Wednesday, December 28, 2016

161228 Katana Yongin

we decided to have the shoot at yongin, in the middle of the night since there probably wouldn't be a lot of people. and i wanted to do it before the really horrible cold winter came. to be honest, it wasn't really a good choice anyway (since up till now i still haven't gotten my final edited photos).

it was almost a hit and run thing and there were crazy people passing by. like cars (it's a market street, cars are not supposed to come in!). but since there's no one, we decided to park our van there anyway. and crazy teenagers walking around. the weather was cold, why don't they just go home!!!

i had to like cower in the car, then wait for the guys to finish setting up, run out and pose for a good 5 mins before running back to the car to de-freeze. it was a good thing we parked the van nearby. the weather was already winter, who was i kidding!!! it was below 0degrees. i must have been nuts.

we shot at 3 different places before i totally became olaf.

we started the shoot around 11plus and it ended up around 4am. snow came FIERCELY right when we ended. woah.

after that we went for a supper-breakfast, and i just couldn't stop shaking. katana doesn't even need snow, why did i shoot it in winter. i guess that's why she's in SUICIDE squad.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

161224 Bonjour Beer

i'm taking a space travel back to 2016 to recall what i did.
so it was christmas and we didn't do much. it snowed a lot though.

i was so bored i started messing with dear's hair. PPAP PINEAPPLE PAPA.

at night we went to have a drink at bonjour beer since i haven't been there before, with taesun.

ordered grapefruit beer, which is surprisingly refreshing. good to know we have such cozy drinking places in yongin~!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

161220 Hongdae

had lunch at semaeul sikdang as i wanted to try the dwaengjang there (on the right). however, it is a little salty for my taste, and the kimchi stew is still the best (right)

also wanted to visit onepiee cafe and to shop around as well, so we went to hongdae today.

the queue in is pretty crazy so we only dropped by the gift shop and went off.

there's a castella shop that smelt so good just near the cafe! waited for the cheese version, which came out in less than 15mins.

walked around the area looking for dinner place, but there's long queues everywhere and i wasn't very hungry. passed by a bbq place that's featured in jealousy incarnate!

eventually settled on a stew place. i can't remember the name of the place, as usual, but we ordered a soup and chicken. it wasn't too bad. there's also dokboggi as side dish, but it was really spicy.

after that we headed home.

Monday, December 19, 2016

161219 SeongJu and Nare

went to visit seongju and nare at their house today for dinner and nare prepared army stew for us~

they've got a lovely dog called momo at home who is really quiet, unlike a lot of maltese i've seen. and she loves giving kisses~!

love the clothes on her too. so cuteeeeeeeeeeee.

we also watched this korean variety show called 'straight from the fridge', and it was quite interesting, since they have famous chefs duel out using ingredients that can be found from a certain celebrity's fridge. i heard they even moved the actual fridge over to the show. wow.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

161218 Sombra Shoot

and.. we're traveling 2hrs to another part of the city to shoot sombraaaaaaa...

stopped halfway for lunch and they have food that is served chup-chye styled, but with korean cuisine. wheeee! all the side dishes are served individually. but it's not cheap.. all the dishes amounted to like almost 30k. but at least it's for 3 person!

and another hour later, we reached the shoot place, after picking up giro and pion.

it was still bright so we had to wait a little before the shoot start.

and as it turns slightly darker, the lights came on.

and here's how it turns to at night!

place looks so pretty at night! but it's so freaking cold!!

after the shoot ended we headed to RZ studio for indoor shoot. and then it was dinner around 11~!

this is one of the nicest army stew i've had and it stays open 24/7~ unfortunately i can't remember the name or where it is... oops.

by the way, pion has already finished processing all the photos so check out her post here!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

161215 MG Dinner Jayeon

went to gangnam for a post-project team outing! ate at jayeon byeolguk, a korean buffet. came here before previously after monster super league shoot, and coming here again for monster super league outing. lol.

since we came here twice, i didn't bother to take any photos. we visited paris baguette for tea afterwards, since all other cafes were full of people. look at the cute cups!

after that it was time for shuma to go but we couldn't help but stop at a popular arcade there.

it turns out we have someone good at DDR!!! our photog giro! look at him! i can't even do 10% of that... T_T

guess who is singing alone in the solo karaoke box... haha.

we played a game where you have to spot the difference between 2 given pictures, and also whack a mole! lost by a margin....T_T

it was almost 12 when we got ready to leave.. hehe t'was fun~!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

161214 Zhao Ru Shoot

we're actually collaborating with a popstar for this project!

attended the shoot to help the lady called Zhao Ru, who is from china, and in a kpop group. it's supposed to be pretty famous, or as JH says, she's more famous than jun ki. i'm not sure how true it is since the people in our team don't know her at all. but anyway, she is pretty cute and lovely in real life~

there was some miscommunication and the shoot was crazy. i'm sure at least 20-30 people turned up at the small studio, and she brought her whole make up team, so the helpers on our side were all redundant at the end. i guess it was good that her team was helping her, since it would reduce more conflict if we were to do anything wrong.

anyway some captures!

the shoot ended off at 11+, and we went for lotteria for dinner afterwards. there's actually a breakfast muffin there, haha.