Wednesday, August 24, 2005

oh man... i can't believe i'm whiling my time away in lee kong chian library... i mean lee ka shing library. eeks. i've been looking forward to creative thinking classes after all the funny things i heard form my senior and now it's cancelled. it sucks double time too cos i have to waste about 7 hours of my time waiting for my dinner to start. (-_-`) oh well, at least i've experience of what i should do when i have so much time on hand with my laptop as the only source of entertainment. mail, sngapore auctions, hongkong auctions, taiwan auctions, several us brands websites, blog, msn, and yeah games. guess i'll be continuing kingdom hearts after this. heh. i think my dress sense is deteriorating. i'm totally clashing today. (-_-`) and damn! ... is being weird.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Law Enforcement Academy of Singapore (electrical)...

i'd like to pay a tribute to all my colleagues using the little time i have left before school starts.

to garry (my manager): the ultra rich guy who only ate a piece of so-called "premium" steak, 2 cuppucinos, 1 soup and 1 cup of ice-cream for his buffet. really can count them with my fingers. lots of money, a freak for cleanliness (there's always dust! no point wiping the shelves!!), a wise and sometimes silly even manager! he looks very cute when he laughs cos it's so kiddy, and his serious face doesn't always look all that serious to me. i will never forget the day i photostated 5 entire files for you, all the catalogues and such, and in the end the format was wrong (-_-`). hmmm. and stop telling me you got a lot of 'd's for your results (and d=distinction). *going crazy*

to hendrie (ex-assistant manager, now really manager since garry's gone): i really appreciate you trying to give me a full month's salary when i only worked for half a month and took so many leaves!! (oops i've just announced his good intentions) the funniest thing i remembered was that you told the tailor that your stomach has only gotten bigger since his last visit. and you're just about the only person who ever said thank you when i helped you do something, and commented the clothes i was surfing on the auctions are rather nice (i'm guilty as charged). and you practically bounced around when you got the internet up and and running, the look of triumph!!

to han (very senior engineer, soon-to-be-manager): i can'[t stand your alcohol breath and smokes!! (always kena niao-ed by me for smoking while door is opened) a very tall and stout guy who laughs like a kid (d'ya realise all my colleagues are very kiddy...) for a man like himself. likes to tease hazel and order her around, while being ordered by garry around. went shopping with garry and bought an apple notebook on impulse. only websites he surf is hardwarezone to look for new and more powerful handphones (changed about 5times in a week once - i had the shock of my life). loves his wife and bought her a 3g phone to see her while talking to her (hmmm but your own handphone's not 3g le...).

to richard (senior engineer): i know you're gonna get married and don't have money to treat us, as you have been oweing shirleen and everyone treats since don't know how many years ago. the name richard always reminds me of a doctor's name, and you look like you should have been one! hope you enjoy playing (and selling) all the games you leeched from me, and happy auctioning your phones + creating lots of ids to boost your own rating *hurhurhur* the only job you ever gave was handing up daily reports, and it was so funny seeing you with your 'bird nest' hair in various styles shouting at everyone to hand up their daily report ("ALBERT, WHERE'S YOUR DAILY REPORT!?!"), and scolding the banglas!! oh and he's the only one who drives a car to work.

to edy (just promoted engineer): what is it with you and my dates, and being too humble?? this guy wears specs and has 1dimple, so ideal for me but is attached (hoho just kidding alright don't get too high). too afraid to let everyone know the buffet he treated us yesterday costs almost $300++ (maybe more). a guy too generous and always speak in his soft indonesian drawl. he can take 1minute to think of what he's gonna say next ("ni de na ke... ah... errr... *scratches head* -5minutes past - aiyah...") i'm glad your sms has gotten a big longer than 2letters per sms since december ("i c."). a patient and mr. nice guy. lucky girlfriend! haha.

to jack (freshie engineer): a guy who loves jay chou and claims he looks like tidus. sloppy in appearance, he's always full of confidence and likes to chui niu ("wo tai you qian le"). the typical ah-beng sprinkled around singapore. haha. and i like your small little car which you used to drive me home with, i'll miss that one much. (he smses ,like this .no idea why .) remember when you tried to meet up for your monitor and we got lost while on the way home... *diaong* and when you reached marsiling only to realise the $355 zodiac package is a cheaterbug store! and you kept bargaining with me over my compaq laptop, and ended up configuring a desktop yourself. one horrible guy!! another thing i'll never understand about him is why he's only about as tall as me when he's a basketball player. hoho ;p

to albert (very busy engineer): bird bird!! he's the clown of our team!! and mr. bottomless pit also. he was serving everyone at the buffet yesterday with "self-made" rojak and duck noodles. i only just discovered he likes fishing. albert really looks like my grandmother, and he has 2dimples! what a cute uncle. although he's 40+, he acts like a little kid with all his lame jokes and antics. the only thing he'd lament about me leaving is... "who'll help me do material orders?!" trying to pick up computer skills by typing but always give up in the end and look for me. albert has learnt to be punctual and i always kena niao-ed for being 5-10mins late (cos i'm the second to reach office after him so he doesn't bother with the rest later). a take-charge person seen scurrying around during our shifting of office! albert owns a highly transportable lorry. hoho.

to yip (quiet engineer): yip always buy treats for us, curry puffs and what-nots. a very very quiet and shy guy who's in his forties and almost died of embarrassment when i first came in and called him 'uncle yip'. he's so quiet that sometimes when he sits beside me during my bus trips, i only realised his presence when we got off the same station! (too absorbed in my zodiac) always the "new guy" around cos he was transferred to another department and came back again, and re-introduced himself as 'new-bird' (to niao albert). i'm always shocked when he shouts at his workers though! i'm looking forward to the treat you're giving this wednesday! (although many are doubting whether you'll really be treating haha)

to bong ("starters (status)" draftsman): a down-to-earth and quiet guy who sits in the corner (in the centre now) peacefully doing his drafting. only recently he began to ask me to do some stuff for him and i had a haaaard time understanding his indonesian accent, what with pronouncing status as starters, and level as labour. even hendrie teased him about it! poor guy. a hardworking and grandfatherly like uncle. i think i always get frustrated when you tried to tell me something and i don't understand, and i need my aunt to translate english to me!! aiyoh... bong, ya gotta work harder on speaking to everyone. ;p

to hazel (only female engineer): only got to know you better near the end. i still can't forget how you dirtied your butt when you fell yesterday! everyone was rolling on the floor laughing about it. hope you won't have too much trouble taking over my admin stuff cos i heard you absolutely hated admin works, and now as the only female around, they'd assume you'd take over my job. hee. i infected her with my auctions fever also! i think everyone who's ever been an admin at LEAS electrical will definitely learn to yahoo auctions... (shirleen taught me and i taught mandy, now hazel also). and you will get used to everyone calling you "hei se" (black colour). hoho.

and that's all... hope i haven't missed out anyone... love you all and i will miss everyone once LEAS project ends. cos everyone will be separated le...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (v) - Tribute to Tweetz

it was really horrible...

i guess hunger overtook tweetz and he landed right in the trap, chewing happily away on the other half a loaf of the bun bread...

you know it has been a month tweetz came, but i haven't seen it once! how queer. and now it's caught but i couldn't even say goodbye, so no pictures posted. according to my mom, it was a rather lovely rat with brown skin and big shiny eyes. i suppose due to all the washing my mom did in the kitchen, it had free bath everyday.

the weirdest thing though, was that we had all given up on nabbing the tiny monster. mom placed the cage on top of a chair cos she needed to wash the floor, but didn't take it down. dad was smart enough to place another stool beside the chair so it could climb up the cage. and it did.

the horrible thing was dad threw tweetz along with the cage into the big canal outside our house. which means it must have been drowned when i reach home. at least it had a happy feast before it died i suppose.

maybe because i've been blogging about tweetz and laughing about all the silly antics it pulled which drove my mom crazy (it'll be different if i was the one driven crazy!), that i've sort of become attached to it eventhough i've never seen it physically before. and it doesn't help that mom complimented it on being a clean and pretty rat instead of those disgusting scurrying furballs along back alleys and rubbish dump.

we've sort of relaxed the security about covering our food and closing the doors at all times, but i guess we're used to it already!

(and regretfully, no more coackroach extermination displays by our friendly neighbourhoold tweetzie...)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

i've been segregated from this world. no internet access, no reception, no fax or printer, totally nada.

and now i'm blogging again because everything's back!! whoo-hoo~ (except reception)

so dear friends if you find me uncontactable it's not because i've moved overseas or anything.

and dear me, smu underground places are gonna be exactly like this. i'm just experiencing it first. no reception. that sucks. ah well at least i can cut down on my sms rate.
The Rat Mystery Files (iv)

Tempt not, a desperate mouse�/em>

it has just been discovered, with great agony (and in my opinion a somewhat delightful knowledge), a cockroach disposed in its separate entities �legs, hands and organs askew in various parts around the refridgerator, with the ruthless murderer still on the loose and with trails unfound. The following night, the fearless rat left a large trail (did I say its trail was unfound?) of rubbish leading to its hideout, which is a little rectangular hole used for water drainage whenever my mom has to wash the floor. It appears that the tweetz (let� name the rat that way shall we) has decided to clean its newfound home by shoving the dirt we have swept in out of the way. With the help of my brother� intelligent plan, we decided to leave the trap right in its doorstep so that in its scurry it would dash into its own entrapment filled with wondrous pig� trotter, malt and fried squid (queer food for rats, I� say). I� have poked a really long saber deep into its new home, but my mother decided that a dead rat would stink and choke the place up, so we dropped the idea.

It was a peaceful day following the placing of our trap, but tweetz could probably survive on the leftover debris he had saved that was edible, hence he did not attempt to foolishly dash out for a pee. Somehow or rather, mom decided to shift the entrapment of food to the refridgerator again, to which I did not investigate the reason, but I suppose the rat must have slimmed down such that it was able to swerve rightwards / leftwards so as to avoid a head-to-head collision with the food trap, hence making its escape once again. Or rather, we discovered that we have not only one, but TWO drainage holes which is presumably linked, thus it could have actually went out for a walk via the other exit, rendering our trap useless since it was only facing one of the holes.

A hungry mouse is a flying mouse�/em>

And just a day ago, tweetz somehow managed to pull off a flying trick in the midst of our sleep. I suppose it has climbed to the edge of the cabinet� handle and performed a Dhalsim� body stretch to reach the bottom of the dangling bread in a plastic bag, then slid its fangs to punch through the double layered plastic, and used immense strength to haul itself and half a loaf of bread gracefully to the back of the refridgerator. That� only because we did not have enough bread for breakfast the next day and I was angst-ridden to know that the other half a loaf of my bun bread is in the food trap, and I was left with 4 slices of ham for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, there were discovered a slimy bunch of piles near the side of the fridge, which was discovered to be the other half of the loaf of bread, courtesy of my sister. And dad presumes it was just stocking up for the coming days when we are going to put our guard up to tighten the security of our food storage. How smart.

Will somebody call the pest control? Or are we gonna keep it to wipe the roach species. Is it a friend or foe??!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (iii)

measures taken to let rat escape:
1) stinky balls were strewn around so it would suffocate the rat (etc in the bathroom, behind refridgerators)
2) main doors opened in the day and evening so it can get out
3) trap cage shifted from near bathroom to near refridgerator, back and forth (i have no idea why actually, maybe it's cos my mom wants to clean the kitchen floor)

the rat's queer behaviour:
1) i think it mistook my sister's green school skirt, which is currently used as a "ma jiao bu" (meaning floor mats) as food, cos my mom found it bitten and stuck near our washing basin. points for guessing how it got stuck there.
2) mom accidentally sucked up its dropping in the living room and had a hard time cleaning the vacuum cleaner. according to victim, the dropping was still fresh (*yucks*)

minor mysteries solved:
1) the squeaky sounds from my study room is actually the ringing sound of my phone. (it's spoilt ma...) knowing that, i still jumped at the squeaks. i was shocked when there was the sound in the evening and my brother just picked up the phone when i was abou to tell him that's the rat noise (-_-`) felt kinda dumb. O_o`
2) mom says it's pretty smart so she guess that it's a male. since the suspected babies theory has been declared void as above, she may be correct. (well, i'm not about to go on about why female rats cannot be smart o_o`)

it's probably gonna be staying my house for a long time. maybe i'll just give it a name. jerry? or tweety. (i hate these 2 characters anyway. no pro-tweetys/jerrys campaign please!)

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (ii)

here's an update after being away from camp for so long...

last spotted before i went for camp: monday 1st august 2005. my sister's birthday! went to eat at xiao thai guo, the place with lots of cute waiters and cheap food. but i've digressed, so let's move on. anyway we were back in my house and the rat! it was in the cage trying to eat the malt powder (which was in a packet). we have decided to change the bread pieces to malt powder cos it was found that the rat tore open packets of instant malt poweder to chew on on top of our water flask (guess how it balanced there). BUT, my mom screamed at its bulky sight and since the cage was a little rusty, the defining piece of metal to lock on the cage did not fall down. gahhh so the rat pushed its big butt and scampered away.

repairs done: dad tried to polish and smoothen the metal piece so the cage would work. but alas, the rat did not fall for the same trick twice.

4th august 2005: my sis saw a tail peeping out from behind the fridge. guess it hiding place. (-_-`)

babies? i heard squeaks in my room again! security was tight and no rooms were left open except for the mere seconds while we entered the room. so i have duduced that there are probably babies around. checked the desk near my computer but no hints of them found. maybe it was only my imagination.

gone? mom cleaned the storage room and the floors. trails of ants were killed by boiling water near the dustbin area. wondered if there are crumbs the rat brought anywhere that lured the ants. or if its carcass is rotting, if it's dead, that is. she flooded the floors to clean but it's either the rat is so fat it can't be washed out by the flood attack or its not there anymore. ugh. where could it have gone to.

mom's deductions: there are less droppings already. the rat probably managed to slip into smaller nooks and crannies cos it's starving so much that it's thinner and has less stools now.

mom's horror: the rat sneaked into my mom's bag to eat the packets of biscuits inside! biscuits crusts and bits were all over in the bag. no droppings found though. haha.

next plan: set the trap up again and hope that its hunger oversomes its danger instincts, falling into our trap again.

Monday, August 01, 2005

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having fun at vivace... in the girls' toilet. full length mirror included! too bad being underground means we're unreachable on our mobiles... hoho i have to laugh when xm's panasonic stabilizer crashed to the ground... stabilizer no more! oops... i'm gonna get whacked... O_o`

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ghostly reflections of our own...

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can you believe that i was one of the smaller people in the group... so much that i was hoisted around all the time. and there's our 3 muscular men supporting the weights. luckily we had a former cheerleader's help to form this in less than a minute haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER~!!! you're 22... so old liao...
The Rat Mystery Files (i)

indication of first appearance made: around last week 24th july (can't remember), the first huge dropping which i mistook to be a dead bug near my wardrobe in the study room.
supporting witness: my brother claims that he saw a rat scooting around, but made no attempts to capture it (was going to school, so in a hurry)

so from then on, the droppings became an indication of the Rat's whereabouts...

subsequent sightings of droppings: near the computer table, behind the pushable cabinets (all in the study room)

on the 31st july: droppings found in the bathroom and near corridors between main bedroom and study room. squeaks heard in my study room while i was home alone!! O_o`
movement to capture rat: a trap with dangling pieces of gardenia's softmeal bread as bait
on the 1st august: awoke at around 1245am and found that the bathroom has fresh droppings and a pool of urine (-_-`) *yucks and ewww* in the same corner near the toilet bowl (well, at least it has etiquettes and peed in the bathroom instead of our study room). trap moved from near bathroom to front of kitchen.
i heard a squeak in the living room and dashed back into my bedroom (forgot to close my study room's door). guess the rat has scrambled back to its sleeping area. further soft squeaks heard while in my bedroom. be continued...