Wednesday, November 30, 2016

161130 Juno Hair

thanks to the seminar i help translate for in singapore, i got to meet both hair directors again for lunch in korea!

visited juno today and that salon is really unlike any others i've seen. according to Director Yoo Mi, she says that it followed a foreign interior design and designed to let customers enjoy and be comfortable while they are doing their hair. look at how gorgeous it is!

yes, there's a bar! (or cafe)

they serve tea in such a cute style.

hope i can do my hair there sometime!
we went over to visit Director Sun Joo and had lunch at a kalguksu place super fast, as she was attending to some guests. didn't manage to see lyn as she has some family issues. was told to come back to help with a demonstration, and for someone with so much free time, why not!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

161129 Gangnam

another trip to gangnam, and it won't be the last..... hahaha. met up with pion and ark, and we had cheese galbi here.

also managed to have red velvet cocoa at coffee bean! so glad it's still available here. after that we stopped at shake shack to see what's the deal there. it's a burger franchise from US, and apparently the queue is crazy...

menu for whoever's interested. 

and then we got home. had to do my posting and dear waited for me like that.

he was snoring.. i swear he can sleep in all kinds of positions. =_=

Monday, November 28, 2016

161128 Caribbean Everland

so guess where we're going in the middle of winter... WATER PARK.
hahah with the grace of mr manyong, we got some free tickets enough for the whole team to go, but in the end only 5 of us went, which is still fun!

had some food before we went in. it's expensive, so always remember to eat before you come...

and here we are!

hahah look at mr kong and ark coming down the slides. hehe. love the big slides!

and we're going down too~!!

lazing around the lazy pool..

after going around the lazy pool twice and the slide for like 5 times.. and more saunas, we changed and headed for everland.

we're at everland! on the cable car. that's ark at the back. hahah.

of cos, t-express is something we shouldn't miss here. we caught some animal shows as well. there's a christmas twist to some of the shows we've watched before.

we then had a few snacks and it was soon night time. christmas night at everland!

and there's a santa claus just near the exit!! JH felt embarrassed and didn't join in here. we have no full group photo!!! T_T

but it's ok, i just need my dear's face. lovelove.

and finally dinner outside of everland..~

Sunday, November 27, 2016

161127 VR Cafe

so we're meeting mr roy at gangnam, one of dear's childhood friends. while walking around gangnam, we chanced by a gundam base and went to take a look~! such gorgeous unicorn!!!!!

roy came soon after, and he brought us to VR cafe. on the way there, we saw tailor of wolgyesu film casting!

haven't started on the show so not too sure what is happening.

anyway back to VR cafe! seems it's trending in a lot of places.

after that riha came over and we went for dinner at a random tonkatsu place. ordered cheesy tonkatsu and the rose sauce pasta. for a random restaurant, it sure tastes great!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

161126 Ragnarok Event

aaaand i'm attending the first work event for ragnarok with our 2 stars - pion and eki~ wheeeee.

such honor with the both.


shot a live video here as well on csl's facebook. not too good at live broadcast but if you're interested in how the event look, do click and have a look!

the event finished in like 2hrs or so, and there was a huge buffet table for all the guests and us. a pity there was so much food that we can't even finish 80% of it.... woah...

after buffet, the team went to a nearby food court for coffee~

there's like 8 of us, so this isn't that much.. eh. hahaha. i like that yogurt ice cream and the latte! so nice!