Wednesday, November 28, 2012

121128 Marketing Mag Awards

and then for the 3rd time in a row, i'm having another course meal at the marketing magazine awards night. not that i'm complaining!

it was a very last minute thing as they had vacancy so i got to knock off around 4pm to go home and prepare for the night. i was pretty excited about it as it was the first time i was attending an awards ceremony, and i heard it was a black tie formal kind of event. wheee!

however, the rain really got to me. i didn't have an umbrella and when i was on the way home, the flashes of lighting and sounds of thunder was pretty scary. i was practically running all the way, scared that i might get struck =_= luckily, i was home safe!

prepared myself in an hour and got out... while it was still raining. ugh. my shoes... managed to reach redhill in one piece to hitch a ride on nat's car towards shangri-la hotel.

hung out the area for cocktail and to drink a while. it was really packed (these photos were taken post event so it looked empty lol)

nice hotel!!

and this is our table of people, with our Veolia clients

the lightings sort of made all our food looks bluish-green.

but with some flash, it got better!

every single dish is good and i filled myself with lots of wines again. white one this time. (was red at vivi's/azel's wedding)

the award giving was in between the servings of all the dishes. our company project, Veolia, was nominated for the category Excellence in Integrated Marketing and we got the bronze award!! NICE!!! here's joel, nat and our client going up to receive the award.

and here's the 2kg trophy! it is really 2kg, no kidding. not sure why they made it so heavy. because it is an item that weighs on your company..??
and here's all of us with our award! think i nipped this picture off their fb page.

and then it was good night~! yep, i'm in the christmas-sy kinda mood.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

121127 Hip Hop Class

the next day was the last lesson of my hip hop class. after 1year of chasing ocean butterflies they finally found my receipt and placed me in this class. our instructor is pretty cute and looks super taiwanese (but he insists he's a singaporean with a little malaysian blood). our class is pretty small, only 5 of us and 1 didn't come that day.

after that i got a free ride from johnny around orchard road to look at the lightings. whoo!!!
haven't sat on a bike for so long so it was really nice to feel the breeze again. took a little video too.

except it was raining pretty much recently so it was slightly dangerous on a bike. but still! i like to laugh at all the cars stuck in jams around us. lol. and that's it for the night.

Monday, November 26, 2012

121126 Vivi Wedding

and on monday, it was vivian's wedding. this is my sister's best friend since the secondary school years. since we know each other from primary school too, i became one of her bridesmaid. hehe.

it's my first time being a bridesmaid too! we had a couple of meetings before the actual big day to settle some schedules and stuff and it's really not simple work. i followed my sis around and contributed by making the wrist flowers for the sisters.

lovely? tell me if you wanna order from me. LOL.

so then we woke up around 445am to start preparing. i've been too lazy to pack the day before so i needed to get everything ready by 515 - pack, eat breakfast, basic make-up etc. AND I DID IT. in ultra fast speed record time.

we then went over to vivi's house to catch her still in her pajamas. and i went to change in our sister's dress. the rest were already done 'cept my sister, yiting and me. but it's ok, i just need another half an hour to tie my dress and finish the rest of my make up. and i'm done!

we went about preparing all the foodies for the gatecrash. the bittergourd juice was really awful x_x (that green thing in the blender) for the bitter part. there was also chilli paste + wasabi on a nacho chip for the spicy part, then lemon + lime for the sour part and lastly milo + condensed milk + sugar for the sweet part. ughh.

 we did post-it, dance and eating games and we ran a bit late on schedule. honestly the brothers were all so tall and big in size that if they decide to barrage their way through there would be no way for us to block =_= so thankfully the groom was able to sort of control them. ahah.

after gatecrashing, we went over to punggol park for a short shoot. and i mean short! the camera man + videographer finished the whole shoot in half an hour!!!!

never been to punggol park but it's a pretty neat place!

ok, before i go into a complete recee mode here's some pictures of the lovely bride and the groom!!
 so pretty!!!! really a perfect match.

and then the band of brothers and sisters

and some photos with the bride!
there was also a hand bouquet throwing for the next in line to be wedded... and it went straight to fangping! lovely girl and lovely bouquet!!
we then went over to marcus' place for the tea ceremony, then next to vivian's place for her tea ceremony. since there's not much for me to do i snapped a few random of vivi's son.

kuwahhhh his eyes are HUGE. and he reminds me of puteh. happy and friendly dog and kept looking for xiangling. SO CUTE.

so after the tea ceremony was over, we went over to Trader's hotel at orchard to have a long rest before the wedding dinner begins. we showered and changed for the night. i was the receptionist together with fangping. kyaaa. i had a very nice talk with fangping. *w* she's such an easy person to talk to, and she really listens to you. i hope she gets a nice guy soon!! <3 br="br">

they needed a pretty pen to sign the marriage certificate and this was what was bought. so fancy please.

my sister was the mandarin-speaking mc with kelvin. look how the make-up artist dolled her up for the night! she's never had so much make up before. looks nice on her!!! jinhui is such a lucky guy. pffft.

and then i only took pictures of the appetizer and my fish maw soup that tastes like shark's fin. ahhh no more shark's fin nowadays but i can settle with anything that tastes like one!

i like that the photog printed all the photos they helped us take that night. nice!!! and this is our table of people, with the primary school and poly friends of vivian.

and fangping really took a lot of photos... i had 5 inside, all of which she was with me too! heh.

and that was the night! we were driven home by jinhui afterwards. i think i blabbered a lot, but it's always normal after 4-5 rounds of wine. ha.....