Monday, August 20, 2007


The Shadow Knight wielding a blade of darkness

A cold-blooded human warrior serving the Fairy Kingdom of Ringford, Oswald is renowned and feared as the Shadow Knight, the man who slew a great dragon. He was abandoned as a child, but was taken in by Melvin, nephew to the Fairy Queen Elfaria. He is a stoic man who lives to serve his adopted father, and cares little for the consequences of the actions he is ordered to perform. As a result of his training and skill, he places little value in his own life.

ooh love the part where he hacked odette immediately when he saw her.
uh.. i managed to scrape a wooden bow but it's too flimsy. i shall post it up anyway i think it looks good wahahah. well if your fingers can take it you might wanna make one then, frit-zo.

using hard magazine papers and masking tape, then wires to curve the ends. finally top off with corrugated strips to hold it upright... well it's not very upright but oh well!

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after spray-painting a couple of layers... plus i spray painted my door silver as well... and my brother's accessories. it was paint-day! man i almost died of sniffing paint.

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then attaching the strings... it makes it look so much curvier... bleah.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

now, i worked a bit on my presentation for saturday and i got up around 930 and started making my chocoflakes. then i made almond agar. then i made my cosplay stuff. man i did A LOT on this sunday. has been very fruitful. oh and i managed to eat the munchy donut denzyl got at causeway's cold storage on saturday night. yum!
k let's see, i'm so proud of my big obi and ribbon!! yays! it looks so neat. but the satin ribbon overlays are getting haywired since i snip it in half for a smaller width. i bet it'll be fraying mad when i get it to wash.

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i completed my so-called flouncy skirt with the trimmings too.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket was a bit big and not very flouncy but flouncy enough. uhhh i did my best. don't really wanna redo!

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sewed these petals on but it looks a bit distorted. oh well.

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trimmed the hem so it has a wide v-shape at the bottom and is a little longer than the skirt when worn over the skirt. not very straight but guess should be alright. these stuff are so hard to measure... maybe i should learn how to use a measuring tape next time.

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this is the bow which kureha wears on her hair. intend to get a white hairband and glue it on top, or use a satin ribbon instead of the hairband and sew it on, whaddya think?

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did this while watching ugly better. the x-stitches are pretty obvious but it still looks quite nice. and sturdaaaaaay. need a green pearl button next!
*yawns* ewww my phone cam's colors really make it look awful, except for the choker. half-decent, as bahamut would say.

my weekend is so so so eventful.

friday was cheryl's party! french feast! omg. too bad i didn't get to take photos of the food. the only photo i have is a picture of her hourse from the backyard. the whole place was decorated akin to survival's tribal elimination place, romantic, forest-y and relaxing ambience.

had my fair share of tequila. mmm-hmmm. and i got to test ps3 on her super big sony plasma tv. (harry potter and the order of the phoenix... bluarghz) enjoyed the food and the experience overall!! oh yikes her rent was $3k per month by the way. wonder how much these category managers actually earn man... $10k?

Friday, August 03, 2007

Here's your horoscope for Friday 3 Aug:

Spiritual growth may be an aspect of your development that has been neglected, Christy-Bell. If so, consider taking steps to bring more understanding of your beliefs into your life. If you go to church, are you learning there? Have you considered exploring other faiths? Have you ever asked yourself exactly what it is you do believe? Consider doing so and listen to your honest answers. This will be the means to finding more of what you need in this area.

i can't believe i'm blogging. my data is screwed and i need to wait for a new set to come before i can start my messy work with it. and i need to touch up on my powerpoint with those new datas, get some new insights and practise my stuff. i am so stressed. been doing the same graph for hours before realising that it actually doesn't need to be changed so much. it's like going from level 1 to level 4 and back to level 2, that says the need for multiple versions of the same file.
and what is this shit on spiritual growth? no one gets help from invisible entities, so screw off. if you think some big man is gonna start showering stars from a little corner of heaven on you, you're probably better off depending on yourself.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

ok! i have not been blogging for half a week! WOW! (-_-`) so do you miss my posts?? anyway i have been working on a new project, kureha from shining tears x wind.

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and no, zhifu won't be doing souma, but zero!!! looking forward to the wings. hee.

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i spent my entire sunday working on the sewing machine! this will be my first ever costume to be machine made... haha! hope the quality is better. when i'm done, i will probably repair all my other hand-stitched costumes... ;p i got the cloth from arab street, $2.50/m it's kinda velvety and shiny on the back, and not too soft. maybe i can use the shiny part for my PVC armour?

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still haven't trimmed the hem.

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did the lining the day before, and completed yesterday!

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now i'm working on the skirt. but it seems straight cut however i wear it. how do i make it flouncy?!