Saturday, September 22, 2012

Harry Potter + Andy Warhol

ok so my bestie gave me an awesome early birthday treat at the harry potter museum <3>

so we were only allowed to take pictures at the entrance of the exhibition...

and yay! we're from gryffindor!!

 some posters before we enter...
yeah when harry was younger he was so much cuter... erhurhur

so since we were in the queue and absolutely bored.. zipai.

yeah yeah i know we weren't allowed to take pictures, but what's the fun if you can't take pictures?
seriously, singapore exhibitions need to be more lax...! if you're writing up on the place, pictures could really help to promote it, no?

and we begin with a giant chess piece, then the entry to the dorms. there's moving frames and the fat lady perpetually wailing.

the staff on patrol was really alert to flashes and screens and one of the malay woman even warned us that she will throw us out if she caught us again. jeez. way to go to spoil someone's experience.

but hey the mandrake is cute and we can't resist a photo of its plucked form xD

 then there's awesome mythical creatures as seen in the movies (less real here though)
and you can throw some balls throw the loops on their make-shift quidditch port!
if you look at their costumes in detail, you can see that it's really very well-made.
and here's the amazing grand hall!

kyaaaa the dresses worn at the yule ball!!! <3 p="p">

this was the last hall before we reach the souvenir place. the malay guard actually came up to us and demanded we erase all the photos we took. when we said we were already getting out, she went out to get another malay guy to stop us. wow! the lengths you guys go to. but i'm sorry it's too late. there's such things called upload as you snap (not what i did, but hey, technology runs faster that what you can think).

we then went to andy warhol museum. i didn't find it very fascinating but apparently xm loves it. there's a photo booth at the back - don't go there! it's just a photo ID thing, and it doesn't work. hur. so much for 30 mins of fame. and it seems our malay friend kept following us around. if only she will catch us again... you'll have no peace from us!

so we went for dinner at ma maison at mandarin orchard for tonkatsu after that, and ended our day~~

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