Friday, June 29, 2007

so far on my cosplay:
$22 on spray paint (gold, silver, blue, gloss)
$8 on red cloth
$7 on glue gun
$5 on 1kg of white clay
$5 on corrugated board
$4 on plastic sticky wrap
$4 on tiger wire
$3 on stockings
.............................................. so far: $58
maybe $20 on daily disposable contacts
planning $80 on wig
.............................................. expected: $158

and this is actually for 3 characters i'm gonna be cosplaying. hey, not so bad!

and while shopping for my cosplay stuff, i happen to buy:
$47 on a mango skirt
$23 on an a&f top
$15 on lace clogs
$5 on leggings

and of cos i need to maintain some essentials right?
$45 for bus pass
some $90+ on food. average of $3 each day? (after all the restaurant treats, going out for lunch, snacks, etc) WOW. i thought i packed bread?
perhaps about $40+ for presents
............................................... unexpectedly: $265
............................................... i guess it's $423

it's actually not so bad... calculatively. but then again... in reality, where's all my money??
oh man! the meiji milk is only 40cents here! haha. and 2 litres for $2.50 (expires in a week though) i just finished a bottle (the small one of cos), feel so satisfied. and there's some singtel deals going on too! for the more expensive plan, i can get LG Shine at $88, normal classic at $268... but without plan it's $598, what a big difference... the point here is i sometimes feel so delighted as a HP employee! (",)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

by the way, i just realised that my phone's resolution is not so bad! you can actually see the cracks! the photos were bigger though but it's pretty hard to scroll through big photos and i didn't want it to be too small either.
the first day of PVC (Project Valkyrie Cosplay) i cut the helm shape in flat dimensions and used newspaper to make the 3D parts so that i can easily clay over them.

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and afterwards i went to put wire at the front connecting to the back in a cross path. this was to give the shape when you wear the helm, and also so that you COULD actually wear the helm. (did you think i would put sticky tape on my head?) turns out a bit messy but i thought it should be better after claying anyway.

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ok! let's see, i went to get some more materials on saturday, coincidentally, at holland v. well, i didn't expect to get anything there but after meeting up for a glue gun (it's pretty useless, don't buy the small ones), i went up to the shopping centre above cold storage while waiting for the rest of BLEWKY (KY only though) to come. and right in front of me was the all-in-one DIY kinda store where, as frank says, you can't really look for anything but which only the store owner knows where everything is. and i managed to get my gloss coat and golden spray paint for $5.50 each. i subsequently managed to walk around with yun after lunch and got a coil of tiger wire for $3.50. eh well, i'll have some use for it later i guess.
on sunday, i woke up around 830-9am and started claying my helm all the way till 3pm, and it was so terrible because the linings all dropped off once i bent it a little, and the clay hardens so fast that i wasn't able to mould it properly.

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i discarded the whole thing after trying a little golden spray paint on the side.

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it just looks so terrible with all the cracks!
and then i started all over again using the same corrugated base and trimmed the borders so that it appeared smaller. the helm was a bit big anyway. i used the best material i could manipulate - paper, and i found that i have LOTS of hard paper at home. heh. i did them in parts so i can spray them separately and connect them back together.

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i did my renewed project fromm 4-10pm. and also the linings at the side which i thought i would spray the next day and lined them on.
so, yesterday after shopping for swords and katanas (which i end up empty-handed, *relieved*), i went home to spray my linings gold. my neighbour was around and i could hear them 'who's spraying and spraying' in their irritating indian accent with bollywood music as the background, and a dark head peaking from behind their sofa to realise i was squatting at the front of my house polluting the air. ah well, at least i got it done. i tried glue-gunning the linings, but it was so irritating because the glue just comes out as and when it likes and not when i trigger it, and it dries sooo quickly that it doesn't really stick properly. so i ended up using double sided tape (it wasn't very sticky, but it's much cleaner and easier to use!).

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Monday, June 25, 2007

ok... so i slogged my weekend on my failed helm and eventually redid it in the evening... using paper! will upload the pictures soon. i'm so bad with clay. and this white clay sucks so much that my few hours of hard work went to cracks and eventually got trashed. oh well. at least i took a picture as a sort of remembrance. it looks really bad. considered repairing it by putting another layer, but really, it's in a 'no medicine can cure' state already. so that's my sunday.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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i just found a superb japanese cosplayer! apparently this person is a 'she', but mostly cosplays as a 'he', and does a flawless job at it! awww makes me want to cut my hair short too. the link is at the side under a cool cosplayer. even her websites are amazing, every link brings you to a different design. totally out of the world. and it's not those typical click on the side of the content page to navigate, so it might be hard to find what you want. idol!
yay! i figured since i have so much time, i should do a log of my 2 years cosplay project! and the figure i'm embarking on... lenneth valkyrie! (yes, my most adored female character and all time favourite game~)

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so yesterday, thanks to a free ride on frank's car, i headed to art's friend and quickly found the materials i want - corrugated board: up to my shoulder tall and about 3 times my width for around $5; blue and silver spray paint $5+ each; white clay (some japanese brand): around $5 per kg.

i'm still thinking about whether i should carve the bird logo on both sides of valkyrie's helm and on her arms using melted candle wax, on a wooden block then chop onto the wax OR sculpting on the clay. i'd probably get the most accurate effect on the wax, but i seriously have 0 experience on wood carving!

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looked for a few pictures to explore the possibility and maybe decide how and where i should start from. the helm looks to be the most complicated part with all sorts of dents and designs on it.

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oh yes, and thanks to zhifu who helped me check the prices at spotlight (didn't get anything from there eventually!). and you are right! there are 4 feathers on each side. but they all look about the same size anyway. i'll probably still get the feathers from chaptehs instead of the death note pens (that's gonna be $2 x 8 = $16, O_o`) . i'm counting on you for the bird logo you know?

i was surfing this website and someone called gingeranne takes in donations to proceed with her cosplay props making... and yes it is VERY expensive to do good props, so i wouldn't mind any donations either! haha! except i'm probably not worth investing in since i'm just an amateur. that's why it's gonna take me that long to finish... and probably even longer. (-_-`) maybe i should calculate this project's IRR... or NPV. wait i don't need to - both will be negative financial-wise! sheesh...

Monday, June 18, 2007

no thanks.
i'm hungry but it's ok.
i've got no lunch packed but i'll fill somehow.
hottoite kudasai.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Where on earth did you get that?" says the bartender. The man responds by reaching into the paper bag. This time he pulls out a lamp. He hands it to the bartender and says..."Here. Rub it."

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A few moments later, a duck walks into the bar. It is soon followed by another duck, then another. Pretty soon, the entire bar is filled with ducks and they keep coming! The bartender turns to the man and says, "Y'know, I think your genie's a little deaf...I asked for a million bucks, not a million ducks."

"Tell me about it!!" says the man... "Do you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?"
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