Friday, September 07, 2012


Day 2 It's the event!! we were supposed to get out and gather at 10... but.. but... while waiting, romeo got bored...

 so we dillied and dallied till... 1130. and finally reached the place at 1230. it was supposed to be a 10mins drive away but well, manila jam =_=||| in our rocky journey we tried to take some pictures hurhur  ta-sem keeps saying my make-up is too thick. it is not!! and jeez, can 00 stop looking so good *w* -melts- my dear sister chen looks awesome as well!! =3= hello 大美女

at first we thought we had to share the resting place with the rest of the world and was shocked to find girls changing publicly. and guess what, they brought the wrong suitcase so kayle's armour wasn't in... so the guys went back to the hotel to retrieve it while the rest of us waited.

thank goodness we got moved to a private area. phew! it was a kitchen space just next to the gaming area.

ohohoh you did see that awesome horse armour thingy, hecarim. it looked so much like the thailand one that visited us. phwooooar.

ta-sem took my phone to take some pictures of the crazy event. it was like choke full of people and i think it's probably 90% guys. wow.

eh hey, our LoV dragon looks nicer right.

ooh there's a master of rubber hidden here. time to dig out philippines rubber secret...

poor chen had to be stuck at a corner after she has her armour on. and hagrid looked like he got trapped as well.

i think i was the most at ease xD even had help from 00 putting on my shoulder armour >.< aweoooooooo. actually i didn't really need help but i gladly accept. hohohohhoho. then i went around taking photos~~~

here's our dear romeo1, leader of CNPH. poor guy went crazy over all our luggage, missing items, adapting to what everyone wants, running here and there to get things etc. ooops think he must have breathed a sigh of relief when we went home.

i kept thinking why my head was all furry... it's actually chen's wings. haha.

here's romeo2/quakey. i really like how he can be so professional and so funny when times need him to be!!! most of the time he's just HILARIOUS. like really, you gotta witness this guy in person man.

lunaroooooooo! didn't see her again after the first day T_T but am really glad she helped coordinate all this and made everything possible!!! so good to see you again!

here's ta-sem, the official photog of team CSL. his pictures are really awesome but i don't know why he can't really use my phone well. hurhur. all great photogs have a weakness i guess!!

and whilst i didn't have an individual picture with chen since we kena photobombed by ta-sem, this will do!

the armour piece was hurting her stomach when she sat down and it was hell to go to the toilet, but at least she did eventually. can imagine how terrible it is to wear the armour and the wings the whole day... o_o you did well, dongsaeng!!! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
oooooo. i think i caught a sleeping d-man.

uh ho. he's awake!! so dangerous... he might look dangerous but he's really so mild. heehee. and i think he slept for as long as i can remember till we needed to move. aiyoh. oh did i mention he really eats A LOT. 00 kept saying because d-man kept pulling 00 to go eat, they failed at dieting in the end. lol. diet will start when they return!

and here's 00, the leader of the awesome CSL!! my all-time inspiration, 사랑 and idol!!! i'd have stopped cosplaying 2 years ago if it weren't for you. thank you for bringing so much excitement and fun in my life, and for this crazy invitation!!!

kyungmin had to go around helping everyone and only managed to put on his armour last. i didn't get to take any with him... so busy!!!! and seems like 00 decided to take his Mordekaiser after all and eventually managed to finish off and put it on. so here's Mordekaiser!! i stuck the linings on his leg the day before... wheee! but poor 00, he was really dying inside and couldn't move as much (as me, dooh). thank goodness he had a lot of fanboys surrounding and helping him. CNPH helpers rock...!

ooh special mention to leny, who the guys went totally crazy after and invited her to our shoot the next day. guys, don't be too jealous because she likes me eh heh. *protects leny from the guys* she's so cute!!!! aweeeeeeee 

and some others i took with (heng i kapoh-ed the pictures from my tags.. think it was taking by a photog called jio - love the photos because i seem to look slim in all of them! hehe~~~) here's jemarc, CNPH photog, and super tall guy!!!!

and here's jon, another CNPH photog. i'll see you at AFA!

lastly, the LoL cosplayer who was with hecarim. nice meeting you!

we went up after the whole competition ended around 330-4pm. here's the clip of the whole competition. we are somewhere around 38.5mins.

i think the filipino crowd is really awesome. they gave so much encouragement and cheers, even when our mordekaiser broke down. you could hear the chanting at the end!!! love you guys!!! and here's a take by jon for our segment.

phew! it didn't capture the part where i turned emcee. totally not prepared for anything and i had to introduce all the members. but thank goodness the crowd was encouraging and they cheered almost at every single thing the members/me say. here's me looking dumb. please pardon all the weird things i was saying and just visit or CSL facebook and support us~~~!! 

 ooh by the way i'm from singapore. and i'm not a korean. although it's cute the way people are greeting me in korean. heehee. i just happened to be a singapore member of csl. lol (no pun intended). we took a little trip to look around the area before we head off for dinner. it was really pretty impossible to move inside there... and then, dinner at shakey's!!

thanks to sese for being able to make it here!! and you really talk to fast. hahah.

after we returned to the hotel we sort of nua-ed around and i helped shift some things back to 00's room. for someone who had probably 2hours of sleep everyday for the few days before he came, he sure was taking it well. thought i could make him go to sleep but i failed! exited after ta-sem came.

after returning to my room, me and chen were too excited and we couldn't really sleep so chen suggested that we should do mask. then she wanted to visit the boys' room, and it seemed like only 00 was awake, and we went over in our ghastly mask form. to be fair, we made 00 do the mask as well hahahahahah!!!! it was totally hilarious. 趁机bua我偶像的脸 hurhur. think chen and 00 talked till 3-4am while i slept, since i could barely catch what they were saying 70% of the time. although i did catch a little of the more important parts ._. oooh the pore cleansing faceshop mask that we used is awesome! it made my face all smooth and sparkling *_*

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