Friday, September 07, 2012

Philippines again!

ok, so i'm supposed to blog about my whole philippines trip. the 2 trips i made to philippines over the past month. ughh. don't ask me why i did it. =__=

Day 1 (Friday)

so i arrived in the wee hours, like 6am at philippines, again. ._. dear romeo fetched me from the airport and we had breakfast at tokyo cafe together. this time, it's a neat little budget hotel that we're staying at with lots of space at every levels.

ranulf came to join us a little later, then by 1030, romeo needed to go fetch the koreans. being lazy (and really sleepy, since i got out of house at 11pm and have been awake till 10am!!), i slept for an hour at the hotel before i woke up to check if they've been fetched safely. it's really to identify 4 guys + 1 girl, because you will only need to look at the baggage they have. they had some problems crossing for some of the bigger things, but they arrived all right!

it's nice to see 00, kyungmin and d-man again!!! especially excited because i miss 00 so much. *w* this time they came with 2 new people i have yet met, but i did talk a bit with donghyeok (ta2geta) before our trip. the only girl amongst them, chen, is a 172cm tall korean model, who will be my room mate. mwahaha i'll be sleeping with a hottie!

we moved off for lunch at this chinese restaurant. everyone was so hungry that we ordered like crazy to fill our stomachs. romeo was almost shocked at the quantity they ate. poor romeo, you haven't seen the worst!

me and chen went for a little shopping at the mall just next to our hotel. saw this really nice booth selling perfumes. they use this kind of bottles to fill/refill your perfumes. neat.

chen, tage, 00 and me spend the next half of our day chatting and making props in 00's room while d-man and km slept their fill. of course, when they wake up... it will be their turn to suffer...

 although i do like making props, super glue gets pretty irritating sometimes.

we made our props till about 8+ before we went off for dinner at max's restaurant. whee hee! love the pandan shake! d-man thought it was made out of pandas. lol.

before we go to sleep, chen gave me a bunch of crazy things to put on my face, as part of the pre-photoshoot/event make up ritual. really don't know where to start!!!

she then laid out her costume for tomorrow to test. oops i didn't even test mine. i had a great time examining all the lovely craftwork, and was amazed at the zippers used for the curved leg armour parts. CSL work is really neat and awesome!!! i can't even see a speck of glue trace. D;

oh my i just remembered 00, km, chen and me went for hand and foot massage but i forgot when it was. think it was the first night. our nights are so long sometimes it felt like we were there for many days. only 290php... km was once averse to massage but i think the 2 guys seem to love it after the session ended. we continued working on the props till 2am as there was a problem with my shuriken and we had to reclay/recut/restick all the patterns. perfectionists... i only went off minutes after chen did and found myself stuck outside without a key!!!! T_____T

thankfully 00 let me sleep in his room but the bed was already used by ta-sem. since i wasn't so used to sleeping on a bed others had slept on before, i insisted that i will continue to work on the props rather than waste my time trying to sleep. i think i must have leaned on everything else to sleep but the bed. hell, i didn't even wash up, how to sleep =_= but i must have looked horrible since 00 insisted that i should sleep, and tried to pat me to sleep. *_* oh gosh! don't you know it's because you're right next to me that i can't fall asleep?! chen came around the room half an hour later and i realised that she had been showering. ta-sem was on my bed again. OYEEEE. after chasing him out everywhere, i had a good night's sleep. and the sweetest dream ever.

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