Sunday, December 18, 2016

161218 Sombra Shoot

and.. we're traveling 2hrs to another part of the city to shoot sombraaaaaaa...

stopped halfway for lunch and they have food that is served chup-chye styled, but with korean cuisine. wheeee! all the side dishes are served individually. but it's not cheap.. all the dishes amounted to like almost 30k. but at least it's for 3 person!

and another hour later, we reached the shoot place, after picking up giro and pion.

it was still bright so we had to wait a little before the shoot start.

and as it turns slightly darker, the lights came on.

and here's how it turns to at night!

place looks so pretty at night! but it's so freaking cold!!

after the shoot ended we headed to RZ studio for indoor shoot. and then it was dinner around 11~!

this is one of the nicest army stew i've had and it stays open 24/7~ unfortunately i can't remember the name or where it is... oops.

by the way, pion has already finished processing all the photos so check out her post here!

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