Thursday, April 18, 2013

130418 Dinner with JooA

we had outdoor lessons today for our final class!! the weather was so nice and warm, and the breeze so cooling. so we sat under the pretty blossoms and had conversational lessons + games with another class.

and this is the view from the top of the hostel when i visited hang-ssi.
here's our class~~
then after that i went over to gangnam to have dinner with jooA, as a mini belated birthday celebration. we actually managed to find an al-tang place (알탕), or roe soup. but it was definitely not what i had expected. started with some roe rice, then the main dish.

ok, the thing is everything inside, are intestines. only the soup is nice. and because the roe is in little pieces you can't really see them as they meld with the soup. it was quite scary for me to eat so much intestines for the first time T_T the soup was unexpectedly cheap though, only about 6000 won per person.

after that we went to coffee bean to have some coffee and i bought some presents that she selected herself at face shop. well, self-selected presents are the best right?? lolol.

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