Friday, April 12, 2013

130412 Yeoido Flower Festival

so i ran off early from the sports meet cos i wanted to go to yeoido's flower festival. arrived a tad too early and shopped around the place. but everything was pretty branded. found a hollister shop that very closely resembles abercrombie outlook. hmmm.

then met up with 00 for the flower festival.

sadly, nothing has blossomed!!! look at how bare they were. T_____T

well, at least there's some other flowers. but still.

the funny thing about this festival are the booths that lined the whole street.

i would have expected to see food and games, but no - nothing of that sort at all, and everything that's totally unrelated to the festival!!! like how to do resuscitation.

and how to check if you are developing breast cancer. =_= lol.

so since there was really nothing much else to see, we went over to the nearest station and hopped over to hwehwa, where the rest of the members were collecting their costumes. went to have dinner at a seollongtang 설렁탕 shop, along with kimchi pajeon 김치 바전 and mandu 만두. 

while waiting for the rest to finish their dinner, we walked around, hwehwa is actually known for the stage performances as there's a whole street of these performing groups around. to watch one, you have to catch the right timing and it costs over $80-$100+. whooooa.

 then settled on having coffee at a cat cafe.

the cats are all so fat and fluffy and well-fed!!! too bad they were all sleeping =_=

some managed to wake up and stroll around a little later.

one of them was chasing the cushion padding because the guest beside it kept pulling it and the cat thought the cushion could move and held on to it for dear life. so cuuuute.

after that went to meet up with the rest and rode home on our office car. wooo. car is good.

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