Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yay! i figured since i have so much time, i should do a log of my 2 years cosplay project! and the figure i'm embarking on... lenneth valkyrie! (yes, my most adored female character and all time favourite game~)

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so yesterday, thanks to a free ride on frank's car, i headed to art's friend and quickly found the materials i want - corrugated board: up to my shoulder tall and about 3 times my width for around $5; blue and silver spray paint $5+ each; white clay (some japanese brand): around $5 per kg.

i'm still thinking about whether i should carve the bird logo on both sides of valkyrie's helm and on her arms using melted candle wax, on a wooden block then chop onto the wax OR sculpting on the clay. i'd probably get the most accurate effect on the wax, but i seriously have 0 experience on wood carving!

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looked for a few pictures to explore the possibility and maybe decide how and where i should start from. the helm looks to be the most complicated part with all sorts of dents and designs on it.

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oh yes, and thanks to zhifu who helped me check the prices at spotlight (didn't get anything from there eventually!). and you are right! there are 4 feathers on each side. but they all look about the same size anyway. i'll probably still get the feathers from chaptehs instead of the death note pens (that's gonna be $2 x 8 = $16, O_o`) . i'm counting on you for the bird logo you know?

i was surfing this website and someone called gingeranne takes in donations to proceed with her cosplay props making... and yes it is VERY expensive to do good props, so i wouldn't mind any donations either! haha! except i'm probably not worth investing in since i'm just an amateur. that's why it's gonna take me that long to finish... and probably even longer. (-_-`) maybe i should calculate this project's IRR... or NPV. wait i don't need to - both will be negative financial-wise! sheesh...

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