Sunday, April 05, 2015

150405 Dancing Crab

so yesterday we were actually trying to watch some movie off youtube - pirates of joseon, where kim nam gil appeared. i think i couldn't even stay past 30mins of it before i fell asleep... hurhur. usually i fall asleep when watching on small screens in a dark room... hehehe. plus it was already past 2 am i think...

so anyway we managed to wake up just in time for lunch with my sister. ate a floss bread before we went over cos 00 wanted to try breadtalk's signature. my sister totally didn't know that another lunch was going on at a korean bbq, but i really didn't want to have bbq... i realised after that i should have went cos it's only good manners that 00 meet up and have a meal with my family before he flies off. oops.

but dancing crab was a good choice too. the decors were pretty nice~

we ordered a crab with spicy sauce and a seafood lobster set with creamy sauce.

the spicy sauce had black pepper inside and 00 absolutely loved it.

double date requires photos~

this was a pretty funny photo because it looked like we can slice off the middle portion. hahahah

us and the crab! we have the dancing crab apron to prevent juices from flying onto our clothes. ohhh and yes this is the couple set we bought the day before.

so what's special about this place is that they put plastic over the table so you can just spill the whole bowl out and eat off the table. not quite what 00 had in mind, since he'd always been particular about table manners and eating with hands. but too bad! it was so funny because what you have dumped on the side can always be picked up and eaten again (though it sounds disgusting). we had great fun eating. ordered some noodles as well because the leftover sauce seemed to go well with it... and it did~ the bill came to about 200 for the 4 of us. seems ok...

afterwards we took a little walk around turf city while my sis went off for her movies. there was a queer food market there selling a lot of unique food so we went to take a look. they have all kinds of asian and western food there and the layout makes you feel like you're in another world.

there's also an open area with big screen and sofas to lounge around. the booths around sell different things ranging from tshirts, accessories to snacks and such.

a band was preparing but we didn't stay around long enough to hear them sing. 

we left and took a shuttle bus from where we were (turf city) to clementi. walked around clementi a little a snacked more (egg tart + cheese swiss roll), then decided to WALK to jurong east. yes, we walked there. took us like 30mins along the expressway and forests. lol. it was HOT.

met our seller of the flying fairies there, then took a look around the mall again. there was actually a new shopping mall next to westgate, called BIG or something, selling mainly furnitures. an IT show was going on too! exciting. 00 stocked some mouse, and after we shared a set of pepper lunch for dinner, we headed off.

went home to bathe while 00 packed his stuff, then we took the bus to the airport. it's getting closer....

this time the ride was actually not half as bad. usually while i'm on the ride i'm already feeling the byebyes, but we chatted all the way from the start to the end, about his ex-girlfriends, mostly. (yes why am i curious about such things, i don't know)

we reached the airport with some time to spare. there was a hobbit photo taking place and a promote-new-zealand event set up.

come to new zealand for lord of the rings...!

us in hobbiton. looks pretty convincing huh (if not for the trolley at the right hand corner..... =.=)

and yes i'm still wearing 00's jacket cos it's cooooold.

we also had a last dinner with the floss toast...

i don't know but perhaps the floss was really so good that he had to clean the entire plate up =.=||| hurhur

we walked around the airport before i had to send him off around 1050pm... and then he kept trying to play a game off who's the last to leave the place behind the glass barriers. i lost. had to catch my last bus home. and then he was gone for another few months... byebyee nae sarang T___________T

Saturday, April 04, 2015

150404 Holland Village

we decided to get our couple tees today so we went over to bugis to shop. 00 finally managed to eat his pepper lunch too. we shopped around bugis v and found some flying fairies, which costs 50% the price on carousell. so we decided to meet the seller tomorrow to get them.

back to the couple tees - i wanted to get those superheroes one but damn, 1 tshirt costs over 50bucks so no way! we managed to find a really nice set at the pushcarts where his was a polo shirt and mine was a dress. they even have those family sets. bought them right away x)

after that we headed over to holland v to have dinner. the first cafe on the streets caught our eyes (they had red velvet and rainbow cakes, and pancake burgers), but we eventually decided to have dinner at hatched, much to 00's reluctance. he felt that there wasn't people inside and it wouldn't taste good. but i felt the restaurant design was pretty cute and the menu looked tantalizing too~

we decided to just order a steak sandwich to share in case it wasn't as nice as it looks. it's a tad expensive (16-18) but it's not that bad.

it's actually petty filling for 2 person. look at the cute salt/pepper bottle at the top with the xmas tree inside. hehe.

we walked around the town and came across this place selling milkshakes and churros just beside crystal jade. it had so many flavours i wanted to try! eventually bought red velvet and ate churros with caramel as the sauce. so yummmmmmyyyyy i wanna go back and try them again. and we still wanted to eat, so we went to the first cafe we set eyes on, and ate the red velvet cake + had green tea there. not as good as expected... should i be thankful we didn't have dinner there.... =_=

after dinner, we took a walk to buona vista mrt. 00 likes long walks, and so do i (especially when there's someone to walk with). when we reached buona vista everything was closed except for the super market there. it was 10.30+pm and closing in half an hour. wanted to get moscato but didn't realise singapore imposed a no-sale-of-alcohols-past-1030pm thingy. jeez.........

nothing much to do then, so we went home after~ last night together already... T_T

Friday, April 03, 2015

150403 MBS, Marina Square

we slept the most of the day ill we had to get out and meet tkh. went to orchard first but they already had their lunch, so we decided to eat a little at food republic first before meeting them. we even managed to queue for llaollao yogurt and I was glad 00 liked the raffaello sauce.. it's really delicious~! I wish they could give more of those sauce/cookie bits rather than the fruits though.

by the time we finished tkh and the rest had already moved to gardens by the bay so we had to chase and meet the guys there... it was such a painful walk because I was wearing heels and didn't expect myself to be walking 10KM that day =_= thought I could have a quiet dinner and then head home.

and tkh was with a whole lot of people because neneko came over to visit and she had lots of people showing her around. so our anticipation for a nice quiet dinner was sorely disappointed. in addition they were still touring so we had to move over to our dinner spot first.

and being the road idiot I was I actually walked the wrong way and took like 20mins to reach the mrt station. marina square is supposed to be within walking distance from the gardens but I didn't know how. should have followed the group and not try to act smart. there was even a long queue to the elevator that leads to the way to the mrt station. ugh... and worse, when we reached the station we took 1 stop and still had to walk another 5-10mins or so to reach marina square. complete waste of money and time, I should have just taken the taxi like 00 said.

it wouldn't have been half as bad if I wasn't wearing heels, and the soles of both didn't slip off. it was just giving me hell.

when we eventually reached marina square it was already 930pm and we've missed the last order at the restaurant the guys were at. and I actually had a little argument with 00 because he wanted to have dinner first before meeting the rest since my feet were aching, but I said it would just make me feel even worse since the guys would have ran off to another place when we're done... seriously don't know what he was thinking. but anyway we managed to meet and say bade goodbye to the group eventually and had our dinner at bao jin tian. what a torturous journey to our dinner place....

we left marina square through pan pacific hotel and intended to take a straight bus back home.

but I don't know why, i took the bus in the opposite direction and ended up at kallang...... jeez. am i just unlucky or what that day?!?! still we managed to take some selfies while on the long bus journey...
there was a 961 departing just whn we were alighting, which i tried to chase and failed. ugh... so in the end we waited for another 10-15mins and took the next bus that came.
it was really an arduous journey home.. but it wasn't half as bad cos we chatted about many many things.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

150402 Twin Towers

woke up to have our breakfast then checked out at 12pm. breakfast was so-so, but at least there was toast.

we got ready and walked over to Berjaya times square. so familiar with the routes now... it takes about 15mins to walk over. then from there we walked to Lot 1 and pavilion. the lowest exchange rate was at sungei wang, it was at a shop just near the entrance, at 1SGD to 2.685RM... damn, and we changed at the mrt station for 2.65. bleahs.

Pavilion is generally a shopping mall with lots of branded stuff, not really my kind of place. there was a looooooooooong bridge that led from the pavilion area all the way to klcc and the twin towers so we walked the whole stretch for another 15-20mins to reach the twin tower. before the tower there's a shopping mall with a nice fountain.

twin towers is just behind the mall.


there's an elevator which leads to the souvenir and ticketing booth of twin tower.

but gosh, I don't know what's inside the tower but I won't pay 80 RM to enter... even though it's like limited tickets per day. if you hold a Malaysia pass you actually can enter at less than half the price =_=

so we just hung around the gift shops and looked at the digital panels around.

there's also a mini model of the tower here

after we're done with the towers we went to eat at KFC as they have 5RM black pepper pasta and cheese mash potato, then drank crème brulee milkshake at Wendy's.

we then walked all the way back to Berjaya times square to get our tickets at about 830pm for king's man. since we have some time before that we walked around, drank the nice tw bubble tea again and I even went to have a try at archery~ can't remember the price but it was probably 16RM for 16 shots or something. too bad we couldn't split the arrows so I had to finish all of them.

hehe I look so pro right.

namchin also took a video of me shooting. lol. seems like this is not an easy sport, lots of arm strength needed!!

after our archery, we settled down for our popcorn and movie time. king's men is pretty awesomeeeeee omg. love the movie. 00 was watching it for the 2nd time. ou should absolutely catch it if you haven't. it's a little violent but the plot is great!

there wasn't a lot of shops opened after our movie ended so we just took a slow walk back to our hotel, hung around the lobby area and waited till our bus came at 11.59pm.

then it was another 5hrs back to SG.

unfortunately we experienced some problem at the custom because electronic cigarettes were apparently prohibited by the health and sciences authority, so the item got detained. after having lost his hp, this was another blow to 00 and I think it was probably the unluckiest and most expensive trip he's ever had... (so I say, why take the extra item around zzz, that thing did piss me off a little and I was a tiny little glad it's gone)

we reached lavender around 530am, but the trains weren't moving yet, so we walked to city hall and took the first train that departed around 6am. home sweet home~!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

150401 Masjid Jamek

so after having learnt that i have absolutely no plans for the tour in KL - or rather, i had only planned for shopping at berjaya and shopping at chinatown - 00 did research last night till almost 3am and came up with our itinerary for today. that's what you get when you leave itinerary planning to me, with a note that says 'i don't care where we will visit and i won't remember anything anyway'. so here's a map of the area we're at. hotel transit is just opposite plaza rakyat. the current hotel is near pasar seni.

we had breakfast around 9am at the hotel. charcoal bread is refreshing but it would have been better if they had a toaster. the selection wasn't much though.

we then rested till 12 and moved to our new hotel at 5 elements, which is just a less than 10mins walk away, near chinatown. place is definitely not as nice or clean.

headed out and walked to masjid jamek, which is just 1 stop away. no trains this time, i just get lost easily even if it's mrt. =_= so we reached the place which is significant for malaysia's independence, but this clock tower is all there is to see there.

walked a little ahead and you can see the very pretty mosque (not allowed to enter unless you're covered head to toes.... for ladies)

and if you walk past the mosque you're headed for the city gallery + national library upon crossing the road.

to the left is the city gallery we were looking for

and we're here!

i think this place is an absolute must-visit for anyone going to KL. the entrance fee is RM5 but it is usable as cash voucher within the museum! so this is the structure we're at.

there's a mish-mash of artwork past this area.

guess who's on the artwork here too

the main point of the gallery here is actually the lighting display... whhhhoooo

it introduces the state of KL as it is now

and talks of the future plans in the next 5 years

and then lights up all the little buildings there. i believe the lights were all shone on from above and not within the structure itself.

and that's it~

we made our exit to the souvenier shops where there were people working live to build these things (photos not allowed btw but i took it too fast oops!)

and the coffee shops sells awesome kaya toast and eggs for RM10 (just exactly our entrance ticket price)

stopped at the library next for a quick look.not a lot of books there actually but there's a little area that tells of KL's history and there's A LOT of sofa for people to laze around and sleep.

opposite the library and across the roads lie a textile museum..

i think my dear spam all these photos for his own usage but i'll just post them anyway!

it's a pretty tiny area with souvenir shop, despite how big the building looks. so we finished it in less than 10mins, then went outside the museum and to its right (back to where we were before crossing the road over to city gallery).

back to the area with the clock tower is a relatively clean street that looks like chinatown (or a cleaner version of it, except it sells malay food and stuff),, called kasturi walk.

not much to do and we eventually ended up back at berjaya times square for dinner and movie.

btw there's a really fantastic tw bubble tea in this area and we drank it for 3 days in a row.

we tried their green tea which had white pearls at the top and milk pudding at the bottom. it was pure heaven. we tried their milk tea too.. yumm! the green tea is still the best!

had dinner at kenny rogers but realised that king's men wasn't showing that day. caught some wifi at starbucks with a bit of thieving skills to check for other slots but we weren't in luck. here's the code if you need it!

we walked around the streets we were at yesterday before leaving for the day.