Thursday, April 02, 2015

150402 Twin Towers

woke up to have our breakfast then checked out at 12pm. breakfast was so-so, but at least there was toast.

we got ready and walked over to Berjaya times square. so familiar with the routes now... it takes about 15mins to walk over. then from there we walked to Lot 1 and pavilion. the lowest exchange rate was at sungei wang, it was at a shop just near the entrance, at 1SGD to 2.685RM... damn, and we changed at the mrt station for 2.65. bleahs.

Pavilion is generally a shopping mall with lots of branded stuff, not really my kind of place. there was a looooooooooong bridge that led from the pavilion area all the way to klcc and the twin towers so we walked the whole stretch for another 15-20mins to reach the twin tower. before the tower there's a shopping mall with a nice fountain.

twin towers is just behind the mall.


there's an elevator which leads to the souvenir and ticketing booth of twin tower.

but gosh, I don't know what's inside the tower but I won't pay 80 RM to enter... even though it's like limited tickets per day. if you hold a Malaysia pass you actually can enter at less than half the price =_=

so we just hung around the gift shops and looked at the digital panels around.

there's also a mini model of the tower here

after we're done with the towers we went to eat at KFC as they have 5RM black pepper pasta and cheese mash potato, then drank crème brulee milkshake at Wendy's.

we then walked all the way back to Berjaya times square to get our tickets at about 830pm for king's man. since we have some time before that we walked around, drank the nice tw bubble tea again and I even went to have a try at archery~ can't remember the price but it was probably 16RM for 16 shots or something. too bad we couldn't split the arrows so I had to finish all of them.

hehe I look so pro right.

namchin also took a video of me shooting. lol. seems like this is not an easy sport, lots of arm strength needed!!

after our archery, we settled down for our popcorn and movie time. king's men is pretty awesomeeeeee omg. love the movie. 00 was watching it for the 2nd time. ou should absolutely catch it if you haven't. it's a little violent but the plot is great!

there wasn't a lot of shops opened after our movie ended so we just took a slow walk back to our hotel, hung around the lobby area and waited till our bus came at 11.59pm.

then it was another 5hrs back to SG.

unfortunately we experienced some problem at the custom because electronic cigarettes were apparently prohibited by the health and sciences authority, so the item got detained. after having lost his hp, this was another blow to 00 and I think it was probably the unluckiest and most expensive trip he's ever had... (so I say, why take the extra item around zzz, that thing did piss me off a little and I was a tiny little glad it's gone)

we reached lavender around 530am, but the trains weren't moving yet, so we walked to city hall and took the first train that departed around 6am. home sweet home~!

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