Sunday, November 10, 2013

131109-10 Shingeki AFA

we moved to another hotel that was nearer the event at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge, which 00 thought was a hotel for women, as YWCA = Young Women's Christian Association. lol. thankfully we saw guys inside.

it was about $120/night and included a pretty good buffet breakfast, with a large area and near the city centre. best hotel in SG we've stayed at so far at a reasonable price! unfortunately we couldn't open the windows cos it was under construction outside so we almost died of spray paint again indoors.

went to try out Food For Thought near the National Museum, since we were in the area. There wasn't any pictures on the menu, so it was pretty hard to decide what to eat. turns out not too bad, though i think my mom could have cooked the same thing at less than 30% the price.

visited the event hall for a while and it was packed like crazy. think our shingeki prop is gonna break the next day.

on day 2, we had a good buffet breakfast (which 00 also agreed was one of the best in SG hotels) - even the pao was way better - then took a taxi to the event area.

did the make up before leaving.

and finally i'm decked up! after weeks of hard work and paint smelling x.x i took like an hour to put on the lens i got from batam, and vic had to squeeze it in for me. my make up was all gone by then and vic kindly redid them for me. horrors of horrors.

you can refer to more WIP for the shingeki weapon from 00's album here.

and our team!

with my dearest, and the prop master!

didn't see my friend but i saw mira's pictures on fb with the costume of the drawings i was working on. nice!

unfortunately, 00 didn't have another alternative to his flight time and had to leave that night. so we had a quick dinner at burger king as 00 was dying to try the pepper beef and hurried back to the hotel. we cleaned up the room and i had some time to help 00 cut his hair, before we boarded the bus to changi yet again.

no turning back this time... 00 was really gone. but i really appreciated his 1 wk extension though i didn't have much time with him due to work. T_T

and i took the taxi back to the hotel for the last night stay, and had a lonely breakfast before going to work...

sighs. by the way, never take taxis before 8pm. i had a whopping $40+ on my count back home to woodlands. gg.

Friday, November 08, 2013

131107-8 Value Balestier

... and i made another stupid mistake for this hotel. we were supposed to check in on the 7 and 8 but i went to book 6 and 7 for this hotel. ended up losing one day and the total we had to pay was more than what we could have get at better hotels =_= got a shock and tried to negotiate during work hours but failed this time because it was really my fault. arghhhhh

anyway here's the hotel. not so value after all but oh well.

anyway since i also got my paycheck, i treated 00 to a nice vegetarian restaurant at novena, newly opened by tung lok. the things they can go with vegetables..!

if it's all not vegetables, perhaps the price would have seemed more reasonable. but oh well... still it was pretty tasty!

we had waffle for dessert at another cafe called Professor Brown or something. interiors were pretty neat. the cafe also hired people with disabilities to train them to work. pretty good cause.

tried on my shingeki belts and it took more than an hour to get it right... ughhhh so complicated for a costume that looks simple... =_=

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Clamp Gate 7 WIP

helping mira to paint some lotus, on her costume! was doing this while 00 works on shingeki during the period he was here. there wasn't a lot of references that i could find/was given, so i had to sort of 'think up' the parts on the skirt.

the paint didn't work so well, so i told mira to get felt/velvet instead for the patterns. i had to paint a few layers and it still looked transparent.

felt is much better!

and i only need to glue on those pieces.

then added on the paint for the pinkish parts and also for some petal shading.

finished them at the hotel value balestier, where i added on the outlines. but perhaps it wasn't needed after all...?? i also drew one of the parts wrongly. yikes.

but anyway mira looks pretty good in it! you can see the silver outlines of the petals are clearer here on her right shoulder. yippeeee~

131104-7 Cultural Hotel

we dropped the stuff at my place, had dinner at causeway since i wanted to try the paradise dim sum there.

it was sort of like the last nice dinner we could have together before he leaves. i sent him over to changi, where we ate dessert at swenson after he checked in his luggage.

i think i must have been a bad influence, or too emotional, because somehow he changed his mind about leaving that day. he called his airlines and realised that he could change the flight ticket, and postponed his flight back to after AFA. i think he probably also wanted to see his weapon done and exhibited out too.

we went back to the check-in counter, and it seemed possible to retrieve his luggage back! it was also delivered to the plane, so it took some time to get it out. the luggage was passed to the lost and found department, and 00 had to go in the arrival area by himself to get the luggage, while i waited outside. by then it was past 11pm, and we barely caught the last bus back to my house.

however, stubborn 00 didn't want to sleep at my house, as he was embarrassed of the decision for the flight delay =_= he wanted to just stay at some corners where there's a charger and wifi so he could 'work' then we could meet up again in the day to rest at a hotel. i bathed and got ready to sleep, but 00 called and told me he was lost around woodlands and couldn't find a charging port!!

when he managed to find it, i had already packed all my stuff and i decided i'll just keep him company even if it's at a little corner. so i did find him at the woodlands library corner later on, around 1+am. it was also my fault he was in this state and i couldn't possibly leave him while i hide in the comfort of my house. luckily, i managed to find a hotel at farrer which was fairly reasonably priced, so we took a taxi over there. the place is actually pretty big too!!

parked ourselves there for the next few days. however, i didn't apply for leave during this period, so i could only accompany him in the morning, during lunch and for dinner. other than that, he kept his time dedicated to finishing the weapon.

we had dinner the next day at a pancake house, after i brought over other items he left at my place to be used for the weapon. it was craaaaazy. we ate in a flush because it was near closing time. even though the food was supposed to be pretty good, eating it in a hurry spoilt the whole experience.

shouldn't have ordered desserts cos 00 didn't like fresh fruits in ice cream... and we were super full already!!

i also tried to plan for a better value hotel since cultural hotel offer was a secret deal and the rate went back up after a few days.

we decided to move to value hotel balestier after that.

Monday, November 04, 2013

131101-4 Hotel Clover

i made a mistake on this hotel because i thought the one i was booking for was for 2 person but ended up it was only for 1 person. had a looooooooooong talk with the staff and they finally agreed to let me stay in after some negotiations. sighs. don't know why i'm so blur somethings =_=

anyway Hotel Clover is at Clarke Quay, and it was a pretty nice place with really comfortable beds and their items were all organised and clean.

the next few days was all spent working on props, and we nearly died due to all the indoor spraying.

i couldn't really help much because what i made was not up to standard so i could only give moral support and do the little little things. or cut things over and over again till it was perfect. poor 00 had to work day and night on it. then again, he wanted to make this part of his portfolio.

the hotel offered pretty good breakfast (not a buffet one, but still good enough) too.

we would get out occasionally to eat, but there wasn't much sightseeing done since 00 kept saying we were running out of time. we did however ate a nice seafood dinner on the last few days at Jumbo since he was craving crab.

our favourite shark's fin soup, heh.

i like how the pincers meat is so biiiiiggggggg