Thursday, February 14, 2013

130212 SMLJ CNY

because i forgot i had to go malaysia... i left my passport with the embassy and ended spending the first few days of CNY by myself. no reunion dinner too. T_T

so i spent my first day decorating our lovely new house with all the wallpapers we bought from taobao. here's the living/dining room. took about 3hours to stick all those individual twigs and leaves.

 and here's my sis' toilet. cute eh!

then i spent my second day trying to dye my hair but the color didn't turn out very obvious (duh). oh well. i was so bored i also tried playing LoL. my id is 0iljimae0 for anyone who wants to play with me, but i'm really lousy at the game. lost at the first pvb game T_T

so i'm glad SMLJ made up my lack of CNY with our very own CNY gathering at denise's place! we ate lots of CNY goodies, curry and even had herbal chicken soup. and we sang non stop karaoke for almost 6hours. omgggg. think we were quite a nuisance to her family but we had lots of fuuuun~~

my dear laogong bought yusheng so we had a good toss as well... although it seemed that the fish was missing. but it's ok, we threw lots of ikan billis in anyway. as long as it's fish, who cares~!

since some of us had evening plans, those who didn't went for sushi dinner. alvin's great recommendation.
and WOOOOW. the sushi express at city hall is really awesome. $1.50 for every plate and they have so much sashimi! i especially like the big fat scallop.

and we ended up eating...

which isn't so bad for 5-6 person eh...? hahahah. and i'll definitely come back again~

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