Thursday, February 28, 2013

Korea! Here i come!!

Figures i better do an update since it's already half a month since i arrived. but i'm a bit lazy to type so i shall just spam my photos. 8D

took Korean airlines this time. wanted to get an increase in baggage space but practically nobody picked up their supposedly 24hr hotline unless you let it ring endlessly. they might as well throw their phone away. when someone finally picked up after i left it to wring for a minute, the service sucked, no special extension for students at all.

oh well at least the plane had better seats and entertainment than the one i took previously.

i arrived early in the morning around 9am. and my dearest came to pick me up to send me to the house i'll be staying till july *__*

안녕하세요~~~~ this is yong-in!

since there's almost everything i need in the room i won't really need to step out except for food. hahahah. i even have a cute auto vacuum cleaner. look!
and in the distance there's our csl headquarters.

could have been lovelier if they threw out all the rubbish outside. -_-
for the first few days i spent most of my time there and we played board games till past midnight o_o playing in korean wasn't very easy but at least i can always google the instructions heh

and because we eat outside all the time i get to choose to drink pretty coffees advertised by the local stars. hahhahah

ohh during my first day i also went over to an open house. since it was related to sy's family business we all went down to have a look. uh we stopped at the wrong place and ended up here actually.

didn't manage to take pictures of the open house as i'm not sure of the etiquettes there. but you have to take off your shoes to visit, it was so troublesome. the houses were very nice though.

we also went over to gangnam to have a look at their 3D printer. whoooooa. think it's going for about 2-3k?

looks awesome...

and for dinner we ate something which tasted like beef stew. and the soupy thing actually has cheese and ramen in it. love it!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

130212 SMLJ CNY

because i forgot i had to go malaysia... i left my passport with the embassy and ended spending the first few days of CNY by myself. no reunion dinner too. T_T

so i spent my first day decorating our lovely new house with all the wallpapers we bought from taobao. here's the living/dining room. took about 3hours to stick all those individual twigs and leaves.

 and here's my sis' toilet. cute eh!

then i spent my second day trying to dye my hair but the color didn't turn out very obvious (duh). oh well. i was so bored i also tried playing LoL. my id is 0iljimae0 for anyone who wants to play with me, but i'm really lousy at the game. lost at the first pvb game T_T

so i'm glad SMLJ made up my lack of CNY with our very own CNY gathering at denise's place! we ate lots of CNY goodies, curry and even had herbal chicken soup. and we sang non stop karaoke for almost 6hours. omgggg. think we were quite a nuisance to her family but we had lots of fuuuun~~

my dear laogong bought yusheng so we had a good toss as well... although it seemed that the fish was missing. but it's ok, we threw lots of ikan billis in anyway. as long as it's fish, who cares~!

since some of us had evening plans, those who didn't went for sushi dinner. alvin's great recommendation.
and WOOOOW. the sushi express at city hall is really awesome. $1.50 for every plate and they have so much sashimi! i especially like the big fat scallop.

and we ended up eating...

which isn't so bad for 5-6 person eh...? hahahah. and i'll definitely come back again~

Moving House

oh gawwwwd thank goodness i didn't need to go work anymore if not i won't know how else to pack my stuff. i spent 5 days just trying to tidy them up and move them over using my dad's car. really felt like some kind of coolie then =_=

this was how everything looked when we've finally shifted all our barangs over. and 80% of the things here are all mine. =_=

and this is all because there's so many things i can't bear to dump. like this whole load of letters and notes, all the way from primary school.

when you dig them up piece by piece it's actually pretty fun to read them again. they are just like pieces of my memory... how could i!

and because i have waaay too many clothes i sort of just pulled all of them up and wrapped them up as it is instead of folding them piece by piece. it would take too much time to unfold and hang them back in the new house anyway. wahhhhaaaa it's not a bad idea you know!

what was nice for the new house was also shopping for the furniture. sis bought hers from another furniture shop but because it was so expensive i ended up just lazing around.

eventually i got mine from ikea. the guys sent them over and set them up, so this wardrobe cost around $400+ with all those extra services. now i can finally stuff all my clothes!

i particularly like my bookshelf. it was only $29.90 but don't you think it looks so cool!!! now my books have a place to show themselves. and i can really stack so many things in it!

and since we didn't have any proper table, i ended up having my first dinner here using our small little table. korean style~~ (and with kimchi too lol)