Friday, April 12, 2013

130412 SKKU Sports Meet

a special event occurs once every 2 school terms, and i was lucky to be able to partake in the SKKU sports meet. even though i was quite lazy to go, i turned up anyway just to see how it would be like. was about an hour late though. hahaha.

in the morning there was basketball and hula hoop going on.

then i arrived just in time for the team skipping rope thingy. here's the teacher demonstrating it.
it actually looks harder than it seems so our class went round to practising it... but i was pretty bad at it T_T so here's a really funny pic of me trying to jump the thing. HAHHAHA. and guess what in the end we only managed to jump once cos i tripped. but then again, there were 2 other classes who scored one jump, and the rest of the classes scored none. so it wasn't that bad right?!?

so i was chased out and the 3 classes who scored equal points had to compete again. it was pretty funny because one of the class scored 15 on a practice but 0 on the real thing. we got 2nd in the end as the first class scored about 16 and we only did 4. still it was better than just one hahahah.

took some group pictures before i stole off during lunchtime and never returned. kekekek. our shirt looks awesome right. hot pink!

and here's our class!

picture with our teachers, after i left. hurhur.

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