Monday, March 21, 2016

160320 Love Live! White Day photoshoot

sooooooooo i was tasked to do nozomi here because yumi wasn't able to. it's ok, i like the costume. the gradients are very pretty! i didn't even need to make anything. all i did was add on jewels here and there to bling the stuff up but i don't think it even shows in the picture T_T

this is nozomi~

i tried to find her lens in korea but the closest i could get to was light greenish. in the end, it doesn't even seem to show in the photos. my eyes are so small so it looks blackish T_T anyway here's me cutting my wig before the day. it wasn't so hard, the wig was almost ready to begin with.

placing a pic of before and after-make. there's a difference. RIGHT??? RIGHT???

anyway back to the shoot. woke up at 6am for the make up and went over to vic around 9-ish. had some time for breakfast while waiting for the rest, but we only managed to get out around 1030ish. luckily it seems we're the first ones there. those who reached earlier got kinda lost and needed time to change, but vic, me & sheryl were already done. on the cab! uncle almost chua tio.

this filter is pretty nice tooo

unfortunately my wings were with ming so i had nothing to do in the meantime. the full team only got ready by 1130-12. sighs. so much for 'shoot early, end early'. the day was really rainy and sunny and rainy and sunny. so irritating, but at least it stopped before it begun, and we were all sheltered in the pavillion. tried to capture the heavy rain but failed. the yellow leaves were all falling with the rain, it was so pretty!

anyway, get ready for a flood of selfies. i discovered that my candy cam filter mixed with s6 edge created some pretty lovely colours so i took a lot of pic. 8D i especially love this top down selfie!!! wheeeeee

my camera front camera is pretty wide.

ok, show you some other pretty angels........

our kawaii kotori was the first to arrive. and waited the longest.

the little tall honoka, youngest of our lot. she's not even of legal age. i feel so oldddd

xin as hanayo. got a shock by her in the toilet. something about something obstructing her view of her feet. OwO

rin! she has a lot of funny manry expression. lol.

niconiconiiiii. jov arrived the earliest with rin.

gorilla vic. i think we look the most similar out of the lot.

my fellow 3rd year ellllllllllli. i'm pretty amazed at how she looks so pretty and photogenic because i remembered her to be quite manly off-cos. wow.

and pretty makiiiii sneaking up on me.........

but pretty maki is pretty so i snapped a lot of her 8DDD

and our cute little helper rio

and some wefies~!!!

shana's fish lens. 

thanks to all the photogs - kippy, sihan and chris for coming to shoot in the relentless heat.. and our helpers rio, nori and jes who tried to make the 9 angels' life easier by buying food, water and carrying stuff. THANK YOOU GUYS.

we had a group lunch at orchard's saizeriya after the shoot ended around 4+.. then we got knocked out all the way after we reached home. i was so seh... i took the wrong bus home T_T

ohh i was trying to take this to update for my profile pic... should i???


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Samsung Gear 2

i got my belated gear 2 from 00 while on my trip, as a belated v-day gift. we are supposed to have a couple watch but he hasn't gotten his. anyway i'm here to show off. 8D

it's the limited edition classic outlook. i just love all the watch faces i can adjust on it.

little prince!

but really, it needs to be connected to the phone all the time for notifications so it's only good for changing watch faces and measuring no. of steps imo.

other than that, it's much easier to do everything else on phone....... i've got an s6 to match as well. wheee~~!!! good bye aka LG. even though i still use it for gaming. hehe.

Monday, March 07, 2016

160306-07 Yongin

6th mar, sun

i'm surprised we still manage to wake up in time to check out! although 00 was still sickly and rolled around in pain. haiz. he's always a load of pain when he's sick.

oh i was quite amused to find famous actors advertising for games here. shows how big the industry is! it's seo ji sub~ even lee byun hyun advertise for games too.

we got out to head over to gangnam, as pion was moving out. so we ended up having lunch with her.

that big bowl of clear soup thingy is called nurungi and is really tasteless. but i heard koreans really like it. it's literally burnt rice with water...

addition of steamed egg on the left and bul-dukpeggi on the right!

we stopped by gangnam for a while so i could buy my contact lens, then headed back when mr gold arrived. packed and left for yongin after that.

we rotted around the office till about 8+ pm where we booked tickets to watch Deadpool. it was a movie marathon indeed, because after Deadpool ends we wanted to watch Gods of Egypt as well at 12am. had our meals at macdonald at 10+ since nowhere else was opened. we could tap on the weekend buff for our dragon blaze using wifi at mac, then headed over to the lotte cinema arcade to waste some more time. ark and 00 kept trying to catch the iron man, but failed. oops. played archery and darts too. heh.

there was like no attendants checking the tickets and we just walked in. gosh, we felt so sad that we actually paid for the tickets. damn. i think we had almost the whole theatre (me, 00, ark, pion, eversea) aside from 3 other more random people. unfortunately, i think me and 00 fell asleep almost 40% of the movie. bleahs. i really like the costume and effects but it was just too late for me =_= first time i felt so sleepy during a movie and was unable to get myself together. ahhhh.

7th mar, mon

and it was time to leave again. woke up around 8am to pack and get ready. 00's mom is so sweet she bought some more beef curry and some travel compartment bags for me before i went off.

we had breakfast at dunkin - finally got to try the waffle burgers. love it! that green tea latte was bought from the convenience store. taiwan-imported but not very cheap (2.4k won?)

and i realised we haven't taken any pics together while on the bus! so here's a sleepy face.

rushing like mad to check in for the next hour, in between my stomachache. but in the end, my plane was delayed by 30mins. bleahs.

and last pic before i see you again in may T_T

china eastern meals are not that good compared to VN, but at least i got 2 seats to myself and flight entertainment all the way. wheee. i like that tiny orange juice jar and the cake. the rice was just ughh. thank goodness for bibim sauce.

reached shanghai and it seemed different from when i last landed there. didn't have to take a shuttle bus. i got a picture from darling when i landed. so cute.

and touring the airport...

interesting mochi shop!

and my flight is delayed for like 2hrs. goshhhh. i can't even play my games on the wifi here cos it's google-ousted. felt so irritated. at least the fish meal is good, it tasted like eel.

touched down aroudn 1130pm. sighs. i could get the last bus 858 home but i stopped at selegie and realised the last bus was 1215 (it was 1240 when i reached), so ended up taxi-ing home. at least it was only 15bucks, not too bad!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

160305 Lee Jun Ki

i almost freaked out when the hotel phone rang, saying that the people have been waiting over 10mins for me. for one, i didn't know i've slept past 12 and i was so frantic i didn't even brush my teeth or wash up before i left.

it turns out it was only 830am. the trip i signed up for begins in the morning, and not night time unlike what i know. i didn't know what's wrong with me to have thought it was at night. ughh.

so anyway we got driven to some of the places that lee jun ki visits and shot his drama at. first up was namjoo actor, his artiste company.

nah.. we couldn't go in. so i took a pic of all the japanese i came with.

next was the shooting area of Two Weeks. you have to climb a slopey park to reach it.

so here's the house he stayed at while he was running away in Two Weeks.

hi! i'm visiting where lee jun ki stepped on!

yup, he stayed at the basement here

that's me, all un-washed up. =_=

nice view from up here

and we travel downwards along the park. took the name of the place for whoever's interested. ok-il-5-gil.

can't stop taking selfies with this new samsung s6 00 gave me. it's so wide!
the shutter is awesomely fast too. so glad i have it.

and here's another spot where junki sat at. pirundaero. long walk upwards...!

and he sat here! the nice japanese i were with helped me take these pics. they are such big fans. one of them compiled a book on all the places to visit where junki shot his dramas at. i wish i could have the book...!!

we then visited the places he ate at while in the army. it's just at the 13th exit of Samgakji station, then walk straight ahead for 2mins to find it.

pasta place was closed though

but we get to eat the army stew!

the whole tour is a whopping 55000 won. ughh. thank goodness there's a meal, because i was starving. still, it was wayyyyyy overpriced.

after that, we headed back to the hotel around 11am. the next meeting time was 12, so i headed out to have brunch (again) with 00, who was just about to head out. he was down with fever so feeling very grumpy. settled on eating macdonald because he didn't find anything he wanted to eat.

we left around 1210, but to my surprise it wasn't straight to the event place. again, i might have been mistaken but i didn't know we were supposed to shop at myeong dong lotte dept for 3 hrs?!?!?! i hung around the wifi areas and played my game, but i had to conserve my batt for the event later. sighs. if only i brought my cards out to shop. we eventually left around 2pm to the event area, which was a secret place that the guides refused to tell. i got lost at the dept store but looking for lightning LV poster helped me find my way. lol.

it's not a secret, it's a public shopping mall godammit. and i think i've been here before.

some of the interiors!

ughhh kept trying to take w the poster behind but it was too bright to be captured. jeez..

we have to first sign in and pick our places, then take a pic for a photo contest entry. wish i had come up with something more creative had i known this would be a winning ticket to a duo photo with junki. bleahs. had to ask the staff to help me take and he was so unwilling and took a horrible side view.

but thank goodness i found my jap friends and they helped take a better one when there were lesser people.


i went to the convenience store for a hot drink as it was so cold and rainy outside, for about 30mins before the event started at 4pm.

and i got my seat! i'm quite close to the front. yippeee! probably the best thing to happen to me everrrr.

i'm the first 5 rows! and the first level. yay!!

and i'm inside! i'm so close to the stage, it's just 5m away!

we can't take pics during the concert but i was so touched when junki appeared i cried T_T

such beautiful opening dance and voice. omg. i was super blown away. and i'm glad i made friends with the fan beside me, we were so excited!!! the communication between fans is so amazing sometimes when we love the same thing.

he did 4 songs - in jap, eng and korean (2x). he also did a cute 'up up down down' dance. we almost died.

there was interview on the recent movie he was shooting (bu bu jin xing), and he picked out lots where fans wrote things that they think about when they think of jun ki (for e.g. jun ki  is _____). he would read and react to it in the cutest way.

there's a psychological test section where he answered questions to reveal his personality. seems like he's the down-to-earth guy who really look beneath the exteriors for his future wife. there was a question on what fragrance he likes and i picked orange. and those who did were made to put up their hands. i was quite sure i had eye contact with him because there was only less than 5 of us who picked it!! the thing is such fragrance symbolize a love of sexual things. oops. but but but... food. oh well, at least oppa noticed me?!? 8DDD

we also played a game where we answered A/B according to the questions. for e.g. junki likes A) short-haired girls B) long-haired girls. then the audience will put up their placards with the answer. the last standing winner gets a white day gift, which is a fragrance set.

so i remember that he likes - long hair, skirt, spectacles, double-eye lids, pinkish make-up, thick lips, girls in sneakers and casual wear, flower fragrance. not that i was gonna plastic myself to it, but good to know?! lol.

and towards the end we get to snap his photo!! spammmmmm

he's so cute he totally didn't look like he's 35!!!

i took some videos too. hehehe.

then it was the signing session. he signed or every single one of the 350 fans who attended, talked to them and shook our hands. he also gave out candies to every one as it was white day. it took almost 1.5hrs of waiting for my turn and my heart was beating like crazy. i wanted to say so many things to him but i think i stuttered too much and he didn't understand T_T i managed to show him my cosplay of iljimae and gonggil as well but i think he was too tired although he did say that it really looks the same! then i shook his fair hands and bade my love proclamation. i think i must have sounded like a crazy fan.

he seemed really tired as well. after the whole signing session, i bet his arms crumbled!!! but it was so awesome and touching that he remained smiling till the end. the whole event ended around 8pm, and i almost had a mini argument with 00 because he wanted to go back to yongin. he was at csl team lunch/dinner and i couldn't join cos i ended so late. in the end, he really went back but he returned to itaewon around 830pm, whereas i only reached the hotel around 9pm. seems he alighted at itaewon and didn't know how to go back to the hotel, and never thought to use google maps. rather, his headache pointed him to play more blaze instead of looking for the right path.

nothing to say. in any case i shall be contented with all my goodies tonight. and i've granted myself my final wish to meet lee jun ki. yayyyy~~~ mission accomplished~~~~ (",)

but the day was still far from over...

i had my dinner with 00 then we went back to the hotel. had a meal at the local korean store since 00 was craving traditional korean food. have to give in to a sick guy right.

about 12am, we got out to hongdae to club with his friends. i think we took an hour to look for the place cos he is such a road idiot.... =_= finally found it after tapping on some local wifi. the club is really worth going, i had a crazy good laugh. everyone seems to really go there to dance, and each have their own style of dancing. there was like taichi dance, zombie dance, electro dance, hand movement only dance... lol.

unfortunately i think i was too cold and sleepy so i snoozed for the whole bunch of it. we got out around 4am eventually to have some ramen, before heading home. super long and fulfilling day~!!