Wednesday, December 31, 2014

141231 Famille Station

so we're back in seoul and trying out all the rival of gyejeol-babsang on the list.

this one is olbam and located at the express bus terminal. unfortunately when we went they were near dinner time and wouldn't accept anyone till 6pm, so we spent 2hours walking around the newly built famille station.

now that's a fairly neat starbucks!

like the mini cakes! so cute.

limited edition collectibles?

the atmosphere just makes you wanna relax there and have some starbucks.. so we ordered this sunrise thingy. color is so pretty~

and then we got ready to queue.....

i think there must be at least more than 100 other people in front of us. bleahs. took our chance anyway.

and hell yeah! we managed to get in~

perhaps the best thing was the chawanmushi served around, but only 1 each. oh well. 

these are dinner menu you need to order. kal-guk-su wasn't to my taste (on the right), but seafood tofu jjige is nice (left.

and desserts was a little disappointing... just the normal bingsu (ice cream was just softserve). bibimbap sauce was so-so, perhaps 00 made it a little too oily... x.x

overally i still felt gyejeol babsang is waaaaaaaay better eventhough ol-san is slightly cheaper. there are dishes here that i didn't really like and none of the taste actually amazed me. 

took a little walk around and found a high class pet shop called Molly's pet shop. woahhh.
after that we went over to hyehwa to meet the rest and guess what! the last o-lens shop is there! so we finished all our vouchers at last. it was soooo windy we were almost blown away.

and back to yongin~ we counted down in the car trip back home. and i was almost late in wishing my dear XM happy birthday! but i realised korea time was an hour faster. heh..

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

141230 Eco Land Stone Park

our last day in jeju, since 00 had to rush back for some family matters. packed and got off around 11+. we walked for about 15mins way out from the resort... and finally saw some city structures. unfortunately we had to wait more than 30mins for the next bus to come. T_T so we picked some oranges behind the bus stop. (didn't look like we were the only ones who did em anyway)

took a bus and stopped at a blog-recommended place for lunch..

i'm starting to suspect all those were paid advertisements. look at the prices. we ordered one of those 50k spicy chicken set for 2-3persons.

had to wait about 10-15mins before the chicken is caught and stewed. side dishes not very fantastic. chicken had ginseng inside and it was delicious (thankfully)

though it was a bit too much for the both of us, we squeezed everything we could cos it was so expensive... heheheh.

and then we took a taxi over to eco land. the taxi uncle was kind enough to offer us entrance tix as well at a discount~!

so what you do here... is take a hundred year old train and travel through the different spots.

just enjoy the scenery~

funny thing about tourists and throwing coins everywhere.

walked a looong wooden bridge 

this land looks like a mish-mash of a lot of man-made things.

do you know don quixote? or don juan? or whoever this guy is.

inside the windmill..

more random bears?

then we hopped on the next train for the next spot. 

to more strange bears and kiddy land... where we're welcomed by bubbles~~

there's an eco walkway for a slowwww walk around

and the adventure begins...

lone man in a random hut

hoho new santa!

if you didn't notice, the soils are all a reddish brown due to the larva from the volcanic bursts. walking on these soil is actually good for you.

here, there's also an untended cafe.

there's no manager or assistants here!

you can make your own coffee or take the beverages as you wish, then drop the money in the box with a heart. they trusts korean that much.

there's actually quite a lot of people around. we just took a few photos and went off to continue on our journey... where we found an insect hotel.

and a little pony nearby (they stink pretty bad. look at all those dungs - nope they are not random stones on the ground)

further upwards, some more lovely place. oh look, a train passing by the fountain~

i really like the feel of this place. btw it's winter so all the trees are barren.

love this photo! see the reflection of the light~~

and there's supposed to be a little pond here for you to soak your legs. but of course it would have been too cold...

corn maize!

i think it was about 4+ but the moon was already out... the sun sets around 6pm here. 

heheh while waiting for the train i was playing with the sun rays behind. looks so cool! no photo processing here btw! 

there's supposed to be a 3rd spot but it doesn't open in winter. bleahs. so it was time to move to the stone park...

we only had like 2 hours to run through the huge area before it closes at 6pm.

look at the rubbish bin. i bet it's hard to empty.

some nice scenery~

on closer look.... it's water on the edge

and it's us~

after we're done with the artistic photos, we went down to the first museum.

get ready for a lot of stones...

stones from the volcano eruptions

human-like stones

stones with bird structures

and gosh, realised we wasted an hour in there. and there's still so much more to see.... we were only at the entrance!!! less than an hr left. =_=

so we picked up our pace and went for course A.

lots of kiddy stones

the place is actually quite spooky if you come by yourself. i now know why they have to close at 6pm. if it gets dark, it's gonna be horrific.

didn't have time to go through course B, or the other more interesting larger museum there. what a waste!!! had to get out...

got out and picked our luggage around 6pm, then went off to the main streets for dinner.

oh look my restaurant~

everything is in chinese and there's so many foreigners, that it didn't feel like korea anymore! anyway we realised there's yet another o-lens shop here, but didn't go in.. what was that saying on things popping out when you don't need em?

well, back to dinner. we decided not to rely on all those blog reviews, so i just picked one randomly.. cheese ribs!

i actually quite like it but 00 says otherwise. the store owner was nice also and complimented 00, saying he looks like a star with his dressing and young face. hahahah.

but i got a little irritated cos he was texting in katalk the whole time. pffft...

we went to the seol-bing here for a final dessert to wash off the undelicious taste (as 00 claims)

ate my favourite goguma ice cream before we taxi-ed off to the airport... still had some time to spare to take all the trick-eye pics~

and then it was back to seoul again... unfortunately by the time we reached it was about 10.30pm and there was no bus home! so we took the last bus to suwon and waited at a macdonald for kyung min to pick us up. thank goodness there was a car... and a driver!