Monday, June 30, 2014

140630 Yong San

the next day we planned to watch Transformers at the 4D movie theatre at Yong San. 4D movie is 3D movie with the rocking chair, so throughout the movie you feel like you're on a long roller coaster ride. In this case, transformer was a 3hrs roller coaster ride for us.

in the morning though, we went to dongdaemon for some cloth shopping first. since the day was hot dear suggests we go yongsan for movie in the noon then go back to myeong dong to shop at night when it's cooler. so we headed down to yong san and walked around a bit before the movie starts.

turns out there's a gundam base here! the biggest in seoul it seems.

my fav unicorn

the silver unicorn is gorgeous!

i like the wings of this gundam.

some sailormoon gundam, anyone?

there's even a section for teaching people how to color and piece together the gundam figures. woah.

transformers selling just outside the shop. look at the price...

time for movies anyway~

after we finished watching the movie we walked outside the area. i didn't realise it was so nice out there!

then we headed to myeongdong for some evening shopping. it was around 7-8 but the day still looked bright.
we had braised chicken (jjimddalk) for dinner. not the best i've eaten but still can do.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

140629 Korea - Arrival

so before i start on my new job, i bought a very last minute ticket for a trip to korea. in fact i was contemplating if i should go in the later 2 weeks or the earlier 2 weeks, since i need to be back for a shingeki shoot in between. i decided on the former so i could start my job earlier (and recuperate my expenditure over the last few weeks). my ticket was only about $500. not so bad. there's a transfer in between to ho chih min, but i got to eat 2 plane meals anyway. ha!

i also bought a hair voucher to neaten myself up before i fly off. left slightly earlier for perming! look at my m- shaped hair!

in the evening, went to deliver some daiso stuff to jokumi for his wcs. the team skit looked pretty good~
i self-shot myself at his place since i didn't get to do it at the salon. hoho.

on sat, i spent my day packing and thank goodness my sis sent me to the airport. we shopped a bit (my last in bee cheng hiang souvenirs) and played the millionaire game. it looks like a massive set up but not all receipts could be scanned.

after i checked in, i went to roam T3 and discovered a free movie theatre.

it was really, a good place to sleep as people were snoring inside. or maybe the show was just too boring.

since i didn't have a lot of luggage i waited till everyone went in, then boarded so i didn't have to stand and queue. hoho. me with my yeowoo waiting~

the flight was on sat night and i landed around 10am in the morning on sunday. here's my 2 meals onboard~ i don't like the salad but the main meal was not so bad.

finally touched down and my dear came to pick me up. he seemed to have slimmed down much~!

we had breakfast at macdonald, before traveling down to yongin.

.. and my former room has been turned into a cat cafe.

well, staying next to a room of cats will be interesting~!

they are all fat and furry and really tame. and they seem to like humans. there's only 1 male cat, called Lucy. lol. that's the biggest and furriest.

the next biggest is the white-black one called Kaka. She likes to bite people's finger or grab them as a way of playing with you, but it can scratch and hurt as well.

The tabby grey one called Baek Ho (or white tiger), loves to lick people. The teeth is quite sharp so it hurts slightly sometimes, but it still feels nice *-*

The last one, sister of Baek Ho, is called Hwang Ryung (or Yellow Dragon), but 00 likes to call her Bbang Ryung (or Fat Dragon). the sisters like to lick each other and Hwang Ryung seems to like to avoid people touching her head unless she knows them well.

some videos i took which i also placed on instagram.
the strange thing about the cats is that they don't meow at all. instead they produce a low grunting sound which 00 says is their way of expressing happiness. hence, the room is strangely silent most of the time. 00's mom or the house butler also comes to clean the room once every 2 days or sometimes everyday, so the room always smell good.

We went to have a late lunch/early dinner at my favourite roe rice place. they've changed the udon soup/porridge to a cold soup which is still pretty nice but not something i'm used to. after that we had movies in our room, watching Real Steel, which was a pretty heartwarming movie *_*

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

so here's the wip for isis~

i'm discarding all the nitty gritty accuracy and inputting my own expressions (",) realised that sticking to 100% accuracy is too restrictive, and i need more freedom for creativity and pizazzzzz! as long as you are 80% recognizable (i'm usually not, since i do rare characters...), i feel it's alright to stray on some parts for effect.

so here's the shoulder part


and the base of the top (which i didn't use in the end)


and after i bling it!


worked on the feather fan since my purchases all came in... the back is ugly and i need another peacock sequin


but i quite like the front. it's a bit flimsy though

queen isis!! finally going to post this. i wrote this like 2 years ago. lol.

oh!! i'm so excited to be doing characters from different culture, and i'm quite sure no one has done egypt before locally yet.

i can't find this version in the manga, but i love her cosplay! i wonder if it is fanmade?




here's some extractions from the manga:





yeah... she has like 20,000 different costumes (i'm exaggerating of course) hahahah.

this time i'm gonna bling the character like mad...
queen isis (ouke no monsho) shopping list

舞台饰品配件 天然鸵鸟羽毛 30-35: 12rmb*10 + 10rmb = 130rmb
孔雀羽毛电视墙专用羽毛DIY小眼睛孔雀毛壁饰2-3.5cm眼睛0.6元/支: 0.6rmb *40m +5rmb=29rmb
民族舞台服装辅料 DIY衣服手工串珠亮片贴片 七彩孔雀开屏 孔雀舞: 15+12 = 27rmb
舞台服装辅料/舞蹈配饰/手工亮片花/领花 金银: 15+6 = 21rmb
时装礼服布料/舞台服装面料∕电脑绣花加亮片布 1.5米门幅: 37rmb*2+6 = 80rmb
双面可用真丝布料~金色涂层条纹时装面料~72元/米: 14.40*3m+10 = 53.2rmb
凤凰 彩带编制 DIY 家居摆设 摆件 工艺品 情人节礼物 婚房用品: 9+8 = 17rmb
gold trimmings (various): $106
golden sparkle cloth: $5*3m = $15
gold patterned: $10*0.5m = $5
silver sparkle cloth: $5*2m = $10
light gold: $2/m*2.5m = $5

total: 357.2RMB/4=SGD89.3 
SGD141 + SGD89.3=SGD230.30