Sunday, October 09, 2016

161009 Ikea

Went to IKEA today! Finally. There was only 3 timings for the bus – 830am, 1125am and 540pm (or something like that), and we managed to wake up in time for the 1125am bus. It was about an hour ride over to Gwangmyeon, which as a heard is an abandoned city that got revived with IKEA’s opening. Managed to walk over in around 20mins after trying to figure our way over.
We walked around the showroom on L2.

Found a room that has sewing theme, seems to fit me!

was also attracted to one of the ball lighting, which can open up when you switch it on. so pretty!

The IKEA is not so much different from Singapore’s, aside from the restaurant dishes. There’s Pork Pilaf, bulgogi rice and some stuff that’s not on menu. The dessert didn’t have the SG selection, but some apple pie and carrot cake, which doesn’t look nice…

After buying some misc stuff, it was about 4pm. The bus departing for Yongin was at 830pm, so we had quite a lot of time. Luckily there was a Lotte premium outlet just beside IKEA so we shopped a little there. 

randomly saw a toy shop with detailed disney figurines.

and saw the expensive mattress Tempur that jooa was telling me, which moulds itself to your body shape. a whooping 3k++ for each mattress...!! approved and recognised by nasa for its space material usage...

Discovered a really nice okonomiyaki-takoyaki-kyeranbbang pancake thingy there. The queue was so long, but it was worth the wait! We weren’t particulary hungry so we only bought one (for 3.5k), but it would be great to get the 3-in-1 box for 10k won.

Also managed to catch a movie at 530pm, for Miss Peregrin and the Peculiar Children. The script wasn’t too bad but I think the child actors had terrible acting skills. That expression of Enok when his friend is dying doesn’t even seem sad or remorseful at all. And the main character… not sure how he passed the audition. Anyway, we quickly scrambled out of the theatre when it ended at 745pm, and almost ran all the way to the terminal. Got a little lost and it seemed we made one big circle to the terminal. The funny thing was, you can actually see that the outlet is just less than a 10mins easy walk away from the terminal but somehow we went one big round and took twice as long to reach =_=

Anyway, we had dinner with Mr Gold and Ark at the KImchii jjige place and tried out the yukge bibimbap, which is surprisingly nice. Then, back to home~

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