Sunday, July 03, 2016

160702-03 Cosfest

so on saturday i attended as katana with the rest of the suicide squad team. whee! woke up early so yvonne and i could practise for wcs in the morning.
doing katana for the 3rd time, so didn't really feel like taking any photos. fortunately there's lots of people who took so i just grabbed from here and there.

took photos of the jail and the bartop too~

we did a group performance and a solo catwalk.

and when event ended, so glad i got a free trip home from kurumi who was going to woodlands too. yay!

and sunday is a battle day. i was actually sick from thursday and only recovered slightly on sat. but i think i heal when i'm overwhelmed, sometimes. =_= so it was actually a good thing. not that i want to be in the same situation again...

our costumes are so thick that we really didn't want to step outside. so the total no. of photos i took for the day was just 2.

my eyes look so lifeless. ughhh. it looks as sick as me.

in any case. there's still photos from the public! here's the teams. only 4 participated this year.

after the performance we were all required to do some catwalk..

so from this day forth, habaek and soah wedded on stage. haha.

and we're the winners! we had some mistakes on stage due to my lack of lighting knowledge but oh well... at least our 2 weeks of preparation was well worth it! even though we slacked towards the end thinking we probably wouldn't win...

we really super quickly took off our costume and ran to the toilets.
my bladder suffered for the day...

then we had dinner at soup spoon but not in a celebratory mode as we were worrying over how we were gonna come up with a new costume in less than 1 month. T_T