Thursday, March 03, 2016

160303 to Bundang

so i left home around 1030pm on 2nd mar to board my overnight to korea for my first trip out this year!

this is somehow going to be a different trip from the rest since i was not going to be at eunhwasam upon touchdown.

as usual, i didn't really sleep well over the flight but this time it's mainly cos i was having a bad stomach upset but my outflow wasn't very smooth. the flight to shanghai wasn't so bad cos there's inflight entertainment (though i didn't use it), and dinner was baked pesto (which is not that bad.......)

touched down shanghai around 6am, and there was absolutely nothing to do at pudong airport. spent about an hour queuing to get the boarding pass stamped. zzz. then sat at a charging point and watched drama/ chiong game all the way.

thank goodness the wifi access allowed international numbers to be registered, but there was intermittent connection and i kept getting logged out of my game. so irritating... my china game Empress of China was working totally fine though. must be the great Firewall of China. i couldn't access dragon striker at all, and i kept getting logged out of dragon blaze.

so up till about 830am, we started to board and this time i had 3 seats to myself (towards the rear, there wasn't a lot of people) which i could lie comfortably across. the downside was the flight was only 2 hrs and there's breakfast in between, so my lie-down-time was like 20mins. ughhh.

breakfast was tomato beef rice. still decent. but i think the beef rice from VN airways still wins hands down.

touched down around 1230pm, then checked out to get a bus to bundang. didn't know there's no bundang station, but thankfully my screenshot shows that i had to get to Migeum station. the bus trip was pretty fast - about an hour and i alighted at the 4th stop. my hotel was just across the road - JS King Hotel.

Checked in, took a long dump in the nice big toilet and washed up a little before i got out around 4pm to meet Bob from Red Peak.

he took me to check out their company then we went for dinner with another colleague, Stella, at Pangyo. my favourite Gyejeol Babsang, probably the best hansik buffet in Korea with an unbeatable price! (about 19k won for dinner and 15k won for lunch)

Bob sent me back to my hotel after that and i had a nice long bath. final pic before i wash everything off!

so good to have a bath tub here wheeee. i did a little make up to make myself look presentable cos my dark eye circles were getting the worse of me from the lack of sleep.

jumping in the tub! and my hair dye is still shedding red tint on the waters and towel. eeeks.

oh btw i have a street view from the 7th floor here too.

now i'm rotting here writing my blog while trying to finish up Blaze. Striker still wasn't working, so i deleted and reinstalled... and to my shock, my whole data seems to be destroyed. i'm hoping it's a case of connection to korean server and everything will be fine when i'm back in sg... but in the meantime i've written a note to let Netmarble know this shitty issue.

and now i'm running out of battery trying to charge from this 1990 pc USB port. ughh. it's a sign to tell me i need to sleep now. can you believe it's still using IE8. omg. thank goodness there's no admin restrictions on installing chrome. if not i cannot imagine the number of things i can't access here... T_T

with my blog entry done, i'm gonna be snoozing in my big doublebed, starfish style. good night!

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