember where) before our final stop at dong dae mon for cloth shopping. needed to get cloth for valkyrie profile, and finally settled on this thick blue pvc at 11,000 won per yard. ughhh so expensive... also bought some buckles for arisha's skirt belt.

it was pretty hard to move around with all the cloth, so we decided to cut the trip short and head home. saw these huge line figures just outside doota mall.

since there was a straight bus home from myeongdong, we went over there and found korean buffet~ wheeee~~ lunch buffet at 12,900 won. and the best kind of buffet you can ever have at such a price~~

and there's my favourite ice persimmons at the bottom too. what luck!

headed home around 5pm, and finished off arisha's skirt (by attaching the belts and the buckles we got)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

150628 Arrival in korea

in the morning i went for a quick breakfast with my lovely jiaen before i'm due for my 1 mth break, and visited her preschool. it was a pretty nice place and she didn't want to leave! after all the cryings daily when leaving for school and throwing tantrums... now she's liking it too much. haha. it's a good thing i guess!
stopped by my house to let her try on the little dress i made, which turned out to be too small so i had to use my afternoon to make a new one for her, since i couldn't turn up for her birthday, i had to finish my present in advance. godma is so sorry...

around 630pm, sis and jiefu came to pick me and i had a car ride to the airport! finally a comfortable journey for me since i've always taken the public transport and caused nuisance with my huge luggage. not that i cared. bleahs.

arrived at the airport past 7pm, checked in and had time to get bee cheng hiang, alcohol and participate in the lucky draw. turns out my flight was slightly delayed and we only started checking in around 820pm (flight was scheduled to depart at 825pm). it was actually better for me since i need to wait for 3hrs once i reach ho chih min. unfortunately the plane was only delayed for 15mins. oh well, at least i got in last and had the whole row to myself. wheee~~ was surprised the plane is like 90% full but hopefully the trip to kr will be emptier...

and it turns out the flight to kr was 100% occupancy. so much for pining to lay across 3 empty seats. at least there was no one beside me cos the tray was spoilt, and thankfully the stewardess didn't place anyone there eventhough she asked for permission. phew. i was already paranoid and on my n95 mask as this uncle continuously coughed very loudly behind for the whole trip. ughh.

so glad when we touched down, finally get to see my baby again!

jeonghoon drove us back to yongin and we ate at dunkin for breakfast before we got back. there was a new waffle burger and it's gooood!

slept for the whole afternoon before waking up to have beef buldukpeggi for dinner. got to eat honey blossom for dessert too... ahhh my pudding!!! my love!! there's just a few cravings i need to satisfy whenever i'm here:

1) roe rice (al-pab)
2) honey blossom pudding
3) seol-bing (goguma bingsu yummmm)
4) caramel maple syrup corn (a kind of snack)
5) jajjangmyeon
6) honey butter chip (it's so expensive and rare it's a delicacy now...)
7) seolreim ice cream
8) petitzel pudding drink
9) ice persimmon

#1 and #2 are like the die-die must eat on my list. check, check.

so anyway we caught our movie at 7pm after dinner - ted 2. had a short rush before the show looking for stationery shop since 00 wanted to buy brushes that day =_= anyway ted was hilarious but i guess i'm just not very accustomed to a teddy bear spitting vulgarities although that's his drawpoint...?? and i did yawn a couple of times. guess it's not my kinda show, and definitely not 00's - he slept for 70% of the show, jeez.

got back and could play around with my new lg aka phone 00 got (which i exchanged my g3 for!!). love how cute it is, wheee~~~~~~see the cute dancing panel on my screen and on the right, you can take pictures with the avatar. hehe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Granado Espada - Asoka WIP

so i spent my previous weekend working on a costume that i didn't wear eventually... but it is actually still not done yet. haha.

it actually looks pretty easy at first glance, but it became a great test of patience once i cracked the parts down. starting from that criss cross stockings. ughh. 

i had to buy a criss cross stocking from taobao to start with, wear it on myself and paste all the pearls on it. i think i spent 2 days to paste about 60% of 1 leg. and getting glue stains all over myself.

i think it doesn't look too bad. i kinda gave up a little because i had to yoga to paste those at the back and i was too lazy to continue and waste more time on it.

the photo on the right is where i went to buy a nude ankle socks to cover the bottom part... but my shade was too dark!!!!!! BLEAHHHS waste of my $4.40. T_T

next is all the stone like thingy she has all over.... where i cut and made out of foam

and after spraying, pasted on the pearls

took 2 of the smallest ornament for the shoes. bought the transparent strapped heels from tb and the pearls were all just pasted on. quite straightforward.

working my way up! here's the shorts. i just cropped an existing legging of mine then sewed the flower trimmings on.

and the main body parts. hoh, i'm actually puttting lining on all my stuff now. the one on the left is the skirt, then the top and on the right are the 2 shoulder parts.

so starting with the skirt... created the flappy thing that's like 10% visible at the back. also added white ribbon trimmings for the flaps and silver trimmings for the skirt.

so the final skirt looks like this

and now the back of the skirt... it is split into 3 layers -
this skirt is crazy and has like 2-3layers. bleah.

pasting/sewing on all the appliques and lace...

and the last outer layer is another pearl frenzy again

at least this was easier to paste while watching my drama

and sewing on the appliques...

the last step is more of the 2 tails behind and not so much a layer. i got the material from tb, and it's 100% silk.. so i only bought half a metre and it was already above $20. ughh.

combining all the skirt layers... had to fold the 2 tails in half again and cut off some length as i realised it was a tad too fat. my silk!

and now the top... the blue cropped corset was easy. i used velcro for the sealing, and sewing black trimmings all around.

decorated the front with flower trimmings

then i made the 2nd layer which was a chinese wrap.

and sewed both together

last was the sleeves. more pearly frenzy... yes i pasted on all my pearls. while watching drama. it's actually a pretty lazy exercise that you can do with half the concentration.

then i sewed them on and pasted the flower trimmings as well as the lacy edges. oh.. i bought my flowers in the wrong color - they're supposed to be white but i used them anyway bleahs.

and my top set is done! after i added on all the extra black laces.

last part of the clothing is the obi... and it was seriously a pain. the base is fine, i used leftover blue gradient cloth, brocade lining and chiffon overlay to soften the colors, then white satin ribbon trimmings all around.

the painful part was cutting outt all these circles.... stuck black wallpaper over transparent pvc and thanks for my rotary cutter i was able to slice out perfect circles.. i must have cut over 1000 circles that day.

they were then lined over the long obi base

and i folded a ribbon on it and pasted the largest ornament on the front

completed front look.

some miscellaneous accessories - pearls and 'feathers'

sort of reused all the laser cloth i peeled off from previous gwendolyn cos heheh.

then strung them together on a pvc transparent 'belt'

here's an overall outlook on the finished product~