Friday, August 05, 2005

The Rat Mystery Files (ii)

here's an update after being away from camp for so long...

last spotted before i went for camp: monday 1st august 2005. my sister's birthday! went to eat at xiao thai guo, the place with lots of cute waiters and cheap food. but i've digressed, so let's move on. anyway we were back in my house and the rat! it was in the cage trying to eat the malt powder (which was in a packet). we have decided to change the bread pieces to malt powder cos it was found that the rat tore open packets of instant malt poweder to chew on on top of our water flask (guess how it balanced there). BUT, my mom screamed at its bulky sight and since the cage was a little rusty, the defining piece of metal to lock on the cage did not fall down. gahhh so the rat pushed its big butt and scampered away.

repairs done: dad tried to polish and smoothen the metal piece so the cage would work. but alas, the rat did not fall for the same trick twice.

4th august 2005: my sis saw a tail peeping out from behind the fridge. guess it hiding place. (-_-`)

babies? i heard squeaks in my room again! security was tight and no rooms were left open except for the mere seconds while we entered the room. so i have duduced that there are probably babies around. checked the desk near my computer but no hints of them found. maybe it was only my imagination.

gone? mom cleaned the storage room and the floors. trails of ants were killed by boiling water near the dustbin area. wondered if there are crumbs the rat brought anywhere that lured the ants. or if its carcass is rotting, if it's dead, that is. she flooded the floors to clean but it's either the rat is so fat it can't be washed out by the flood attack or its not there anymore. ugh. where could it have gone to.

mom's deductions: there are less droppings already. the rat probably managed to slip into smaller nooks and crannies cos it's starving so much that it's thinner and has less stools now.

mom's horror: the rat sneaked into my mom's bag to eat the packets of biscuits inside! biscuits crusts and bits were all over in the bag. no droppings found though. haha.

next plan: set the trap up again and hope that its hunger oversomes its danger instincts, falling into our trap again.

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