Wednesday, April 17, 2013

130417 Seokcheon Flower Festival

so since we didn't get to see the blossoms at yeoido... waited for a few more days before we went over to Seokcheon to see it. this place is actually near lotte world and there's a big lake in the middle, so you just need to walk along the lake to look at the blossoms.

i reached a little earlier so i went ahead to look around first while the rest came in half an hour. so here's all the pretty blossoms!! you can see lotte world is just behind.


so basically i took all those pictures while trying to find them. we were walking in the opposite direction =_= here's my favourite from the blossoms~


here's a shot of all of us - well not really since ta-sem didn't really wanna be in the picture.

after wacki's multi shot and many attempts there's a decent one here. the rest was like so blur and dark T_T
after that we went to have dinner at a nearby place. ate this fish soup thingy but it wasn't really to my taste as there were a lot of funny vegetables inside and the fish had lots of bones. other ingredients also included intestines. we also had dessert at burger king - it seems that burger king is not very common here and is one of the more expensive fast food restaurants. then myeongseon came to pick us up and we all tried to squeeze in the very small car. lol. 4 of us at the back - that's why they should just all consider dieting...!!!

00 legs suffered much due to my weight. kekekek.

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