Sunday, April 05, 2015

150405 Dancing Crab

so yesterday we were actually trying to watch some movie off youtube - pirates of joseon, where kim nam gil appeared. i think i couldn't even stay past 30mins of it before i fell asleep... hurhur. usually i fall asleep when watching on small screens in a dark room... hehehe. plus it was already past 2 am i think...

so anyway we managed to wake up just in time for lunch with my sister. ate a floss bread before we went over cos 00 wanted to try breadtalk's signature. my sister totally didn't know that another lunch was going on at a korean bbq, but i really didn't want to have bbq... i realised after that i should have went cos it's only good manners that 00 meet up and have a meal with my family before he flies off. oops.

but dancing crab was a good choice too. the decors were pretty nice~

we ordered a crab with spicy sauce and a seafood lobster set with creamy sauce.

the spicy sauce had black pepper inside and 00 absolutely loved it.

double date requires photos~

this was a pretty funny photo because it looked like we can slice off the middle portion. hahahah

us and the crab! we have the dancing crab apron to prevent juices from flying onto our clothes. ohhh and yes this is the couple set we bought the day before.

so what's special about this place is that they put plastic over the table so you can just spill the whole bowl out and eat off the table. not quite what 00 had in mind, since he'd always been particular about table manners and eating with hands. but too bad! it was so funny because what you have dumped on the side can always be picked up and eaten again (though it sounds disgusting). we had great fun eating. ordered some noodles as well because the leftover sauce seemed to go well with it... and it did~ the bill came to about 200 for the 4 of us. seems ok...

afterwards we took a little walk around turf city while my sis went off for her movies. there was a queer food market there selling a lot of unique food so we went to take a look. they have all kinds of asian and western food there and the layout makes you feel like you're in another world.

there's also an open area with big screen and sofas to lounge around. the booths around sell different things ranging from tshirts, accessories to snacks and such.

a band was preparing but we didn't stay around long enough to hear them sing. 

we left and took a shuttle bus from where we were (turf city) to clementi. walked around clementi a little a snacked more (egg tart + cheese swiss roll), then decided to WALK to jurong east. yes, we walked there. took us like 30mins along the expressway and forests. lol. it was HOT.

met our seller of the flying fairies there, then took a look around the mall again. there was actually a new shopping mall next to westgate, called BIG or something, selling mainly furnitures. an IT show was going on too! exciting. 00 stocked some mouse, and after we shared a set of pepper lunch for dinner, we headed off.

went home to bathe while 00 packed his stuff, then we took the bus to the airport. it's getting closer....

this time the ride was actually not half as bad. usually while i'm on the ride i'm already feeling the byebyes, but we chatted all the way from the start to the end, about his ex-girlfriends, mostly. (yes why am i curious about such things, i don't know)

we reached the airport with some time to spare. there was a hobbit photo taking place and a promote-new-zealand event set up.

come to new zealand for lord of the rings...!

us in hobbiton. looks pretty convincing huh (if not for the trolley at the right hand corner..... =.=)

and yes i'm still wearing 00's jacket cos it's cooooold.

we also had a last dinner with the floss toast...

i don't know but perhaps the floss was really so good that he had to clean the entire plate up =.=||| hurhur

we walked around the airport before i had to send him off around 1050pm... and then he kept trying to play a game off who's the last to leave the place behind the glass barriers. i lost. had to catch my last bus home. and then he was gone for another few months... byebyee nae sarang T___________T

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