Thursday, January 24, 2013

the monster

i'm sure it's a kind of sign. if my body is reacting this way. and everyday i'm waking up with a dreadful feeling. and everyday i'm counting down to 6pm. and wishing that nothing happens in the 15mins before it turns 6. i get absolutely long headaches lasting for more than a day, i'm aching in weird places like the palms of my feet, and my ankles, i'm even having sore eyes. i can't sleep and wake up at least 5 times every night, and i'm now getting flu and sore throat.

and then when something happens, it just gets me so angry. it's as if the great big monster is there just to torture us for the remaining days. and he can't keep still. he can't just stop going crazy. we're all living our lives in some kind of trauma, having to be careful and suspicious all the time, and having him doubt and accuse us just out of the blue.

it's been almost a week, yet i felt it is almost like the longest week ever. i still have another week and a half to go, but i'm not sure how long i can stand it now. and i keep telling myself to just stand in there, don't let your past 4 years go to waste, and just bear it for the remaining days. all because i have to get my final paycheck before he could claim that i'm not doing my job.

whatever did the 4 years i slogged for mean to him? it's all gone to the waste now. the great big monster is no longer someone i had once respected and followed, and i could no longer do that anymore. i cannot trust this person who tried to put words in our mouth and made us suspect our colleagues, who attempt to make us blame each other for his own benefit. he is no longer protecting us, not on our side, because he is only concerned with protecting his own life, his own reputation and his own good.

i did respect you once. but i resigned because you are no longer deserving of it. not because i'm going away, but because i can no longer work with you. for whatever is left of my respect for you, please at least keep it that way.

Monday, January 21, 2013

120119 BBQ... steamboat? 1.0

went to clean my new house in the morning and almost died. scrubbed like every corner of my room. the interior designer really did a horrible job with all the paint flecks and holes they left. pffft. would not recommend them to anyone now.

the window panes were a pain because there's so many of them. =___= argh!! and it was the first day of my good friend visiting so i was in pain and slogging at the same time. even so, i look forward to moving in my new room!

about 4pm i went home to prepare to go out. it was raining the whole day so the bbq at Timmy's was cancelled and changed to a steamboat dinner at orchard instead.

we only remembered to take picture once we came out cos we were all so busy eating. hurhur. mr security clicked so many times but it was still all blur. saaad.

was nice to see everyone again - and all the shocking updates! whoa. had a bit of drink (didn't have any since i was still in pain) before we left for the day.

120118 Dinner with Rob

On Friday night, we went to have dinner with our partner company, Catalyst. Their meeting room is so cool, there's alcohol everywhere. *w*

Since i wanted something sweet, Rob let me try this lemon thingy. It tasted like medicine. ughh. so in the end i drank green tea instead.

We went for dinner at this pizza place where we often go to for company lunch and gatherings. Me and MW shared a vegetarian lasagna. not too bad.

it was a good talk. but too bad out of the 5 of us who went, 80% have already resigned so there's really not much to say. Rob will be a good boss if we should stay on. 

Autumn Jacket

ok so i supposed it will be too much to say this thing can withstand winter, because it just can't so i guess the only thing it can withstand will be autumn/spring. heh. so the last i left off it was almost 2-3years ago and i only managed to finish it recently.

this is just the very basic form

then i added the collar, the mandarin pin, the sleeves edges and seamed up the ends behind. also did a few folds so the shoulder doesn't look too broad (although it still is)

and i'm finally done! still some flaws at certain places.. but oh well!

Friday, January 18, 2013

continued a bit more with my dress and added the trimmings and laced/ribbon edge. arghhh but it's so short!! damn...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

DIY day

i spent my saturday customizing my clothes. was looking through the pile of fabrics i have and realised i have this very nice leather velvet thing that i'm not sure what to use for so i created a tube dress and a jacket out of it. it's still not done, as the edges are pretty raw but i have no idea what to add on to it for now.

also picked a black top and modified from this

to something like this

ok because you can't see anything without flash and flash makes the thing looks so awful, it ended up looking awful. zzz. tried to do some photobucket filters but it still doesn't look decent.

here's the back anyway. i like my tassels.

think i will use those bias tape to seam the ends so they don't look so raw.

i also dug out one of my very old jacket i bought cheaply and never wore.

the brown is sort of old though. added some buttons to hook the further and folded the collars in another way.

actually i feel it's still missing something. bleah. perhaps it should be shortened?
hmm nothing seemed to finalise today...

Friday, January 04, 2013

Day 10 Incheon

actually woke up at several intervals, 5am... 7am.. 8am... and finally decided that we need to get prepared at 815am. sighs. i so don't want to leave. got out and had breakfast at lotteria, before leaving on the bus at 940am.

slept pretty much to the airport. chen was coming to send me off so we met her at the airport. so glad i got to see her once before i go! she just got back from japan the previous day too, so it was really nice of her to drop by. even got some little gifts from her!

we rested and chatted for a while at a nearby cafe, for about 30mins before i checked in. hugged my 2 lovelies goodbye and walked super fast to my boarding area, as i only had less than 30mins. the plane took off like half an hour late in the end. so much for rushing. since chen helped to tell the check-in officer that i needed a seat near the toilet, i got a seat that was just in front, with lots of leg space. heheh. the entertainment monitor was spoilt though, so i played my ds instead. love the meal onboard!

when i touched down at beijing, didn't realise that it was already 3pm, and the boarding time for BJ-SG flight was like 325pm!!! holy cow. the queues were like long everywhere but thankfully the staff let us cut the queue so we could board (not on time, a little late, but still able to board). the buggies around took us to our boarding gate, but they demanded 10 yuan. i wonder if it's pocket money for themselves? didn't have RMB so i gave the guy 100TWD instead. the other guy riding with me didn't even give any and just thank you-ed his way out. oh well.

the plane took off around 4pm in the end. i watched a couple of nice movies - Step up Revolution, The Amazing Spiderman and Bride War. the curry seafood was a bit bland, but i still like airplane food.

reached changi around 1030pm, and took the mrt home. man, what a looooong flight.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Day 9 Lotte World

to be honest i don't really know what i was doing for the better half of the day.

but now that i'm typing, i remembered i was washing my socks.

sometimes i don't mind waiting, but give me an accurate estimate of when you will be done, so i can occupy myself with things while i'm waiting. if you're gonna take half an hour, don't tell me 10mins. because i could have finished an episode of my anime instead of watching the crowd go by. and if you're gonna take 2 hours, i'd sooner go watch 2 episodes of my drama. that kind of thing.

so we woke up, headed over to the office and i was told to wait 2 hours. i mean after yesterday's endless waiting, at least now i've learnt to ask before i wait into nothingness. so since it was such a long time, i decided i would wash my socks. my socks don't exactly stink, but it's stuck with random dirt. the good thing about winter is nothing you wear will stink because you just don't sweat. so you can wear the same pair of socks for a week and it will still not smell bad. not that i'm gonna do that... =_=

so we set off around 2pm thankfully, and reached lotte in time for the 4pm entrance.

it was surprisingly, super crowded. every ride requires at least a 20minutes waiting time, even the lamest ride of all. so we started out by eating popcorn. ahhaha. shucks. think this was a lotte food trip more than rides.
after we watched the very super short and mini parade, we decided to go for viking.

and it is a 20mins ride. and we got the middle seats (which is so not fun). the kids were all so not scared.

ooh but there was this very cute guy who looked like a mini jung il woo sitting just opposite at the corner. the camera can't quite capture him. he seems about 15. SO YOUNG.
we went to get the magic pass for sindbad while queuing, which is later on, not very necessary. but still.

we then went out to magic island to take the rides outside.

but horrors of horrors... everything was closed!!! except this 3D theatre. and we had to wait like 15mins before the next show started and it was freeeeeeeeeezing. perhaps that's why all the rides were closed.guhhh.

so this theatre is where you look at bizarre scenes (that are supposed to be scary) through a cat's eyes. but the storyline is just not interesting at all =_=

went back in thereafter since there's just not much to do. ooh passed by this mirror maze. this was the girl 00 went gaga over the last time!

and korea really has a lot of these visual interactive panels. here you can write your notes on their samsung notes, and it gets projected at the bottom layer screen.

we went on another 3D ride that's in the egyptian period, where cleopatra appears frequently. zz reminds me of my isis cos.

and it seemed that sindbad's queue was really short so we joined the queue when it's like 10 mins to 7pm. (magic pass starts at 730). managed to get in within 5mins, and came out just in time for the parade!

took a clip of almost all the floats here:
the onslaught of LEDs were really dazzling. i particularly liked the egyptian wings.

there was also this very cute dog running in front of us. just looking at it makes me laugh. hahaha.

right after the parade there was a kpop musical so we sat down to have a look.

they performed pieces from SNSD, Big Bang etc and had soundracks from Queen Seon Deok, F4 etc. it was pretty hilarious! i like the last singing/dancing battle, where they used synchronised with the digital background to enhance the effects. pretty neat!

since there was not much further to do and the good rides still needed at least 40mins, we decided to head out and have dinner. didn't get to take a single roller coaster! T_T oh well.

spotted lotte mart and did all my ramen and kimchi shopping there. ended up with a hell lot of stuff to carry. we also ate our dinner there, at a sushi conveyor belt. at just around 10+ plates (less than 15 plates i'm sure). however the total went over 36k. omg. remind me to never have sushi again in korea, even if it's nice!!!

with all our plastic bags, we went to search for our bus station (oh why do we always end up doing this?!). i bought a pair of boots on my way out since my sole was falling out, and threw the old pair away. then we walked out and back and realised we were lost. finally managed to find the bus stop after like 15-20mins to walking/running about. T_T i must remember my route next time...

i ate the spiciest cup ramen that night - yes, you finally get to torture me, so happy eh... =_=

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day 8 Yongsan

finally resuming the normal sleep and waking regime.
went out for breakfast at this seafood place. it was really nice!!!

we had saba fish, corn, seaweed soup served with porridge. and i thought that was all until the main dish came. roe rice (or al-bab). even though i was almost full, i still finished everything. kwaaaaah.

and 00 ordered another salad-like thingy cold rice. that's 2 main meals you're eating...

we then headed down to yongsan. yongsan is basically sim lim. or many many sim lims and funans together (since there's so many buildings of the same things around).

randomly walked around looking at electronics, then saw this super expensive socket. damn, i didn't realise sockets (or multi-plugs) can be gold plated, looking like a speaker, or that audio cables can be purchased in an expensive looking gift box. O_O or that playstations can be arranged so elegantly.

there was also some game and figurine shops, but since animes weren't that popular in korea, there wasn't really much to see. akihabara would score better for these stuff. there's a gundam base here though!

walked over to watch les miserables afterwards. i was ready for the 2.5hours of movie. we bought caramel and cheese popcorn, and some tea to drink, and popped in for our 530pm show.

and anne hathaway is suprisingly good at singing! the emotions of the people portrayed when they sing.. is so touching i nearly cried. it was definitely something worth watching!

there was an interactive touch wall outside so i played with it for a bit. you could take a picture of yourself, decorate it and send it to your cellphone.

and if you drag your picture and move it out of the borders, it would enlarge on either sides of the walls. pretty fun!

we had shabu shabu for dinner, and it brings back memories of when i had my first shabu shabu in japan.

even though i was really full, i had to eat the porridge that was prepared at the end. it's the best part!

took some pretty lights just outside the station.

we headed back via a bus for the night. i was really pissed later on for waiting and waiting, but it couldn't be helped. not going to explain much here but it was a disappointing night, at the very least.