Tuesday, March 31, 2009

let's see ah yes my stupid boss arranged a freaking meeting at 7pm so i've 1.5hours to waste away and i don't feel like working unpaid so i shall BLOG.

so, i went for the kurobara event on sunday as min jeong ho from shoujo changumu no yume (daejanggeum), BUT no one recognised me. of course. zzz. no one watches that anime i think. well anyway i usually don't blog about local events cos there's too many searchable keywords, you say something negative and it gets blown up cos singapore is so small and there's politics involved even in cosplay. and there's only that handful of cosplayers. but what the heck, i'm angry now you see.

so here are some of the pictures i thought that's nice which i koped from sgcafe.

well i took like 3 using my samsung phone but still...

and here's the one i took anyway

maomao's lancelot

the 3000dollars violin. hoho.
Amu ikuto violin
Ikuto amu sleeping

my photos sucked so here are the better ones

and the contestants...

from shaman king i think

basara i think (one of the competitors)


the very cute kitty host

and let me start with some randoms...

no idea who...
Nagi, Zange


think her character is taiga but not sure what series. pretty cute though!

toshaka rin from fate stay night in archer clothings
Toshaka Rin

watchman! scary.

and zero kiryuu.

and then there's shugo chara. yes i only knew about this series because they were cos-ing it. zzz.
see how much nicer this is than the one i took. i shouldn't be bothered with photo taking after all. that's why i took to kope-ing
Ikuto, Amu2

and val's amu is soooo CUTEEEEEE

some d'gray man...

shiro's allen. her hand rocks.

kanda yu

and naruto fever!

the best naruto

a really pretty yamanaka ino!
Sakura, Ino

my sis' favourite kakashi
Sasuke, Kakashi

get ready for some serious macross whopping. there was like 5 or 6 sheryl nome kagebunshins walking around man.

all the different versions
Sheryls kagebunshin

sheryl (lion pv)
Sheryl (Lion pv)


oh. and webshots suck because i had to relink everything and re-generate all the 500pixels code since the default one was too tiny. gahhhh. and you have to scroll down and get the code. and you have to be at the photo page to get the code. it should really take a look at photobucket and learn from them.

oh and if you're wondering where the hell i am, it's actually hidden in one of the links on your screen. heh. like hell i'm gonna post myself here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i have finally finally finished my shinigami suit.
ok the way i said it it's as if i've been working on it for a year. but yeah it was only less than a week (like after work and on weekends). but the collar has been driving me nuts cos i couldn't get the shape right and the insides keep flapping out. will sew on an inner shirt if i can... but i'm too lazy now. so i found an alternative to FIX the collars in place (off-machine sewing heh)
and i got those neat buttons from chinatown, it even has a crest design on it. spray painted it silver to match. happy!
accidentally ripped one of the button holes though... hope no one will take a good close look at it.



added on cuffs too

oh and this was actually from one of the cos-mode template called prince suit or something. i cut the m-sized WITH 1cm round seams, but it was TOO BIG. so next time i should cut the L size WITHOUT seams. luckily i could like sew the sides to 'shrink' the overall frame so it's pretty fitting now. :D SUPER HAPPY WITH THIS. i think i will bring it overseas to wear IF i could sew the inner shirt in time. and go overseas. gahhh.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i got addicted to skip beat! and finally found the dress that i think i can make and adore xD
plus, the main character mogami kyoko is really someone to be admired. wow. thinking of getting people to do the angel devil pv from sho's prisoner song. i looooove fuwa sho's outfit here too!! but it's sooooo complicated. gosh.
(anyway here's one of the better videos that capture almost all parts of how the mtv should be like)

and the angel in question i'm planning to do

some more in depth details i captured

and yes... i've already gotten some if not most of the materials for the dress!! yay~~~
mogami kyoko (skip beat) shopping list

white satin: $2/m x 3m = $6
white satin (60inch): $2.50 x 2m = $5
white crepon: $2.50/m x 2m = $5
white cloth from malaysia = $RM6/m x 2m = RM12 (about SGD6)

white lace trims: $1.40 x 5m = $7
white applique: $7.50 x 1m = $7.50
white stretch ribbons: $2/m x 2.5m = $$4.50 (got a 50cents discount...)

white seams: $0.80*4packets=$3.20
yellow acrylic paint: $3
golden blonde wig: $40.75
hair pin: $0.70

total: $88.65

Monday, March 23, 2009

i only managed to get my chain belt completed over the weekends. sadded.
was made by silver spray paint over the applique layered on oval transparencies. and it has a double effect since it can stick. haha. i watched gintama while chaining the metal stuff on the chains.



as a little bonus to myself, i strung a cross symbol at the end of the chain. not very visible since there's gonna be a scarf strapped over but oh well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

and the other ring i made together for kuroshitsuji was the sakujun one. (tore out the flowery ring base for undertaker but not for this) it's purple pink crystal in the middle and the sides are hotglued patterns so it looks like it has 2 overlaps. it's spray painted gold.

on friday i went to hotglue patterns on my ring base and spray painted it, then attached the jewel i had. so this is the kuroshitsuji ones for my undertaker. it's a deep turquoise color but it looks super blue here. and the base is supposed to be black.


ah yesss you do notice the art book i had used for the base (not intentionally, i just bought it and had it lying around... xp) but there was only 1 (or 0.25?!) freaking picture of the undertaker in the whole book!!! (^%*#()^@ still, sebastian is drool-worthy in there.

the other ring i made was the one on his pinky that looks like some fence/teeth marks. also using hotglue and spray painted. made 2 because i seemed to have seen it on his left hand too. but oh well. i have many ring bases anyway.


the round thingy you see at the sides are decorations (ya right... they just look nice in the picture... artistic no?). it's actually the round applique metal thing i bought for his belt chain. wanted to spray paint on transparency to duplicate but in the end i just bought 8 more of it. haha. spray paint doesn't work well nor look nice anyways.
undertaker, shinigami version (kuroshitsuji) shopping list

yes yes... i went to chinatown after the jlpt2 meet up yesterday to get materials... and whee~ managed to get my black cloth for the reaper version of undertaker :D

and gosh this is the most expensive weapon i've ever had.

black cloth: $4/m x 5m = $20
bronze buttons: $2/packet of 6pcs x 2 pckts = $42
silver rimmed specs: $2 x 2 = $4
silver taobao wig: $39
acrylic sheet (A4): $3
earrings: 2pairs*$2 = $4
mirror: $2
marker: $2.50

clay: 15packs x $2 = $30
metal pole: $3.80
pipe pole+joints =$14
blue foam = $10
epoxy glue = $7.50
large paint brush = $2
small paint brush = $2
battery: $1.90/2pcs
white acrylic: $10
black acrylic: $10
white wires: $1.40*2m = $2.80
white tape: $0.60
epoxy glue from home-fix: $7.50

scythe total: $102.10

total: $178.70
and since my mom managed to help me get an expensive anodized bronze spray paint (like RM 10.50...) from malaysia, i could start to paint the bow structure i made from wrapping masking tape around like 4 hard wires.


at least it's much more decent than the one which i made before from just paper (which has been mysteriously thrown away...)
i spent 2 whole days trying to sew all the seqiuns on ryuuki... yes i'm repairing costumes again. expecting a photoshoot to come up soon for this one but it seems that i'm only making it look worse. goooosh, whatever. as long as the pattern looks much more obvious than it does previously...



oh and i think i haven't post the head dress one where i repaired the flailing stick behind. so now it looks straight with hard wires inside.


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OHHh hahahah this is so fun.
had a photoshoot on saturday for naruto and i was doing kimimaro. i picked this cos it's my favourite pose/angle etc, but my wig sucked and this hair was in my way. so this is the original photo


i removed the stray strand of hair and added the logo


then of cos... the lighting is bad so i looked dark. (i had super thick foundation meant to make me white... and still!) and kimimaro is supposed to be white. so i replaced the color.. and ta-da!


yay! gotta love photoshop.
amazing! i managed to go all the way to east coast for my client's wedding dinner, then make it back at 9 to do some sewing. and i realised that i was a bit wrong on the cloak as i noticed there were buttons allt he way from the top to the legs area. so i sewed an extra panel on the front (well anyway it was a bit too fitting to button so the panel was good) and sewed on the collars (that what it's called?) as well.



just spray painted some more buttons. gonna sew it if i've time tonight.
this cloak gives me the feeling of kingdom hearts. yikes.