Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm seriously in love with this BONDO thing. it seems to work better than super glue. i think i'll classify it as the smart glue category. it's kinda like white glue when you apply - you have some time to make adjustment until it dries and turn transparent. that's when it starts to really stick and harden!!!

plus it's not as messy as uhu glue, doesn't bulge and leave webbed traces, and doesn't leak when you leave it alone (mine always leak, don't ask me why). it's also cheaper!! i had an easier time sticking the red strips onto my white ribbon base!


yes it's that yellow bottle you see in the picture. sorry my iphone camera sucks.
i think i spent about an hour styling this wig... and it still doesn't look accurate enough. will probably continue to cut the frame. and it seems like this time, gatsby super strong spray doesn't work, and wax don't work either. so i used... BONDO japan glue that i got from daiso! hoho! and it's super hard now! but i think it's an irreversible application...


i might have gotten an unsuitable wig base to begin with though - it was much too layered and i needed to press all the standing parts down with pins. hopefully after a few days it won't be standing already...

then i worked on sticking all the blue foam parts to my weapon. seriously i have no idea what to do next. this is one example of poor planning - just do and do and forget about the basic purpose of weight and 'how to hold'. darn.

i think i will need a BONDO coating or something...

chionged this last friday for the saturday studio shoot and only uploading now oops.
because i did everything so last minute... my spray paint ran out of spray and i'm left with a half-toned chain =.=


and then i forgot to soak my lens in that new bottle of solution, so my tears were flowing madly when i put them on. REN REN REN.

and when i left house i forgot to put on my nail polish... so the shots all had clear nails. ughh.

sighs. the only good thing was.. the blood bottle is absolutely awesome. 8D look forward to end october soon ! :#

Friday, September 24, 2010

i found all the funny studs from daiso and hotglued them! yeah! did this while wani was here and only uploading now lol


and on wednesday i took about an hour to cut the wig. looks so ciel. =.= think i need to wax all the flying layers in place...


and from the picture i realised it's a green kaito with green nails and green lenses. hmmm.
richard (tales of graces) shopping list

purple lining: $2/m*2m = $4
pink lining: $2/m*1m = $2
aqua bias tape: $1
hot pink bias tape: $1
golden buckle: $4.50
purple shiny cloth: $7/m*2m = $14
purple shiny cloth v2: RM6*3m = RM18 = $8
dark turquoise cloth: RM6.80*2m = RM13.60 = $6
grey cloth: RM6.80*2m = RM13.60 = $6
purple lining: $3*1.5m = $4.50
PVC: $3/m
gold spray paint: $2.90
black PVC: 3000won/m = $4
double-sided tape: $5.90
peach cloth: $2.80/m
industrial tape: $15
grey lace 3m + aqua lace 2m + aqua bias tape: $8.80
grey lace 3m + peach lace 5m + cream lace 1m: $11.40

total: $104.80
i think i'm always starting on new projects when i'm 90% done with the rest. don't know why i find it hard to just make it 100% (since i like to leave the last 10% to before the shoot/event). so here's a new project, and hopefully the whole group will be able to make it!

and here's richard from tales of graces.


in-game anime sequence


in-game 3d sequence



fan art~


the only problem with him is i can't figure out if his coat is black, dark purple or dark brown... enlighten me please??? i might make it dark purple due to all the other colors he has on him (royalty colors...)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

sent wani off at changi yesterday. it's only too bad we were starting to get to know each other during the last 2 days, since i was so busy with work the only time i could spend time with her was at the mecha event and sometimes in the evening =.=

well, hope you had fun during your stay here! i bet you had an experience no one could ever have... getting lost... getting shocked by the sudden rain... getting locked up at home lol... really memorable~~

and here's one taken using shinji's 3D camera (application on iphone of course)


yes it's 3D you need the glasses to see us in 3D mode...!

and us fooling around in the sky train since there was nothing better to do while waiting for boarding time hahahah


and one taken using shinji's iphone 4 with flash (ya la ya la compared to my 3gs - the above picture - obviously it's much better)


and then it's goodbye! see you again... next year's CF, or at some local event... soon... hee hee
my ultra late report of mecha museum cos it took such a bloody long time to upload the videos (and i still have not finished uploading them)

i went for 2 consecutive weekends.

since you've already heard about day 1 and 2, i shall continue to day 3 and 4.

DAY 3 was a workshop conducted by dark knight and takasou-san, the tokyo representatives in 2007 (i think). they taught us various methods, but i didn't really take any photos =.= lazy.

i did take one with kaika though lol if that helps any


dark knight then decided to wrap the whole event by putting on his eva01 suit!


his hands were amazing because it was an extended hand and he had all the string mechanism to make his fingers move (indescribable here). he could even carry and flip balls around


his shoes were like 30cm tall i think. WOW.

the next day i went back for his evangelion and lancelot performance, and managed to take pictures of all the mechas too

i can't really remember their names, whoops


knight of gold


this really looks like megazord


and my unicorn gundam!!


my tempo roommate wani was dressed up as suzaku... look at the perfect team!! HOTEHHHH


and then i went to become the 第三者


this was their eva performance. will upload the lancelot one tonight. taken by iphone, so don't expect too much =.=

and i finally uploaded their code geass performance!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

you have just made my day, i swear! <3
long work hours pass more easily now. :3

continue staring please *_*

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

holy shit, where can you find a guy like this, where where where?!?!?!?

kim soo ro, ep 11, 48:50-52:34.

Monday, September 13, 2010

HAHAHAHHAHAH sounds good

but of course there's tons of negatives that i didn't paste.

77 Sextile Venus - Jupiter

Positive aspect: This union is likely to be completely successful. A couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other (and with reason), intellectual understanding, similar tastes. There is a strong desire to make each other happy. You enjoy each other's company immensely and you put each other in a happy mood. You make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other. Forgiveness and graciousness characterizes your partnership.
so yeah already started on the costume and almost done with it!

this is the top cape


and the inside of the cape


it's actually pretty easy to do 'reversible' costume but i think my technique is wrong since i used the put 2 cloths together and flip out method. i doubt you're supposed to do linings that way, but you know what, you can totally skip seaming that way!! HAHAHH!

end result!


i spent the next day sewing on all the funny belts on one of the old shirts i have while val was busy cutting her template for mio.


and wala~ cuff done. easy easy...


bought this wig for kaito too gonna style it again when it's here

kaito halloween (vocaloid) shopping list

black satin: $2.50*3m = $7.50
orange cloth: $2*3m = $6
buckles: oh man can't remember how many i bought, maybe 9 small and 5 medium. $4?
black long ribbon: $2*3m = $6
green-blue wig: $16
silver chains (for shoulder area only): $5
metal studs: $2/pckt of 12pcs*5pckts = $10
belt: $3/m
buckle: $1
yellow chains: $1.50/m*3m = $4.50

total: $63
ok new costume update!

vocaloid halloween! supposed to be a new project to debut in korea, but it looks like my kite got flown again... ah well...

the day before yesterday (which is saturday the 11th), i went to style my audrey wig since i was told that unicorn gundam was gonna be there.

not a fan of gundam but when i was convinced enough by nik to watch the show (just one episode for now), i fell in love with the unicorn mecha. PURE WHITE with a horn, it just looks plain amazing. unfortunately, the unicorn gundam on display was the 'gundam' version, with golden v-horns and red blinking parts. OH well, at least it's still the bankai version of unicorn. haha. and i did manage to take pictures with it! waiting for it to be sent over~~ <3

so yeah for such a simple simple fringe cutting, waxing to make the strands fall into place, i spent 45 mins. not so bad now...

original wig


made some adjustments to the top after watching the anime too, since i realised there were orange buttons on her sleeves and the 'tie' on her collar is purple.



i also managed to get some more captures from the anime:


unlike what i had thought of audrey, i actually found that she's quite a strong girl in the show. not bad! and she actually looks very pretty somehow, in this picture.


then i saw more pictures of her inner top and realised i was missing the front flap. (not like anyone will see anyway), and the shirt is tucked in her pants. arghh unless i'm planning for a shoot without her purple coat, don't think i'll go mend it. or maybe i will for perfectionist sake lol



and contrary to what i'd thought, she does have an accessory!


anyhow i think i quite like this character. i had the smallest bag ever while carrying her stuff since most were wearable everyday clothes (white top, black pants, brown shoes), and it's so easy to change into!

well, not until i got called miss orange. and the emcee said i look like kurosaki ichigo. WTFFFFFFFF.

whatever, gundam unicorn FTW!
finished the base of the doll. looks very voodoo. don't you just love his/her pose? maybe i should name it... Ling (spirit/zero in chinese) might be appropriate for it...


and sewed on pockets for grell's coat. yay. used my own pocket sewing method and underestimated the width. darn. oh well, not like it's gonna be obvious...


bought this wig for grell too

hopefully these skulls would work as well...

time for some old old old updates!!!

wiring the 'flaps' before the shoot last saturday. ughhh.


and cut the wig for like 1.5hours to get the fringe and the strand on the side right. yes i fail, even for such a simple wig. =.= and i forgot i needed the cut hair for my doll (for grell) and threw everything away. DAMN.


and the original wig

yes i'm still energetic enough to go for the 2 day workshop. and here's the finished product of what we learnt from goldy!

foam + vinyl + kangaroo / bondo glue... (makes my head spin)


and goldy doesn't reveal his face but i can assure you this is him, lol.


the next day was a cosplay event day, and there were singing performances. winners from the past competitions were all singing there, it was a pretty good line up.

dinner-wise, went out with nik/dan/shouko to bugis to shop around, since it's her last 2 days in singapore.

had lots of interesting topics to talk about with her... really glad to have known her! i look hideous next to this fairy, please ignore =.=


too bad she's leaving tomorrow, oh well!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

like, somebody should write a manual for what happens if you get hit by a car and you can still get up and go to work.

what's this about 24hours claim? and i can only claim for my x-ray if i get hospitalised? and that i should have gotten the car plate number from the lady? it's my fault for running across, not hers... so why would she be responsible? and what's this about having to do recordings and invite the police over should you call an ambulance. it's so confusing, not to mention annoying and troublesome. it's not like i have a twisted neck or what, i'm still fine, and i still can walk. sure i was grabbing my tummy, and trembling from the shock, but that will go away soon enough. it's not like the 'eye witnesses' even bothered to help this lady. i have to pathetically walk over in the rain to pick up my poor shoe that flew across the road, and all you guys could say is 'shall i call the ambulance', while you hid in your comfy shelter? (wait did someone just take the number down for toto?) it's so much easier.. to just walk away, pretend nothing happened, and go to work normally.

and it should have stayed that way, except i couldn't really wipe off the oil stain on my feet where the tyre rolled over. and i couldn't explain why the button on my dress was off (probably flew off somewhere). i could have lied, but i just didn't knomw how to come up with a good lie.

that's why i ended up being forced to go for the cheapest alternative so i could pacify everyone. - visit to the free doctor covered by my company, and sitting at home for the next day. i mean i am very thankful that my colleagues were very concerned about me, and my boss was almost going nuts when he was the last to know, and i ended up getting an mc for today... but it still felt as though it didn't really happen. felt like i was probably making up an entire story to get away from work. i did attend 3 meetings normally after that, so what's this about a punctured stomach... don't try to scare me!

so the doc says, as he poked me on the areas to test which parts were hurting (man, was he a sadist or what) - what car knocked you? i was blank and thinking, what do you want to know whether it was a red car, blue car, merdcedes or ferrari? and i replied ... 'what?' the doc says matter-of-factly, 'i mean a motorcycle, a lorry or...' hey if it was a lorry i wouldn't really have half my body here, would i? and i did mention it's a car, not a vehicle. maybe he was only testing my consciousness. the whole session was wrapped up with dosage of painkillers, and advice that i should go back if i have 'dark stools, vomiting and blood in my vomit'

so since it's not so serious until i am vomiting blood, i suppose it's still alright to say, wake up early for a conference call, then sit in front of my mac, type a nonsensical blog entry and go back to cutting more cloths.

still, i wish i was still a kid when this happened. at least last time when i got knocked by a motorbike, i had my mom panic for me, but now i'm at a loss as to what to do. and i am LAZY to do what i'm supposed to do (not to mention, poor). all i can say is, i have strong bones that withstand tyres and car crashes, and probably time will heal whatever it is in my body that needs to be healed. calcium ftw!

yes, my friend advises that i should turn up at the hospital and say with all due seriousness 'i got knocked by a car, could you x-ray me?', and try not to laugh when i do it. because they might not take me seriously. hurhurhurhur, ouch, my tummy hurts...

on a side note, my chatbox seems full of spam messages...

Friday, September 03, 2010

i didn't know there was this song, but now when i look at it again, i really like this song. and the way they mixed the last battle with that very peaceful song is just... heartbreaking somehow.

***SPOILERS for pandora hearts LAST EPISODE****

thanks to xemnas for the link.

Emily Bindinger - Everytime You Kissed Me

Every time you kissed me
I trembled like a child
Gathering the roses
We sang for the hope
Your very voice is in my heartbeat
Sweeter than my dream
We were there, in everlasting bloom

Roses die,
The secret is inside the pain

Winds are high up on the hill
I cannot hear you
Come and hold me close
I'm shivering cold in the heart of rain
Darkness falls, I'm calling for the dawn

Silver dishes for the memories,
For the days gone by
Singing for the promises
Tomorrow may bring
I harbor all the old affection
Roses are the past
Darkness falls, and summer will be gone

Joys of the daylight
Shadows of the starlight
Everything was sweet by your side, my love
Ruby tears have come to me, for your last words
I'm here just singing my song of woe
Waiting for you, my love

Now let my happiness sing inside my dream...

Every time you kissed me
My heart was in such pain
Gathering the roses
We sang of the grief
Your very voice is in my heart beat
Sweeter than despair
We were there, in everlasting bloom

Underneath the stars
Shaded by the flowers
Kiss me in the summer day gloom, my love
You are all my pleasure, my hope and my song
I will be here dreaming in the past
Until you come
Until we close our eyes
updates on pandora, managed to cut the spear shape and spray paint... now to attach to the pole...



and here's the choker. cut the little squares out of foam and uhu glued them, then i used gold poster paint on it. hahah yes the color sticks somehow. then for a final coating i spray painted gold on it and attached ribbons to 'hook'.



same method for the side dangles, just that i need to paint many laters for this somehow...


and wig for pandora