Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LoV monster!

making the monster was really tough... there was only me and yvonne. we didn't do a monster from the series - yvonne designed it herself in fact.
we started with the head from sara, then expanded the rest ourselves. the head is god-almighty HUGE.
we then spent almost one whole day to cut all the damn scales... so that we can paste it everywhere.

here's what our lovely meg did with the sprayed head.

we then did 6 tails to start with and stuck all the scales on.

guess what the insides were stuffed with. yes the monster speaks korean. lol.
wanted a feel like this
then sprayed painted everything silver

had to repaste, restuff and respray everything at least 3 times. GRAH. having kangaroo glue+paint all over your hands is NO FUN. had to spend almost half an hour washing each time. grrrrr.

worked out the hands in the same method...

the sticks were too long here so i cut them into halves and placed the stick near the palm so it could 'control' the hands.

the hands sort of need to be movable so we created joints, then wrapped with newspaper before sticking with scales.

then is the monster body. what a pain. we bought foams from the army market, cut into pieces and tried to stick it up with poles and cable ties.

did a skin for it (actually it didn't need to be cut in parts since it would be covered...
yvonne kept insisting it looks like a huge skirt. haha. stuck the scales on both side.
had to spray paint it 3-4 times so the color will stick...

oh ya we gave it ears made out of pandora patterns. hurhur. can reuse later!

when we finally stuck everything together...

and with all the leds~
sighs. it was just sad that these didn't work during the performance T____T oh well. and now dear draggie's gone...

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