Tuesday, April 30, 2013

130430 Jeju East

and our first looooooong day in jeju begins. started off with an awesome breakfast - we could make eggs ourselves, and there were even mini hallabongs in the kitchen! and toast was made using raisin bagels. hmmmmmmm-mmmmmm *love breakfast* *_*

then we went out in the area just near our hotel to explore. there's a harbour nearby but it's a downhill way... yep, the little ships in the distance, is where we'll be walking to...

interesting scuba place on our way down. nice graffiti!

and we're getting nearer...

and we're finally here!

my artistic view of the bridge. keke.

and the little garden where i waited at while xm went on a looooong walk around the area.

we also saw some orange buns and bought some since it was only available here. not so bad! the shop uncle was also nice enough to let us try one that was fresh outta the oven.

went back to the hotel afterwards to be greeted by our taxi driver/tour guide/photographer of the day, who brought us to the filming area of daejanggeum~

daejanggeum happened to be here! whoa!

we then went off and passed by a place where strikes were going on to protest against the building of a naval base in the area.

and this is the world cup stadium.

there's also a famous temple in jeju, but it's unlikely i would go after naksan temple. they all look the same!! i'm oh so fine with looking at it from a distance.

next destination is a park.

it must be a habit to throw coins into every sacred monuments you find. or at high places.

there's also people selling seafood here.

some seals that you could look at. really random.

the next place was a waterfall area, where you had to climb down from that bridge you see in the distance. as i'm not too keen on climbing all the steps down just to see a waterfall, i was contented with just this picture.

and following that, another park. actually i can't remember all the names of the places we went to. we were almost on a crash course trip - the taxi driver brought us to all the landmarks and took pictures like lightning and then we were shoved to the next place. it was crazy. i just know i've to climb/walk a lot here.

and i shall just spam pictures here and let them do the talking.

and when i reached the bottom i saw HUGE boulders of rocks. and i suddenly remember this is the dragon head mountain. and i've been here before on my very first korea trip in sec 2.

i remember all these people selling seafood as well. not that i tried anything.

and we're finally out after a huge walk around the dragon's body.

lovely displays near the toilet.

passed by a mini theme park while walking to our taxi.

the stained glass museum was in the area too but you needed to pay quite an entrance fee to enter, so we skipped it and went to the green tea farm instead.

there's an indoor green tea museum selling the Osulloc green tea brand, which i realised has a branch in Myeongdong and stocks in supermarkets.

we still bought the ice cream to eat anyway.

there's also an innisfree shop. by the way, innisfree is originated from jeju since the cosmetics sold are made using all the materials here. 

there was a soap making session and we were just in time to make the last batch of soaps before it closes.

see how the trees here resemble innisfree logo?

back at our hotel, we stopped for a night visit at the waterfall area near our hotel. it was so funny, em and xm ran all the way there, entered the place and had stomachache together. so we shat in the toilet and came out for the waterfall together. lol.

so anyway here's the waterfall. it's supposed to look prettier at night, but the whole park was sort of dark so it was also slightly scary.

there was also a blinking LED bridge with the jeju signature grandpa stones. we actually saw a couple making out, but cos xm wouldn't cross the stone bridge on the other side, we had to bypass the couple to walk on the proper path. bet it was embarrassing for them!

after out trip, we finally settled down to have dinner. there's good abalone porridge near our hotel too so we went for that, as it's also one of the signature food in jeju.

yum yum~~