Saturday, April 04, 2015

150404 Holland Village

we decided to get our couple tees today so we went over to bugis to shop. 00 finally managed to eat his pepper lunch too. we shopped around bugis v and found some flying fairies, which costs 50% the price on carousell. so we decided to meet the seller tomorrow to get them.

back to the couple tees - i wanted to get those superheroes one but damn, 1 tshirt costs over 50bucks so no way! we managed to find a really nice set at the pushcarts where his was a polo shirt and mine was a dress. they even have those family sets. bought them right away x)

after that we headed over to holland v to have dinner. the first cafe on the streets caught our eyes (they had red velvet and rainbow cakes, and pancake burgers), but we eventually decided to have dinner at hatched, much to 00's reluctance. he felt that there wasn't people inside and it wouldn't taste good. but i felt the restaurant design was pretty cute and the menu looked tantalizing too~

we decided to just order a steak sandwich to share in case it wasn't as nice as it looks. it's a tad expensive (16-18) but it's not that bad.

it's actually petty filling for 2 person. look at the cute salt/pepper bottle at the top with the xmas tree inside. hehe.

we walked around the town and came across this place selling milkshakes and churros just beside crystal jade. it had so many flavours i wanted to try! eventually bought red velvet and ate churros with caramel as the sauce. so yummmmmmyyyyy i wanna go back and try them again. and we still wanted to eat, so we went to the first cafe we set eyes on, and ate the red velvet cake + had green tea there. not as good as expected... should i be thankful we didn't have dinner there.... =_=

after dinner, we took a walk to buona vista mrt. 00 likes long walks, and so do i (especially when there's someone to walk with). when we reached buona vista everything was closed except for the super market there. it was 10.30+pm and closing in half an hour. wanted to get moscato but didn't realise singapore imposed a no-sale-of-alcohols-past-1030pm thingy. jeez.........

nothing much to do then, so we went home after~ last night together already... T_T

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