Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 4 East Coast Park

We got up for breakfast at the Loft, then headed to East Coast. since i can't really remember the route there, i overshot the station and had to turn back. thankfully there was a bus on weekends at the interchange that heads to East Coast especially. phewwwww.

We rented the very cute sheltered bike for 2 person. Costs $30 for an hour. 1hour is more than enough, it seriously drains all your energy riding it =____=

we rode for half an hour, then stopped near the seaside to rest.

when we returned it was time to give the bike back. we walked over to this tentage and it seems that there's an Animal Day going on!

there were exhibitions and performances going on, and we went round to take a look.

it was supposed to be an animal day, but there were only dogs. we saw one lonely cat outside the tentage though. poor cat. still, the dogs there were all so pretty...!

we then went to melben seafood to have crabs in the noon... 

it rained a bit while we were eating but luckily stopped when we were done. we headed over to the bus, where the bus only came after 10mins+ of waiting. well, at least it came =_=

oh look, fascinating big fans they're putting everywhere at the mrt stations.

we headed over to marina barrage to look at the kites. there was a person using a 2-handed kite (controlled by 2 steering). whoa. we walked around the top and stopped to feel the breeze.

it was about 7+ when we left the place, so we decided to head home. went over to have murtabak and prata for dinner. then headed home to rest up for tomorrow

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 3 Gardens by the Bay

went to have lunch at takpo after my korean lessons, then gardens by the bay.

we first visited the flower dome. and oops. it seems my sister and her friends were there as well....

and the flower dome is so pretty!!! we were also awed that it was air-conditioned inside. well done!

here's some pretty white roses. they don't come with thorns!

and guess what! there's a wedding rehearsal going on.

really like those tree-like thing in the middle of the table. and the sparkling ceiling!

it also seems that the decoration of this place is seasonal. it's autumn now so the themes and the settings you see are very autumn-colored.

after we exited the place, we ate ice cream at seventh heaven before going to cloud dome. there were a row of birds that few off here! captured too late.

we then moved to the cloud dome (completely abandoning my sister behind lol). the first thing you see was absolutely breathtaking, a waterfall that spans from the ceiling to the floor, and lots of railing twining around a huge mountain-like structure.

at cloud dome, you walk from the top to the bottom, and i love the top!

oooh this flytrap is almost everywhere. believe it or not, you can buy them as plants to be raised in the souvenir shop!

there was some misty view from the mid level. he says it's 'photoshop effect'. look, our background is all smokey!

mid way, we reached a cave-imitate with all the stalactites.

and we came just in time for the show where it speaks of the way nature would work as the years go by (and global warming). it was actually kinda sad, but we decided that we wouldn't live till 2100 to see it anyway.

there was also nice little structure of our marina area that changes interface with light projection
and a room with many screens. i didn't remember what was the content.

we finally exited to secret garden.

there was a lion's mouth that i wanted to take, and it took almost 5 tries before we got a not so blur shot. =_=

the last part before the exit was filled with interactive screens that you could touch and play games at. interesting!

"배가 빵빵!"
"음, 그럼 그거 빼면 다이어트하고 너의 아가 가 나오면 돼요!'

we walked a bit of the souvenir shops and visited the trees. it was turning dark.

we walked around the nearby park, and talked about what to have for dinner.

we eventually headed over to marina square for dinner.

and then i needed to head off to send kaykey.

however it seems that kk only got to the airport at 11+pm. had a bit of drinks with the rest first, then we sent kaykey off.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 2 National Museum

'니머리안에 대체 뭐가있어요?'  '종요한것이요'.
thankfully i was able to have a half day so we went over to honglim for crayfish horfun. then we took a train to dhoby ghaut, and i showed him SMU. since we were near the national museum we went in to have a look as well. there seemed to be a wedding exhibition going on and a couple was having their wedding shoot there. and guess what we saw at the exhibition!!! mr chow's wedding at hc!!!

we then walked around marina square and went to the roof of esplanade.

eventhough the day was still early at 5+, we started to head back as we were feeling tired from all the walking. wanted to get out to have dinner again, but... =_=

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 1 River Cruise

ok so i call this the zerodrome since it always happens a week before he comes. sleeplessness, fidgety, sudden happiness, sudden painfulness. bleahs.
met around 630am finally, and had a short breakfast before we went to the hotel. work sucks. especially that day.

we met again at lunch and after work, and passed by some lantern-making displays using recycled materials. i must say Singaporeans' creativity is rather awesome sometimes!
then there's an inner area with entries submitted by school teams
 and this one was made by HC! whee!

then after that we had dinner at a spanish restaurant where the food that he ordered supposedly tasted like dokboggi. heehee.

and i had quesadillas

and off we are to the river cruise!

 the night scene is awesome...! at first i thought the cruise was only around clarke quay river, but it actually traveled over to raffles place and marina bay sands. not bad.

there's also someone playing guzhen (or whatever it was) on the boat

what was memorable though, was that it started raining really really heavily in the middle of the ride. although we were sheltered, we had to move to the inside because the wind was just making everybody feel the rain wherever they sat anyway!!! i don't know why but it suddenly felt so titanic. can you see the rain in the pic... whoa.

babies were crying, people starting to squeeze together, it was cold and the rain kept getting heavier and heavier. what was good though, is i'm sure we'll never ever forget this night...!!!

when it was time to land, the rain wasn't stopping, so the employee brought umbrellas to shelter the tourist (but he himself was totally drenched). the umbrella didn't really help at all as the wind was too strong and almost uplifted 1 out of every 3 umbrellas. it was rather hilarious. even with the umbrella, we were 70% drenched. yeowcccch. we quickly ran to a nearby shelter, and darted all the way to Indochine for drinks.

thank goodness Indochine wasn't too cold, so we could dry ourselves off a little. i'm not sure what got into me, but i walked straight into the men's toilet to dry myself (in a cubicle). i was shocked when i exited and a man came walking in. x_x but er, it's not like i'll see you again right?!?!!?

the rain died down to a slight drizzle by the time we prepared to go, so we could walk from clarke quay back.