Monday, October 03, 2016

161003 Hanbok w Jooa

brace yourself for lots of pictures for today's post!
i was rotting around at home and waiting for 00's call but he didn't come over till 2+. jooa called and asked if i wanted to get out to gyeongbukgong so i just said yes and zoomed out! it was such a sudden change in plan. we met up and went to one of the dressing studio to pick our hanbok. jooa brought make up so i was able to touch up myself.

it was a pity we couldn't enter gyeongbukgong because it was closed till 7. as i had dinner plan, we could only wear our hanbok for about 3hrs. you can actually get in free if you wear a hanbok to enter! the cost of rental was about 20k (depending on the type of hanbok you choose), and additional 5k for shoes, and 5k for inner skirt. luckily, we can still hang around the main entrance.

and time for some mini shoot! i chose a blue-purple combination as the pastel feels were adorable.

and we shot a lot of stuff near the entrance.

love my hair! always wanted to do that ribbon braid thingy.

more selfies!

there's so many people in hanbok here! here's 1 big group.

we found an appropriate backdrop here too.

love this 2 selfies~

took some at the very big entrance as well. 

and the last one taken with the blooms on the roadside

my dinner was canceled so i had dinner with jooa instead at a food street nearby. had dalkgalbi!

we hung around at a coffee shop after that before i went home. it was nice to talk to jooa, as always because we can talk about anything under the sun! and she's open and straightforward. she's like my xm in korea. hehe. hope to see her again soon!

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