Thursday, October 13, 2016

161013 Hongdae

met up with Mong today at hongdae! yay! she was telling me about this prawn set (se-u ganjjang) at hongdae that she wanted to try out, which was featured on a local show. i was late for like 30mins... and reached around 12. oops... but at least we found the place! it opened around 12pm and there was already a queue!

we waited for almost an hour before we got in, and our meal came almost immediately (they prepped it while we were in the queue).

the prawns are raw and i saw mong ate up every single part. not even the shell or the head was left, like mine:

we ate everything in a mere 15mins?! there's persimmon given as a side fruit. love the entire meal!!!!!!

and of cos, what is meal without dessert? the chocolate cafe was just a minute walk away from this place, the one i last went with pion and the rest.


on a day that's not a holiday, that was just like any other day. T______________T

luckily, Mong said there's a #2 shop that sells cheesecake, opened by the same person. so we walked over to check. it wasn't opened till past 2pm, so we walked around first before coming back again. chanced by a gacha shop and a cafe that makes rings. there's all sorts of cafes in hongdae where you can make jewelry, dolls etc...

well anyway we went back to the cheesecake place and there was this parfait thingy i wanted to try but they had no ice cream that day. NO ICE CREAM. i can't image cafe without ice cream. zzzz. ended up just ordering tea and a cheesecake souffle. *sniffs*

took a photo this time! Mong dressed up for me and her hair was looking nice! must take pic! haha.

thankfully, there was a bunch of other things along the streets of hongdae, and there was this really neat tiramisu ice cream!! we just saw people eating while walking and decided we'll look for it. it pays to have nice packaging as free advertisement...

we shared a cone! and i took the plastic glass home. it was so delicious!!

after walking around a bit, we passed by a castella shop that has a queue but it was closed... it seemed like shop will only open around 4pm?! since it was just 5mins away from 4pm... we joined in too...

bought 2 and gave one to Mong! i forgot to take a pic of how the castella looked like but i distributed it to the csl people and it disappeared in the hungry depths of myeong seon...

then we went home and i had dinner with 00. continuously eating for the whole day... went to a pizza place where we chanced upon previously after eating at misoya. was kinda craving for honey pizza, and it was there!

honey gorgonzola~

and hamburg!

they all tasted so awesome..... but it was kinda pricey for yongin so we probably wouldn't be back again, since olive offers something similar at 30% lower price.

we had desserts at paik's coffee. tbh i was seriously super full but i wanted to sit and nua somewhere at a coffee shop. i think i picked the wrong combi though. pumpkin soup was too filling and it was too cold for ice cream too =_=

at least dear enjoyed everything!

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