Friday, January 04, 2013

Day 10 Incheon

actually woke up at several intervals, 5am... 7am.. 8am... and finally decided that we need to get prepared at 815am. sighs. i so don't want to leave. got out and had breakfast at lotteria, before leaving on the bus at 940am.

slept pretty much to the airport. chen was coming to send me off so we met her at the airport. so glad i got to see her once before i go! she just got back from japan the previous day too, so it was really nice of her to drop by. even got some little gifts from her!

we rested and chatted for a while at a nearby cafe, for about 30mins before i checked in. hugged my 2 lovelies goodbye and walked super fast to my boarding area, as i only had less than 30mins. the plane took off like half an hour late in the end. so much for rushing. since chen helped to tell the check-in officer that i needed a seat near the toilet, i got a seat that was just in front, with lots of leg space. heheh. the entertainment monitor was spoilt though, so i played my ds instead. love the meal onboard!

when i touched down at beijing, didn't realise that it was already 3pm, and the boarding time for BJ-SG flight was like 325pm!!! holy cow. the queues were like long everywhere but thankfully the staff let us cut the queue so we could board (not on time, a little late, but still able to board). the buggies around took us to our boarding gate, but they demanded 10 yuan. i wonder if it's pocket money for themselves? didn't have RMB so i gave the guy 100TWD instead. the other guy riding with me didn't even give any and just thank you-ed his way out. oh well.

the plane took off around 4pm in the end. i watched a couple of nice movies - Step up Revolution, The Amazing Spiderman and Bride War. the curry seafood was a bit bland, but i still like airplane food.

reached changi around 1030pm, and took the mrt home. man, what a looooong flight.

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