Saturday, October 22, 2016

161022 Teppei Omakase

bro booked teppei in advance, way before i left for korea to celebrate all our birthdays at once.

it's a cozy japanese bar top where you leave your food to the chef's imagination. can't remember how many dishes it was in total, probably 18 or so for like 80-90+ per person. and our rich brother is the payer today! enjoy the eye fest for the foooood

this maki roll is this size for the ladies and...

this for the men! lol.

got to have 2x oysters cos mom couldn't take raw..

and sometimes we get fed...

but sometimes we don't know what it is we're getting fed.. lol as long as it tastes nice!?

a glob of uh... lol.

and sometimes the waiter just doesn't want me to have a good steady picture!

group photo in between!

and a confession by our waiter..

which is soon cooked to delicious beef......mmmm

this tasted like popcorn. i've never seen such flower!

and now for our mains! you can pick like 1 main from the 4-5 choices they give.

but they put on something special for the people in their birthday month!

here's the main japanese chef looking all cool~~ so cute!

and our 'cake' is here! yum yum uni rice~

we got 6 ice creams as they gave one calpis wrongly. love the salted caramel (most bottom).

and that concludes our meal!

Friday, October 21, 2016

161021 HW's Big Day

i almost forgot that it was huwei's wedding day so it was just good timing that i came back for the seminar and thus was able to attend the wedding. phew!!

the most memorable part was when HW came out with his bride and they were singing to a duet. the voices are really awesome! hw's one lucky man! she even plays Gu Zheng.

don't have a lot of good pictures since we were like the furthest table from the stage so i don't have any clear pics of the bride and groom at all T_T nevertheless, it was a mini JC gathering at our table.

another of bhlewky is married off! that's 2/6...!

enjoy the food... i'm taking less and less nowadays haha.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

161016-18 Goldwell Seminar

so i got myself a KR-CN translation job for a seminar and had to fly back to singapore to take on this. wouldn't have come back earlier if it wasn't for the job actually.

for the first day, the teachers had to do the pre setting for all 6 models so i just stood by to help out.

on the second and third day, it was the actual full day seminar (8-8pm). thanks to the chinese translator the teachers brought along called lyn (who translates so super duper well), i didn't have to do the AM session, and could sit and listen to what the teachers had to say. for the PM session, it was about the same content as the one in the morning, except the students had to take it hands on. there was only about 15 students so at least i wasn't as nervous.

anyhow here's the models for furst and second day. so lucky, i wish i got styled by them too... *_*

the one on the leftmost is lyn the translator.

i get to have dinner with all the staff on the second day as well. it was at peony jade, along clarke quay.

i've never seen shark's fin this big it's overflowing... had 2 bowls lol

there was a lot more dishes (8 or 9 course) of course.

and a final group picture on the second day!

and with my hair stylist. can't remember what product she used but my curls stayed on for like the WHOLE DAY. amazing.

all in all, it was a fantastic experience! i had to translate live while the teacher was speaking, and i had zero experience in hair care so it was very hard to understand what they were saying. i found myself not making any sense sometimes but acktosh said that he knew what i was talking about, so i guess it was ok?! i did learn loads about haircare while i was at it, and picked up tons of chinese nouns! perhaps i'll be able to curl properly and do the korean air fringe sometime... hahah....

Saturday, October 15, 2016

161014-15 Yongin

my last day was spent chionging the costumes at csl!
had porridge in the morning finally. the shop at the terminal was closed everytime we were there.

for the costume, there were some parts i had to mend and thankfully i finished before 8pm... time for dinner! went back to the yukgaejang place to have the other versions, with noddle and the boosted one. all of them tasted pretty much the same as what i had previously.

we spent my last night watching the king's glaive, and i fell asleep halfway. oops.

next day, i was a little late for the bus as i was trying to look for my keys, and 00 had to run to the office for a while. thankfully jeonghoon came to send us to the airport, whee~!!

we saw a cute robot dance on the way, and there was robot fish in the pond too.

the queue was very long so we had some breakfast at the underground foodcourt level.

i was left with about an hour before my turn came to check in. almost couldn't get in because there was problems with my name (again), and they said i was too late!!!! after some arguing... thanks to jeonghoon, they finally let me in!!! if not the next flight would be 4-5hours away, which is NOT GOOD. what's with the name thing, it should have been fine since i changed it in singapore but they kept asking why my last name appeared in front when it's behind in my passport. excuse me... it isn't my problem the chinese likes to have their surname in front but we usually put it behind christian names right....... zzzzz don't think i wanna take china eastern again, keep scaring me with all these funny things.

phew....... the attendant practically ran and lead me all the way to the tram area, then kept telling me to run all the way. (actually there's really no need to... the boarding time was like 12 but i still had like 30mins.......)

and then food in the airplane... it set off a little late too, thanks to another late passenger =_= actually i think the flight was not bad, there was in-flight entertainment for both my connecting flights and the food was ok. i had plenty of seats too - one whole row to myself for both flights. hurhur. it was one of the best flights i had, save the almost-had-to-wait-4hr incident.

landed around 10+, and my sis came to pick me up. yay~ my bag was all food this time....