Saturday, October 22, 2016

161022 Teppei Omakase

bro booked teppei in advance, way before i left for korea to celebrate all our birthdays at once.

it's a cozy japanese bar top where you leave your food to the chef's imagination. can't remember how many dishes it was in total, probably 18 or so for like 80-90+ per person. and our rich brother is the payer today! enjoy the eye fest for the foooood

this maki roll is this size for the ladies and...

this for the men! lol.

got to have 2x oysters cos mom couldn't take raw..

and sometimes we get fed...

but sometimes we don't know what it is we're getting fed.. lol as long as it tastes nice!?

a glob of uh... lol.

and sometimes the waiter just doesn't want me to have a good steady picture!

group photo in between!

and a confession by our waiter..

which is soon cooked to delicious beef......mmmm

this tasted like popcorn. i've never seen such flower!

and now for our mains! you can pick like 1 main from the 4-5 choices they give.

but they put on something special for the people in their birthday month!

here's the main japanese chef looking all cool~~ so cute!

and our 'cake' is here! yum yum uni rice~

we got 6 ice creams as they gave one calpis wrongly. love the salted caramel (most bottom).

and that concludes our meal!

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