Saturday, October 08, 2016

161008 Seonyudo Photoshoot

So… the team was rushing for the photoshoot at 5pm, but we only got out at 4pm and the road had massive traffic problems so we reached eventually past 6pm. Jeonghoon traveled separately to pick Pion but it seems that was a big mistake as well, since they eventually arrived around 7pm. also, there was apparently a huge fireworks festival happening near our shoot area, which added to the jam… we eventually started a little past 8pm and ended close to 10pm. It was so cold (I swear it’s winter weather already) and both Pion and I were on our Magic Date, so it added to the misery…! Still, kudos to Pion who hung in there and completed the whole shoot!

We went for fried chicken at Hongdae, then drinks at a convenience store, where we found 4 bottles of Minions corn milk. Whee! Finally, the Singapore job is over! Almost anyway.

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