Tuesday, April 27, 2010

zzz i don't care if i cannot fold it anymore... seriously.

ok painting that can never go wrong tutorial!

and yes you do need it if you're painting repeated stuff... like 20 dragons (5 on each side * 2 fans).



1) so template first (draw before that of course and cut them out)

here i have 3 different types of dragons.

2) template them on the mahjong paper or whatever paper you have (used mahjong since it's the largest piece of paper you'll ever find that's cheap!)


3) paint a gold base (doesn't even matter if you paint it out of the lines you've drawn since you'll cut them out later. i figured.. even if you did paint them out of line on the actual object, it won't matter in the end cos it'll look like it 'radiates'!


4) i used this crayon which is suitable for all kinds of surfaces. brown outlined the dragons and all the stripes or stuff you'll need. doesn't matter if it's drawn out of line, again.


5) yellow outline all the brown parts to give a little gradient and tone down the harsh brown color.


6) use water to go over all the lines you've drawn! shade some gradients as you see fit and it should be ok.



7) what's left is just to cut those dragons out...

sorry my dragon drawing is not very realistic hahahahah
i am done with my kaito!!!

it just feels so strange because i seem to be squeezing 100 things on my head when i tried on the costume - the hood, the wig, the mask and the scarf. ughh and my body seems big as compared to my head. zzz hopefully will look better when i have my boots (uh, so i'm taller???)

ok so here's the top part with the hood


braided the sleeves... (ahahah uhu glued this one too!! since sewing would flatten the shape). sun bian admires my pattern.


then attached (uhu-glued on actually) sequins


painted the hem, not so obvious, probably have to repaint again


sequinned hem


my chained emblem! almost died from spraying them throughout the day. had to respray and coat since the gold seems to chip off when i was tying the sequins to them. no sequins in this picture yet...


then the prototype mask. have to do something about that teardrop gem... and the smudges!!!!


Monday, April 19, 2010

weekend of painting...

not sure why i painted all the crests light yellow (perhaps because i only had that color haha). here's the downside of the sleeves, supposed to be in blue.


and after painting it blue (i think it looks so much better in yellow)


here's the upside of the sleeves - can you see the difference between yellow and gold?


now we have both of them in gold. gold is nice. hmm-mmm. gold is nice.

painted the blades over the weekends...

spray painted only 1 side red.

this actually has 2 sides taped together to forma bit of 3d look. used black acrylic to paint cos i didn't have black spray paint.

Saturday, April 17, 2010



i'm hoping i get through my uniqlo interview. i don't think i can stay in my job any longer if i want to stay alive.

managing my own project and budget is a nightmare, and even more so when you have slow suppliers who promise to deliver everything and end up delivering none, and you have to chase them to the ends of hell (in the process cutting your lifespan in half) to get a simple job done.

i'm wishing i'm a programmer myself, it would be so much easier to do the job myself. thank goodness i know enough to make simple changes and do designs to churn out things on time - imagine having to email your supplier to ask for a text change > get hourly rate quote or make arrangement with supplier > wait one day for slow suppliers to respond > supplier don't respond > call supplier > supplier say ok i will do it > the next day it's not done > call and pester supplier again > and the cycle repeats

and i end up having to work on a freaking saturday!! NOOOOOO my precious weekend!!!



why is it that people just CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT BE BLOODY ON TIME!??!?! you agree on a time, you jolly well be there at that time! if it's 5 minutes, fine, we all understand that you cannot have as precise an estimate as the japanese, but for half an hour? 1 hour? 2 hours?? the time to meet is NOT the time for you to start showering, eat your breakfast, put on make up and take the bus. there is no 姗姗来迟, or fashionably late, there is only an angry mob looking daggers at you and a christy who is dying to drive her nails into the depths of your brain. (and yes, she can be pretty sadistic when she's mad)


dear boss asked "i'm so sad, you didn't play the ff13 i bought you"
me "i did, i just cannot play it when everyone else is around cos i need to turn the volume up to enjoy my game"

after drinks, i went back to my office to play the game (about 930pm)

it was the mistake of my life.

at 1030pm,
mr boss "christy, your LYED campaign statistics are all messed up! where is the key data? why is this comment not deleted? why can't you and azel just do this properly??!! now it's too late to make any changes, i have to submit the report!!"

me "..."
*packs stuff and runs home

never stay back in office to play games when your boss is still around.
by the way, boss, i sent the report before 12pm today, you had plenty of time to tell me those and you have to check it at 1030pm?!

pui pui.

it's like asking a random colleague "hey please help me do a report on my campaign"
random colleague "wahhh huh? i have no clue what the project is all about!!"

well, no excuse, you should be going to the shared server (we call it mr NAS), ask the colleague-who-was-on-the-campaign-and-who-has-quit-and-is-now-studying-overseas what was the whole deal about, ask the colleague-who-later-took-it-over-but-is-still-as-clueless, and perhaps just try to luan bom (aka churn out bullshit) and create the numbers you would like to show instead of trying to figure out why a certain number is the way it is.

ok, i'm feeling a bit better now after vomitting all my complaints here.

Friday, April 16, 2010

well of cos i've already gotten most of the materials from the shopping list i posted some time ago. so here's the progress!

did the whole robe first. quite proud of myself because i didn't use any templates! so how i measured it was i drew my own outline on the cloth while i lay there (please laugh while you imagine how i did it).

glad it turned out fitting! (yes like fitting, gosh, i wish it's a bit loose)



i love the french brocade. hmm hmm

and i find that i don't really like this blue. sighss. for the front and back 'tails', with the tassel ends.


and yesterday i worked on the patterns.

1) sketches first


2) then the cutouts


3) drawing the cutouts on the fabric

4) painting them

(will take a picture of step 4 later)
not much reference pictures for my next project except for 2 videos (which he appeared for 2 seconds in one of them)...

part 3 still isn't out yet...

the best reference pics are from the creators themselves



there's a very good existing cos of him though!




yes finally doing a vocaloid character...! guess why i chose him?

by the way i termed this the arabian version (as opposed to turban... or terrorist...)
don't know how many times i tried to stick this thing but uhu glue totally doesn't work and i'm glad hot glue helps.

going to remove the clay part on top though, it seems very flimsy and my blades are certainly not going to stay on...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

random list of things that gets on my nerves

1. the question 'how are you?'

yes it's supposed to be polite, yes it's the way foreigners greet, but i just hate it. and i can't bring myself to lie 10 times in a day that i'm fine, so stop asking.

2. smokers walking in front of me.

please destroy your own lungs somewhere else.

3. purposeful broken english

wud joo prz stop all diz. you be pwetty prz

first of all, you can spell joo as you, it's the same 3 letters isn't it? and what's up with prz when you can use pls?? stop acting cute. stop stop stop acting cute, don't make me slap you.

4. littering messages with cranky faces

it doesn't make you friendlier, it makes you look like someone who has nothing to say and is trying to make up for the lack of vocabulary with dumb faces.

5. rainy days

thanks to you, i've had countless soles falling off my cheapskate shoes. not to mention i have a broken umbrella to boot.

6. strong perfume

seems like the more i hate it the nearer it is to me! i can't even taste my lunch! do you really have that much money to dump a bottle each day on yourself???

7. show-offs

oh, did you know i helped xxx to yyy, i also know jjj and kkk. i'm close friends with mmm and lll. aaa and bbb tells me everything, i think ccc and ddd likes me! do i look like i give a damn? listing off famous people doesn't necessarily make you one as well. buzz off

8. people who just cannot be bother to pay attention to obvious things

a: "i have a part-time job for $10/hr for a week from next monday onwards."
b: "oh, how much?"
a: "$10/hr"
b: "start from when?"
a: "next monday"
b: "how long?"
a: "one week. by the way, i don't think they are going to hire idiots like you."

9. people who just insist they are correct

x: "our QC is has perfect english"
y: "oh? your 'turn' is spelt 'trun' by the way. i'm sure his grammar is better, then."

10. working past 6pm

it is time to go, it is time to go.

11. work coming in at 5.59pm

like hell i'm going to finish it up.

12. buffet

i really don't like to gorge myself. these sinful things

13. steamboat and bbq

if i'm gonna eat out, i'd rather have someone cook for me.

14. tardiness

i hate it when you are late. but i hate it even more when i am late. the worst thing though, is when i have to wait for you to meet the client together and we both have to take the blame together for being late.

15. over-friendliness

these social butterflies, they believe in quantity over quality when choosing friends.

16. organising / planning things

i suck at them and i cannot see more than a week ahead. so what. don't ask me to reserve 7th july when it's only 1st feb now.

17. indecisiveness

should i eat x? should i eat y? should i eat k?
like i care.

18. wallowing in self-pitiness

i have no money... i have no time... i cannot do it... there's no solution... it's the end of the world
then just die, you ignorant fool.

19. giving me hope, and taking it away. if you cannot do it, don't ever say that you can.

ok let's continue the list next time, time to do some sewing.
kaito arabian (synchronicity) shopping list

blue french brocade cloth: 4m*$10/m = $40
blue cloth: 4m*$2.50/m = $10
wig: $25
blue crystals: $5.50/30pcs
clear crystal drop: $3 per piece
gold tassels: $1.50/m
sequin tassels: $3.50/m
gold paint: $3.55
blue paint: $2.70

total: $94.75

Monday, April 12, 2010

this seems to mark the end of cosplaying!

1) getting into otacool2 magazine

2) getting into this month's issue of cosmode

3) getting into the semi-semi finals in korea

i have no further regrets!

and for the great year...

1) uniqlo interview! woo-hoo!

the only congratulatory letter thing that seems to spoil my mood...

my saturday... sighhs...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

and i've actually worked some more on yf! her costume is really driving me crazy. and now the weapon is driving me crazy too. i have no idea how to attach the pincer thing to the pole... sighhhs. so i've only the base for now

masking tape for weaving. hoho.


golden tape around some thick string


then wrapping it around the pole



managed to get some square beads to spray paint and hot glue on the boot cover too.


and the final version of her necklace/earring set... which i discovered was actually red in color. bleahs.

finally got down to some 'work' after my post-trauma of QSD.
and because i really have not much dramas to watch anyway. ohh, watching hero (MBC) starring my darling jun ki, but it's actually not a drama that would keep you on your toes. just watching his face only.

so here, an improvisation of his crest because i am just unable to find any clear pics at all! well, at least it looks rather close enough since i followed the patterns on his armour too.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

guess i need to translate myself... zzz

lee ahn - jeong in / 정인(情人)

눈물이 메말라 버린 줄 알았죠 - 以为眼泪已经干枯
어제까지만 해도 그랬어요 - 昨天还是老样子
내 모습을 너무 닮은 그대의 하루가 - 思念像我一样的你
눈이 시리도록 그리워요

내가 살아갈 동안 필요한 아픔을
그댈 보내며 다 받는대도
심한 몸살을 앓듯 사랑할 수 밖에 없는
이런 날 이해하시겠죠

그대의 미소가 내 안에서 부서져 - 你的微笑在我的心里粉碎
내 몸 감싸주던 날 - 抱着我的哪一天
죽을 만큼 자신있는 사랑주었죠 - 给了我无尽自信的爱
어떻게 그걸 잊으라니요 - 我怎能忘记

내가 살아갈 동안 필요한 아픔을
그댈 보내며 다 받는대도
심한 몸살을 앓듯 사랑할 수 밖에 없는
이런 날 이해하시겠죠

그대의 미소가 내 안에서 부서져
내 몸 감싸주던 날
죽을 만큼 자신있는 사랑주었죠
어떻게 그걸 잊으라니요

눈이 시리도록 그대 보고 싶은 건
가진 만큼의 아픔인가요
다시 제 사랑과 인사해요 다시

Thursday, April 01, 2010

OH YAY! finally up! added in my winking scene and altered the beginning. hoho. love bidam.

just in time for youtube's new interface. and now i can find my video by searching queen seon deok bidam!!! :D:D weeeee~